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ICO Community Management

ICOs are becoming the new standard for start-ups and business ventures around the world to gain investment by communities. Since January 2017, start-ups have raised more than USD1.8 billion through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Blockchain technology entrepreneurs worldwide raised more money through ICO than traditional venture capital investment. For most of the tokens, the ICO countdown has already begun.

However, due to a lack of proper resources, manpower, and legal issues, the preparation of an ICO is a complex project. It is important to have the right people on board to plan and launch the ICO campaign to target potential contributors around the world – in particular to get numerous big investors rather than a few whales.

ICO Community ,management

It is essential to manage the cryptocurrency strategy efficiently because every single person who contacts you on these cryptocurrency communities is a potential contributor. Due to time zones, channels, language, and range of interest, you might find managing different cryptocurrency communities such as telegram group,, etc. quite challenging. The best way to promote your ICO to the right audience is to hire qualified and experienced ICO community management experts.

What is a typical ICO community?

There is no universally accepted definition of the cryptocurrency community. A group of people who come together in cyberspace to exchange information about cryptocurrency and upcoming ICO is known as cryptocurrency community.

Active community engagement is a key part of launching any Initial Coin Offering. Medium, bitcointalk, telegram, message boards, social media channels, and other platforms require a constant presence to build the trust of the community by answering questions promptly as well as correctly.

Experienced community management experts provide companies with a team of dexterous and skilled human resources to systematically optimize the presence of companies and their ICO campaigns on telegram, bitcointalk, and other popular online ICO communities to ensure full engagement from the potential investment international community.


Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a complete focus on speed and security. The “secret chat” of this platform lets the ICO community managing experts have a conversation with end-to-end encryption as well as other security options. Community managers around the world make use of this platform to exchange information about their ICO campaign and the client’s company by sending almost any type of file including PDF, Microsoft office, zip, etc.


It offers the possibility for the ICO community manager to pinpoint important message so that new users are always up-to-date. Some experts consider it more useful to start a second telegram channel for posting exclusively about the ICO project, team and other vital information about the company. They will always keep the telegram platform clean and clear for the promotion of the ICO campaign to the right audience.


This is an online community and forum that systematically allows users around the world to discuss everything related to Bitcoin, ICOs such as  SealStreamityTokenLend, blockchain, altcoins, and cryptocurrencies. The user-friendly forum acts as a perfect way for community members to keep track of the latest news related to Bitcoin and altcoins. This platform is used by the majority of ICO community managers to promote the ICO campaigns of their clients. ICO community managers have chosen to use the Bitcointalk forum to promote and advertise their ICO-related projects via signature campaigns due to the extremely high level of traffic generated on this forum. Community managing experts can go to the service section and apply to one of the offerings, in order to join a signature campaign to promote an ICO campaign to the right audience.

Experts consider this platform to be an excellent forum for new users to read about the latest developments and options in the cryptocurrency scene. Community managers help companies to set up the right kind of account on this forum to promote their ICO campaign to potential contributors by answering each and every question related to their campaign.


How do community managers help companies with ICO and blockchain related-projects?

It is essential to understand that the majority of ICO community managing experts around the world only take on ICO and blockchain-related projects that are legitimate.

Leveraging the experience, knowledge, and understanding of the ICO campaigns and blockchain-related projects such as DaricoBountieIce Rock Mining, the experienced and skilled experts will offer community management services that will maximize potential investment and strengthen the confidence of potential investors. These experts will also perform quality moderation as well answering questions about the project and token sale of the client and you can get a clear idea to know how to invest in ICOs.

It will systematically ensure a positive public settlement and strong network effect. When the ICO campaign and ICO token sale are over, the community managing services rendered by experts will ensure the long-term value of the cryptocurrency. They will help companies to build the trust of the project and token sale with potential investors by answering queries and questions related to the project on different forums, communities, and platforms.

Positive articles about the team, ICO, and the companies will be posted by the community managing experts on a regular basis on various forums, communities, platforms, etc.

Post-ICO support

The community managing team will prepare for the handover at the end of the agreed period of deployment. They will recommend suitable contributors to act as responsible authorities to manage the client’s community. It will be done for each and every community of the client present on the different channel. This will ensure that the community of the client will remain committed and healthy for the next growth phase of the ICO campaign and blockchain-related project. In addition to this, many ICO community managers and their team also offer long-term arrangements for managing the community on different channels, forums, and platforms.

How does ICO community management work?

