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How to Choose ICO Marketing Agency

Generating powerful hype for your token is challenging because there are so many ICOs raising their marketing game to earn investors’ attention and trust. Considering the massive amount of innovation going behind ICO marketing, surmounting this challenge may soon become impossible for those projects that won’t have the latest promotional strategies. So, all in all, token marketing is a big deal—and that has prompted us to find out the points that’ll make an ICO marketing company your ideal partner. Here’s what we found out.

ICO marketing: It’s all about building a secured tokenized future

You may feel that developing a killer ICO website along with a well-researched white paper will be enough to put your token ahead of the competition. Yes, the things such as a good white paper and a user-friendly website do matter a lot—but they aren’t enough to make your ICO meet its funding goals. That is where the marketing and sales start.

To make it one of the best ICOs to invest and touch its fundraising goals, you’ll need more than that; you’ll have to strategically use the marketing channels so that your token is visible in every place its potential buyers are looking. In short, you must find an ICO marketing company that’ll use its experience and expertise to build a secured tokenized future for your ICO.

However, finding a great ICO marketer isn’t a walk in the park—instead, you’ll have to analyze the different ICO services a marketer is offering. To begin with, a dependable ICO marketer will have an impressive mix of services to make your token be head and shoulders above the other ICOs in the game. Picking the best marketer is crucial, and that’s basically why we’re giving the details on best practices it has to follow.

Marketing best practices an ICO marketer is supposed to follow

Any marketing campaign comes with an aim to generate quality leads, traffic, and capital—and an ICO campaign is no different. Ranging from crafting newsworthy PRs to designing result-driven affiliate marketing programs, a credible marketer will make sure that your ICO gets the maximum exposure. For that, a marketing firm will have to follow a set of best practices.

It won’t overpromise

A good ICO marketer won’t ever bite off more than it can chew. Put simply, it won’t overpromise. If you think that an ICO marketer can promise something 100% sure without previous experience of reference, then you may have to rethink about this association.

It’s the completion of the good plan an ICO that matters

Short term results are important, but nothing should be done still without considering wider perspective. A credible ICO marketer will never commit to short-term result over the longer-term goals. ROI is typically good way to measure in short term but still somewhat hard to get exact measures in terms of reputation, and hype in the long terms.  For example, publishing some PR articles or YouTube influencer may not immediately bring massive traffic or investments, but later when other marketing effort is done, if that reputation and credibility was not build, bringing traffic may not convert at all if the ICO rating is not good and no mentions or reviews are found on the internet. In that sense the step by step planning and building the marketing according to long term plan as coherent is crucial. Same principles from PR and influencers applies to airdrops and community management. Those may not generate immediately investments, but without any ICO is having hard time to get funded due to its lack of trust and hype.

A well-informed player

A good ICO marketer will always be updated on the greatest and latest happenings that are taking the crypto-verse by storm. Likewise, such a reliable firm will know A to Z on fresh ICO–specific regulations that are imposed by several countries—and it’ll even know about all the other trends that’ll let it promote your offering well.

Improvisation is everything

A good ICO marketing company can say that: “We use the best strategies” if they have proven track record for doing so, and they know how each marketing channel typically reacts.

A clear-cut strategy

A trusted ICO marketing firm will always give you the clearest possible picture about its road map about markteting for providing your token’s the best visibility.

It’s about investment and returns

Like any other form of marketing, ICO marketing involves numbers—the invested amount and the expected returns. Every good marketer will ensure that the more funds you’ll invest in your campaign, the more likely your token will achieve its funding goals.

Everyone’s on the same page

A good ICO marketer will always make sure that all its team members—blockchain specialists, social media experts, SEO people, PPC professionals, content developers, and webmasters—understand every fact about the project. This understanding will help the entire team develop super-collaborative culture.

Unlocking growth through every marketing channel

Professional ICO marketers will have the experience of promoting your campaign through any channel or consult you the best alternative who to turn with. Expect reliable marketers to use paid ads, social media, community, PR, inflencers, airdrops, etc. to create the buzz about your crowd sale.

Thoroughly understanding your project

The thing with a credible ICO marketing firm is that it’ll understand everything about your project. The ability to grasp your project’s niche and its targeted audience is one of the biggest USPs for any marketer out there.

Timing is everything

Your ICO campaign’s success depends on the way you organize your ICO countdown. And when it comes to timing your token sale well, you’ll definitely be assisted by a reliable marketer. All the good marketing firms will closely analyze the competition before suggesting which time is the best one for launching your offering in the crypto space.

Now that we’ve got a fair idea about an ICO marketing firm and its best practices, let’s jump to the top services it usually offers.

Up your ICO’s marketing game by using ICO services

Before issuing your tokens, you’d definitely want to make some noise about your project. That’s where the ICO marketing services kick into action. Below, we’re giving a brief rundown on all some of the most common services that’ll take your project’s marketing initiatives to a whole new level.

