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ICO Alert Review

Overview    is a trusted ICO discovery platform. It’s an informational website that provides updated information and details about various Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) that have launched by companies. It was registered on March 31, 2017. Besides ICOs, the website also covers other ancillary topics such as token sales, crowd sales, token generation events, ICO stats, etc.  It maintains a complete calendar of the active and upcoming initial coin offerings, crowd sales and token sales.

The company has a user base of a million unique users and sends nearly half a million ICO alert mails to notify its users when a new ICO goes live. More than 50 in-depth and insightful reports on the active, upcoming, and concluded ICOs are also posted on this website, providing useful information about various crypto projects that helps the users decide about their investment like how to invest in ICOs and other options based on the details available to them.

Podcast – the weekly show

The website features the ICO Alert Podcast which is a weekly show in which exclusive interviews with the big names of the blockchain space are featured. The hour-long episode is full of rich content wherein challenging questions are answered by the expert and also features exclusive announcements.

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Key features of ICO Alert

It’s a straightforward website to use and you need not even register on it to see the details of the active, recent, and upcoming ICOs. All projects are displayed by the amount of time remaining in the sale and the list of upcoming ICOs shows the start date of each crypto project. It includes everything, from Ethereum token crowd sales to standalone cryptocurrency. The website is designed in an incredibly simple way and allows you to do your own research to determine which coin you’d like to invest in.

An ICO event is also known as a Token Generation Event (TGE) or Token Sale. As organizations continue to raise tens and, at times, hundreds of millions of dollars through crowdfunding, it becomes increasingly important for the investors to have access to sufficient details before making an investment decision. These fundraising events help in financial inclusion, they democratize the access to investments and have proven to be a significant driver for financial access.

Here are the key benefits for the investors of ICOs:

Liquidity: Popular tokens have liquid markets on cryptocurrency exchanges. Some may exceed USD100 million in 24-hour volume.

Potential for gains: Cryptocurrencies can appreciate quickly in price. The price of Bitcoin was around USD100 in June 2013, and it was trading at around USD18,000 in December 2017.  With its innovative reporting features, the platform provides the users with information about the “Next Bitcoin” in terms of economic appreciation.

Democratizing investment: While traditional venture funding tends to be geographically concentrated in the financial hubs of Silicon Valley, London, and New York, the ICO method allows any business in any geography to raise money through crowdfunding. Anyone with access to the internet can participate in the event and contribute to the fundraising event.

An ICO provides an easy fundraising mechanism. Customized tokens can be easily generated through platforms such as Ethereum, NXT, Omni, RSK etc. Tokens can be marketed over the internet to a large, general audience. You can also check ICO Beginners guide to know more about ICOs.  Potential buyers can learn more about the ICO by logging into ICO Alert where they will get all the necessary information to participate in the event, including the ICO launch date, end date, presale, token distribution, analysis, and a lot more.

Valuing an ICO

There are many more things to value in an ICO, such as the team behind it, advisors, and investors. One should also look at what major problems the project is solving. The project should also have a clear roadmap and a detailed white paper that explains everything that the investors might need to know. A business plan tells what the project is all about, why it exists, what problem it aims to solve and how it will solve those problems. The team working on the project is equally important. After raising the capital, somebody in the team should have technical programming experience. If the ICO that you are evaluating has a GitHub repository with recent contributions to it, that means the project is being worked on.

You will get more valuable information on ICO Alert and it will help you to decide whether or not to invest in a crypto project. If you have further queries, you can contact their customer care team.

The website is updated and lists all active and upcoming ICOs. There are many more websites that list such projects, but the list of ICOAlert is exhaustive. The website is totally free. Email alerts are optional. Just provide your email ID to them and ICO Alert will deliver their well-researched report and alerts about the project directly to your inbox.

Insightful reports on ICOs

The real value that the website offers to you is its ability to provide you with insightful reports on various crypto investment projects. Click on the “Reports” Button on the top right to view a custom report about a particular ICO written by the experts of  The report provides all the basic details about the project, including the team behind it, what the company plans to do and how it will work on that plan. It also links you directly to the official website of each project featured in the report.

ico alert2The reports also feature the interviews that ICO Alert conducts with the key functionaries of a particular project. There are, for example, reports on Bonpay and Opporty. The reports provide answers to some of the key questions related to the project, such as how their tokens perform, what is the need of the platform, and how it is different from other platforms etc. These question and answers in the reports provide useful information to the users about the reasons behind the launch of the ICO, the vision of the platform launchers, information about the distribution of tokens, what problems the platform is designed to solve, and the benefits the platform offers to investors.  Most of the ICO companies launch airdrop to promote and market their ICOs.

The information is provided in an easy-to-understand format and is devoid of any technical jargon. This way, their reports become really very useful for investors who are looking to make investments in the crypto market. The reports provide you with insightful analysis of the new and upcoming ICOs and prove very beneficial for someone who wants to dig deep into a particular crypto investment opportunity before making a final move.

The website has an exhaustive list of ICOs. Hundreds of ICOs are listed, some of which have start dates several months in the future. The goal of the website administrators is to list all the ICOs that are launched and will soon be launched.

ICO Alert Crypto Minute

ICO Alert Crypto Minute is another useful feature of the website. This report is uploaded regularly on the website and provides up-to-the-minute updates on the latest happenings in the world of cryptocurrencies. These reports do not focus only on ICOs, but on the latest happenings in the world of crypto markets. In these Crypto Minute reports, you will find updates related to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), legal status of blockchain-based companies in various countries and a lot more. Basically, you will get updates on the issues that concern the crypto investors and keep them abreast of the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrencies. Anyone can sign up on the website to get the latest updates delivered via email.

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My Portfolio: become your own venture capitalist

ICO Alert recently presented their My Portfolio feature at the Token Fest held in March 2018 in San Francisco, California. The feature provides unparalleled access to the established and budding crypto investors to track, locate, and invest in the most innovative startups in a potentially profitable way which helps in deciding best ICOS to invest. With this feature, nearly anyone can create and track their own portfolio of ICOs.

Speaking about My Portfolio feature of the platform, Robert Finch, the founder of ICO Alert said, “It’s time that we further expand the circle of inclusion. More and more people are becoming fascinated with the cryptocurrency world, resulting in thousands of companies and potential projects looking outside of the traditional VC model for funding, With the My Portfolio feature, we’ve redefined what it means to be a venture capitalist–now anyone can create and track their own portfolio of ICO.”

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With close to 2000 ICO launches in 2017 itself, crypto investors now have a hard time to recognize, inquire and organize a scattered startup database on their own. The My Portfolio feature on the platform consolidates selected presales and ICOs with a simplified user experience. This makes the discovery phase straightforward for crypto investors to navigate. Robert Finch provided detailed information about the complete project experience including the My Portfolio feature before the senior level thought leaders at the Token Fest.

Summary is a website which provides updated and useful information about hundreds of active, upcoming, and concluded ICOs. One can get useful information about a particular ICO on the website, such as the start and end date of an ICO, the team working on the project, the hard cap and soft cap, how the tokens will be distributed etc. The website provides all this information on a single interface, with direct links to the official website of the particular project. One can also get reports on the particular project that then help one in making the right decision about a particular token generation event. The founders Robert and Michael Finch have used their extensive knowledge and expertise of the crypto markets and digital coins and came up with ICO Alert as the most definitive authority for the crypto investors. The company is headquartered in Pittsburg, PA.

There are no advertisements on the website. It is supported by donations only. The website provides a wallet address where you can donate ETH or ERC20 tokens to help pay for the maintenance.

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