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How to spot fake site or fake traffic?

The most common way of getting your ico to the crypto people’s eyes is to list it to several listing and review sites. Typically those cost from few ETH to even few Bitcoins worth for a month, depending on the site and listing package. How do you know what is worth the money and which sites bring you value in terms of real potential investors?

Many of the sites promote themselves and their value through the number of users they have on a monthly basis, which is an easy and good way of measuring the potential that site has. It only hides one major problem, where does that site have its traffic? Is it real users from ICO related google searches or is it bot traffic bought from some shady place just to show great user amounts but actually the site has few real users who could invest your ICO.

One really simple way before purchase any listing is the check how long the site users spend time on their site for example on Also if the direct traffic represents large amount of the total traffic it is most probably bots. All good sites have search engine traffic even if they are well known. If you already bought a listing, check how long average user coming from that listing spends time on your site, if it is always the same time, probably you bought fake bot traffic for your ICO.

More ICO Marketing Tips coming weekly to help you with your project.

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