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ICO Advertising

We at provide wide range of marketing and advertising services to ICOs. If you are interested in any of following services please do not hesitate to contact us!

Our Advertising services:

Press Releases

We are working with over 30 big crypto websites and we can offer you high quality press releases written by our content team that are optimized for the most important keywords for your ICO.

The press release package includes the following:
  • We write and SEO optimize articles.
  • We will publish and approve them with you.
  • All work with prepayment and articles will be published in 14 working days.
  • Creates hype and credibility for your ICO.
  • Generates traffic to your website and all customers so far have had positive ROI.
  • References your websites.
  • SEO benefits.
Premium placement

Get your ICO to premium placement for our website, you will get more traffic to your website. We do premium listing deals with monthly pricing.

ICO investor leads

We offer a lot of ICO investor leads with name, email and phone number. Contact directly the people that are interested in ICOs and pitch them your ICO.

Community management:

We can offer you best community management services in the industry: Telegram, BitcoinTalk, Reddit, Twitter and more.

  • Increase the number of users on all social platforms
  • Create/increase the community and network on BitcoinTalk and Reddit
  • Create more awareness for the ICO
  • Onboard private Investors
  • Generate more Hype around your team and product
AirDrop Services:

Market your self with airdrop and gain hype for your ICO.

Affiliate Marketing services:

We can contact you to the best commission based marketing services for your ICO – pay only for results and get funded fast and easy.

Youtube Influencer Marketing:

Youtube influencers are becoming more and more powerful marketing channel in crypto space. Contact us to get the best influencer deals in the market.

Video services, Graphic Design:

Every professional and successful ICO needs an informative video presentation for their site and for YouTube. This way every potential investor can easily find out what the whole ICO is about and what do they aim to offer. We offer video and graphics production services to make the most informative videos to tell your story to the world.

Exchange services for ICOs:

We offer full exchange services for ICOs, from exchanging the ETH to FIAt to getting you listed on exchanges. Our banking is highest quality and is based in Luxemburg.

White Paper consulting:

We offer inhouse help for ICOs to write white papers. We have team that has experience from mutliple succesful whitepapers.

Legal Advisory and Tax consulting:

We help clients navigate the complex regulatory environment, legal issues, tax implications, and compliance challenges.

Blockchain + Technology Solutions:

We help our clients in all aspects of crypto market technology, including the integration of blockchain technology, token creation, structuring of a smart contract, wallet incorporation, and your tokenized platform.

ICO Rating services:

We provide full ICO audit and rating. The promotion will also include:


Email sent out (15,000 potential investors) – open rate 68%


Media Promotion on ICORating channels: Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram (40,000 potential investors)


Media Promotion on ICORating channels: Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram (40,000 potential investors)

There is a lot to do, let's get started

We would love to hear more about your project - tell us all about it!

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