  1. ICO community managing experts start communication activities about the ICO project as soon as the company decides on doing a token sale campaign.
  2. They will create a good user base before the actual launch of the ICO campaign.
  3. They will make use of different types of channel in order to promote the ICO campaign to a much larger audience.
  4. All the queries of the users on different forums and platforms are answered by the community managers to gain the trust of the users around the world.
  5. They will raise awareness about the project by searching essential articles about the project and posting them on popular social media platforms and well-known ICO communities such as telegram and bitcointalk at regular intervals.
  6. Different accounts for different ICO communities will be created by the community managing experts for effective promotion and marketing of the clients’ initial coin offering and blockchain-based projects.
  7. Two separate channels on telegram will be formed by the community managers. One group will be precisely created for posting about the important and essential announcement information related to ICO, team, Bitcoin, altcoin, or cryptocurrency.
  8. Many experts believe that forming two channels on the internet of different communities will help companies create great awareness about the project within the promised timeframe.
  9. Verified and secure accounts are used by the community managing experts while promoting ICO projects.
  10. They will make sure that investors and other members will have clear communication with the clients about bounties or any other cryptocurrency token issues.
  11. They will be open to asking for the feedback of users and will systematically adopt ico marketing and promotion strategies before bad news or bad press hits their ICO campaign.
  12. They will be open to constructive criticism and work on the marketing campaign to improve the overall changes of converting regular users into potential contributors.

Challenges faced while promoting and marketing an ICO to the right audience

Dealing with users from different time zones

Managing community members of different time zones is one of the major challenges faced by community management experts. Experts are usually fluent in English and German to effectively communicate with community members. If a community member is asking questions in any other language, the ICO community management experts will consult another professional who is fluent in that language to resolve the query successfully. They will make sure that no questions regarding the clients’ business enterprise and their ICO are left unanswered for too long. You can also get more information by attending ICO events which are organized specially for those who plan to launch their own ICO project or want to invest in a сrypto-currency tokens.

Recurring questions

Despite having a very informative website in place with all the essential information and their white paper available, most ICO campaigns suffer from recurring questions related to the duration of the ICO campaign. Moreover, the campaign also receives recurring questions related to the general ICO details, start and end date, ico ratings, how to participate and the supply of tokens after the successful completion of the ICO campaign. Some community managing experts build a system where the community members and potential investors are rewarded for the purpose of spreading and advertising ICO campaign among another community members. They will therefore be rewarded for sharing, posting, uploading, joining, and commenting on the ICO campaign.

What benefits do ICOs enjoy if they have good community management?

It is important to act in various ICO community channels and platforms in order to keep the community happy and growing. It is not uncommon for there to be no user-driven communication for several hours in the community. But a member will not take an ICO or blockchain project seriously if he sees that the last message/comment was a while ago.

So, community management experts constantly work on different online platforms and search for contribution and articles about the ICO project. They will share these articles and contributions on a regular basis in order to keep the discussion on the community going.


Community managers regularly ask the companies to share all relevant information on anything related to partnerships, the team, and the ICO.  It will help them to actively spread good news about the ICO project with community users. Moreover, accurate knowledge about the project will also help them to handle the rumors efficiently and keep the discussion going on the channel.

ICO community management professionals and their team will find relevant solutions to each community or channel in case of bad news or problems associated with the ICO project.

You will appear more active in various channels and more credible in comparison with your competitors when skilled professionals answer community members queries promptly. The community managing experts will provide relevant, as well as correct, information to the community members, which will increase the chances of these people deciding best ICOs to invest.

Leveraging their vast experience of managing ICOs like Global Spy,  BunnyTokenPumaPay, and many more on different channels, they will spend a lot of time dealing with all the questions that arise on prominent ICO channels as quickly and correctly as possible. The digital world is extremely fast-moving, so it is essential for the experts to ensure that they resolve issues and questions of the community members at a reasonable pace. If answering the community members’ questions about the ICO takes too long, potential contributors will lose interest quickly. You can also view ICO planning guide from our website which helps you to implement the perfect and systematic strategy for investing in ICOs.

It is essential that the community manager is organized and has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the features of the various community channels. They should know how to promote and grow an ICO to a particular community channel. They should also have proper knowledge about the channel such as how to send personal messages, block people, pinned messages, and spamming, etc. in order to promote the ICO to the right kind of audience by answering genuine questions audience correctly and within a few minutes. In the same ways, Influencer marketing is a powerful route to market for  ICO, where famous brand campaigns reach engaged audiences.

Assist companies to choose the right channel

ICO community managers will assist the company to choose different communities and channels in order to promote the ICO projects to the right audience. The channels and respective community are maintained by the ICO community manager. In order to access as many people as possible, the community management team do not use a single community but find a good mix of communities.

Twitter, telegram, bitcointalk, etc. are some of the important channels that ICO community managers use to communicate directly with the community.

If you are interested such community management for your ICO please contact us and let’s see how we can help you. Check also “our services” page to see our other services.

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