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ICO Drops Review

The ICO market is gaining immense momentum with every passing day. Today it is replete with an endless number of ICO projects looking to launch their ICO. However, only a few can be trusted when it comes to introducing an ICO project on an ICO listing website.

Although there are many ICO listing sites for you to choose from, ICO Drops is the website that promptly lists ICOs projects as their announcement is made. Thanks to its simplicity and user-friendliness, the website can be easily accessed by anyone, anytime, from anywhere. The site features all that you expect from a good ICO listing website. Even the people who created this website say, “The lists look like a kanban board – Inbox, In Progress, Done.”


Today we are going to review this website, with an attempt to detail all of its features.

Key features of ICO Drops

  • ICO Calendar with three columns Active, Upcoming, Ended.
  • Twitter and Telegram with latest ICO news.
  • Weekly ICO plan for email subscribers.
  • Interest level rating system for investors.
  • Info and analysis for each project.
  • ICO Calendar on your device.
  • Bounty list for bounty lovers.

ICO Calendar with three columns Active, Upcoming, Ended

The very first page of ICO Drops clearly represents its objectives. It has a classy look with its beautiful design. It is easy to navigate and understand. All you need to do is move your cursor over to what you want to look at. This page gives you an overview of the website and its functionality, primarily highlighting the three main columns of Active, Upcoming, Ended.

  • The Active column shows you the list of currently active ICOs.
  • the Upcoming column indicates toward the ICOs that are yet to come.
  • the Ended column brings to you the list of ICOs that have already ended.

Along with this list of ICOs, the page also shows you the Search Bar that you can use to get an accurate search result of a particular ICO project.

For instance; if you want to see the search results of “BitRewards”, simply enter the keywords in the “Search Bar” and hit the “Enter” button. It will take you to the next page of search results with all possibly available details about “BitRewards” ICO.

Follow the image below:

Without search results:


With search results:


Twitter and Telegram with the latest ICO news

The first page of the website shows you two hyperlinked words; Twitter and Telegram.

  • When you click on “Twitter”, it will take you to the page of ICO Drops “Twitter Handle”.
  • When you click on “Telegram,” it will direct you to its “Telegram” page – showing “ICO Drops – ICO News & Alerts.”

You will also find the current number of followers of the Twitter and Telegram profile of ICO Drops.


Follow the image below:

ICO Drops – Twitter profile


ICO Drops – Telegram profile



Weekly ICO plan for email subscribers

ICO Drops offers weekly an ICO plan for email subscribers. According to this plan, the website offers you the week’s best ICOs right in your inbox. To have access to this plan, go to the “About Us” section, click to go to the page where you will find details about the website’s features. Go to the last-mentioned feature that says “Weekly ICO plan for Our Email Subscriber”, click the light-blue highlighted part. Click here, to go to the page of “Email Subscription” where it will ask you to enter your email address and hit the “Subscribe to list” button right below the box.

Follow the image below:



Interest Level rating system for investors

The website also provides you with the benefit of Interest Level, which works like a rating system. The system is specifically designed to inform you about noteworthy token sales. While composing the rating, merely short-term parameters and conditions of the specific token sale are analyzed.

The major function of this Interest Level rating system is to provide information about a specific ICO and is not at all meant to constitute any financial, legal, or other advice. The Interest Level functions on three factors: hype level, risk level and ROI level.

Hype level

  • This factor depends upon the quantity and size of the genuine audience interested in the project in social networks, chats, and on the internet.
  • Bounty and spam activity is resolved.
  • Then the leftover activity is likened to other ICO campaigns ongoing at the same time and pertinent ended token sales.

Risk level

  • This factor brings to light the conditions of participation in the token sale (% of tokens generated to raise funds, hard cap, soft cap, personal hard cap, pre-sale outcomes, buyback etc.).
  • This also gives you an idea about the rise and fall of the exchange price during the ICO sale.

ROI level

  • This factor depicts how much change a token price can take over the short- and mid-term.
  • The factor relies on the ICO performance and conditions of similar projects in retrospect.

The Interest Level rating is immediately updated when a change is noticed in the factors, for instance, Wanchain were first assigned hype level ‘normal’, now it has been updated to ‘high’ as they postponed the token sale and accumulated a huge base of loyal token buyers.

