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Clearify: verify and be certain of a wallet address

How can you be 100% sure that you are sending your valuable crypto to the correct recipient? There have been instances when the hackers emailed a BTC payment address to a business, pretending to be the legitimate recipients. So, how can you know if the address is genuine or fake one? And even if you notice something fishy, it is near impossible to check. There have been some instances in which a blockchain project was hacked and the contribution address changed on the ICO website itself. The hackers made off with several large contributions before the team noticed it.

Clearify solves this problem in innovative ways to make sure that you are contributing to a genuine address. One of the unique features of the platform is its integration with Clearify, which offers a brilliant solution to the big problem of ICO address scams. Key functionalities and features of Clearify are provided below in brief.

  1. It allows ICOs to verify and add official contribution addresses to their secure profile. This way, contributors can be 100% sure that they are not contributing to scammers, but a genuine and correct address.
  2. To fully automate the address verification process as well as to verify the ICOs, the website developers are developing a REST API to integrate Clearify into their existing cryptocurrency payment systems.
  3. It offers a quick search of a crypto address even if it is new and has never been used before. One must simply log into Clearify and paste the payment address in. Within seconds, it is searchable by the customer for the verification of ownership.
  4. Clearify has partnered with ICO Alert and its full integration with the platform has already been achieved.


To use Clearify, take the following steps:

  • Visit its official website or install the Chrome Browser Extension.
  • Paste the cryptocurrency address to verify who owns it.
  • If it is verified, you can be 100% sure of who owns the address.
  • In case the address is not verified, you should contact your seller and request them to use Clearify. 


Clearify for businesses

  1. To commence the recipient’s address verification process, a business must register on Clearify. A unique Private Key will be provided through which one can have secure access to the Clearify space.
  2. As part of the verification process, you need to add the Clearify verification badge to your official business website.
  3. The fee for the verification can be paid in BTC or POLL tokens.
  4. You can thereafter verify as many addresses as you like in a direct, easy, and secure manner.

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