Advertise your A game

Your project can earn trust if you advertise its A game in the crypto world—you know, you got to blow your trumpet; otherwise, it’s all bruises and ruins. That’s why every reliable ICO marketing firm is interested in using a lot of ad channels to let your token gain high visibility and become the talk of the crypto town.

A range of ICO advertising services includes press release, email marketing, affiliate marketing services, YouTube influencer marketing, and airdrop services. Some trusted ICO marketers offer premium placement solutions where you have to pay a few extra dollars to get your ICO listed on the top of all the upcoming sales. Considering everything, these advertising services will be helpful if you want your ICO sale to be visible, searchable, and interesting.

Unleash the power of communities

A community is what makes or breaks a token’s chances to carve a niche in the already-crowded ICO landscape. An ICO marketer becomes exceptional only when it unlocks the immense potential that a community brings to push a crowd sale’s buzz to the next level. That’s why you’ll find all the ace ICO events marketers to know a thing or two about a range of social channels such as Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Telegram.

The best marketers will let your project experience the true power of social by building and managing a robust ICO community. These people know the art of sustaining active community engagement that’s super essential to the success of any crowdfunding campaign. Social media channels, message boards, Telegrams, and all the other mediums will demand your constant presence; the people in your community will need you to answer project-related questions. And experienced marketers will certainly have what it takes to answer project-specific questions while making sure that positive buzz about your ICO stays across the community.

White paper consulting

A great white paper is the foundation of any token. Whenever you’re creating an ICO white paper, you need to rely on the experts who can guide you in crafting a doc that covers all the tech aspects of your project without appearing too much salesy. You, basically, need a team of marketers who understand your business model and who can guide you to make some changes in your white paper that’ll improve the way it’ll present tons of technical information.

So, no matter if you’ve written the white paper, approach a good marketer that’ll give you some tips that’ll take the doc’s quality to a whole new level of excellence. For instance, initially, if your white paper explains the basic things about your business plan and how blockchain is related to that, then it is correct but not enough. Overall, working with a professional white paper consultant saves your time and money.

An experienced ICO marketing company may offer you an ICO planning guide and analyze your project, and then it’ll decide which of these services will be good to improve the visibility and salability of your project. With the info on ICO services out of the way, let’s get to know about the business model these marketing firms generally follow.

ICO marketing—the dawn of commission-based business model

ICO marketers basically follow two business models that can be either a pre-payment one or a commission-based one. However, nowadays, more and more innovative ICO marketers are making a beeline toward embracing a commission-based business model because that’s what ICO–issuing companies are looking for. Some companies come up with comprehensive ICO marketing guide on “how to invest in ICOs” that prove very useful for the beginners.

ICO business

Since the competition has become tougher than ever, many trusted ICO marketers are adopting a commission-based business model. How can such a business model benefit you?

What’s a commission-based model?

In simple words, this model will let you pay your ICO marketers only if your targets are achieved. For example, if your marketer agrees to take 15 percent of the revenue that they bring in through tracking link or email confirmations in private sale phase. Below, we’ve listed all the benefits that you’ll experience if your ICO marketer follows a commission-based business model.

Say goodbye to most of the high upfront costs

We know how much costly it is to raise an ICO funding. Well, of course, there’ll be little to no money spent on making your crowd sale comply with a handful of regulations, but there’ll be a whole lot of other things to manage. For instance, developing a project’s technological concept can sometimes take a truckload of cash. (Paying the core developers and white-paper authors can pinch you a lot, too.) Plus, the cost of promoting your ICO is a totally different ball game. So, if you tie up with a marketer who’s following a commission-based model, then you won’t have to invest so much in marketing up front.

Better control over your finances

With this model, you’ll be in a better position to control your finances well. That’s because you aren’t paying anything even when an agency is doing a full-blown marketing effort to put your ICO right in front of your targeted audience. That way, you’re able to manage your funds easily and without any hassles.

Payment transparency goes to the next level

Finally, with a commission-based model, the transparency in making payments goes to a whole new level. The reason for that is quite simple—you’ll be paying only if you’re achieving a set target. If, however, you don’t get the predefined clicks or leads, you don’t pay—it’s as simple as that.

In total, you should be looking for a marketer who’s following a commission-based business model. That’s because these are the marketers who’ll grow only when you’ll grow.

A few final words

In the end, it’s clear that the need for a great ICO marketer cannot be denied. A true marketer will put your ICO project’s greatness and innovations in front of your prospects. A great ICO marketing services provider will be honest enough to give you strong feedback about your project. And the best part, a reliable marketer will collaborate with you on every level to make sure that your project gets the visibility it deserves.

However, before hiring an ICO marketer, you should make sure to check the agency’s credentials properly. See all the different marketing initiatives the company has taken for its previous clients. Analyze all the results the company delivered—going through the marketer’s success stories makes sense. Basically, you’ll have to analyze all the details before hiring an ICO marketer.

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