Info and analysis for each project

When ICO Drops receives an ICO project, it checks its white paper to know

  • What technology has been leveraged to develop this ICO project.
  • The type of product.
  • Who is behind this project.
  • How much funds and how many people are backing the project.
  • Its social statistics.
  • What it to offer through its roadmap.

It leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the reviewing and analyzing of each ICO project it receives. Some of the initial research it conducts on its own, while further help is received from its community. As a result, you are provided with a more or less coherent picture of the project.

The extensive ICO research and review at the ICO Drops website is made possible by its team and core community, which has existed in the field for a long time. At the time of writing, it has up to 40 people. Its community remains highly active.

The site chooses only those projects with the most appeal. This appeal is a blend of the idea of the project and all the factors discovered while conducting due diligence. Moreover, these are the projects in which the team members would like to take part.

ICO Calendar on your device

ICO Drops features a lot of tools on its website such as a calendar with all upcoming ICO events attuned to your time zone, social statistics on projects, open whitelists etc. Scroll to the end of the main page, click on the ICO calendar. You can use the ICO calendar on your device using a standard Calendar App (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and any other calendar app). At the time of writing, the ICO Drops’ Calendar App has 18300+ followers.

Some of the key features of this app are:

  • Works with any calendar app.
  • Sync with your time zone.
  • Local on your device.
  • Always up-to-date.


Bounty list for bounty lovers

Bounty programs are primarily launched to benefit the early adopters of an ICO. Under this program, the early participants are provided with tokens in exchange for helping the ICO project. For example, if the participants of an ICO help in promoting an ICO on social media platforms, in translating the language of the project into another language, or referring it to their friends, they are showered with bounty.

ICO Drops lists all ICOs with a bounty program as shown in the image below:


How to submit an ICO with ICO Drops?

The web world has hundreds of appealing ICOs. You can also take advantage of this ICO listing platform to inform the public about your ICO project. It lists ICO free of charge. This means that there is no paid listing, premium listing etc. as you find on other ICO listing websites. All you need to do is send information about your ICO, and the rest will be done by ICO Drops. The site focuses on the most prominent projects for its users, so it doesn’t promise the publication of your project.

ICO Drops9So, if you want your ICO to be listed on ICO Drops, submit it by following this step-by-step guide:

Enter your name

ICO Drops11Enter your email


ICODROPS12Enter the name of your ICO that you want to listed on ICO Drops

ICODROPS13Enter the URL of Your ICO website.

ICODROPS14Enter the URL of your Telegram Group.

ICODROPS15Enter the URL of Your Twitter Account.

ICODROPS16Indicate whether or not you are affiliated with any ICO; tick Yes or No in the box below.

ICODROPS17In the dropdown box, select ICO category such as VR, Gambling, Gaming and etc.

ICODROPS18Give details about your fundraising goals such as what your pre-decided hard cap and soft cap are.

ICODROPS19Specify the type of token you want to release during your ICO sale.

ICODROPS20Now give your ICO token sale start date.

ICODROPS21In this box, give your ICO token sale end date.

ICODROPS21Tick Yes or No in the below boxes if you have whitelist.

ICODROPS23If you say Yes, it will show you another window asking “Whitelist Information (URL, Dates).”

ICODROPS24And if you say No, then it will ask if you have KYC.

Tick Yes or No from the boxes below detailing your pre-ICO sale or private ICO sale.

ICO Drops26If you tick No, fill out the box with the required details such as dates, conditions, minimum/maximum personal cap, total hard cap, email/telegram contact for participation (Note if it is secret).

ICO Drops27When you have completed this process, press the Enter button to submit your ICO.

ICO Drops28Congratulations! Your ICO has been submitted.

Disclaimer: ICO Drops is neither a financial adviser nor a broker-dealer. It is also not affiliated with an investment advisory firm. It does not even involve itself in any activities that require such registration. It also does not endorse or sponsor any of the token sales.

However, it does expect to receive a fee for advertising certain token sales, wherein it will accordingly designate such listings. In addition, it further states that, token sales discussed on the website have not been reviewed by any regulatory authority.

Final remarks

Overall, ICO Drops can be called one of the best websites when it comes to submitting an ICO. It has got all the features and functionality that will make your ICO quickly visible to public view, with the aim of raising awareness and interest around your ICO.

From an ICO investment point of view, this site provides you with the best analytical data in terms of the activities, performance, potentials, and prospective growth of an ICO and helps you invest in the best, most lucrative one.

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