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Advanced Browsing ICO Token Review – ICO Token News

Advanced Browsing Token (ABT) Review – IcoTokenNews

What is Advanced Browsing Token?

The Advanced Browsing Token (ABT) is committed to using its blockchain-enabled browsing traits to empower any browser, app, and website in anticipation of leveraging flexible and multi-browsing technology. With this plan being processed, the platform will enable businesses to program their web display and tools in the best way possible. As a result, they will maximize their efficiency and user-benefits.

Advanced Browsing Token: a history

The company is headquartered in Gibraltar with technological supports and operations outside Barcelona. The company has been working with reputable domestic and international law firms in order to make sure that its actions and operations are conducted with integrity and in compliance with the highest business standards.

They have raised a team that believes that ‘knowledge is power’ and that ‘actions speak louder than words.’ Gaining wide expertise in marketing, R&D and project management, they have pushed the platform forward. They have an economic model crafted and drafted for mass-adoption. Their aim is to design any and all web services on a decentralized mode, so they can become viable, independent, and financially stable. In order to make this possible, they have created a micro/macro-economic that serves these conditions.


The team behind Advanced Token Browsing

The company was founded by Daniel Febrero Martin and Adi Sossover. They worked together for 5+ years, and hold appreciable skills and expertise. While Adi Sossover contributed his overseas executive management and business development skills, Daniel applied his tried and approved software development, and entrepreneurship talents to creating the Advanced Browsing Token platform.

The company takes pride in its team of four experienced marketing specialists and eight software engineers. Most of their engineers are Barcelona Polytechnic University graduates, which is one of the top-ranking schools for computer science in Europe. While their team of R&D works to manage resources in the blockchain mechanism, JavaScript and many other programming languages, the marketing experts leverage their multi-linguistic skills and international background expertise. They also have a strong board of Advisors, working towards enhancing their proprietary blockchain technology.

ABT analysis and technological innovations

ABT aims to facilitate blockchain-enabled web services with more and advanced browsing features via its ABT Protocol Intuitive/Plug & Play methods. Below are some of the ABT benefits:

Easy on joining: Log-in with a digital secure identity, via your ABT wallet. Once you create an ABT wallet, you get to access any service and website compatible with the ABT digital identity, securely and without any password. You will enjoy a safe and well-protected browsing environment.

Manage multiple web objects: ABT brings you a platform where your bookmarks are saved within the blockchain. You can also enhance your navigation efficiency and speed, keeping the web space completely safe. In parallel, promote multiple activities of social browsing networks.

Experience automated payment and subscription: Users can subscribe to any services, compatible ones using ABT wallet, and can also refer to other potential followers to subscribe to the service and make a payment using the ABT wallet.

A multi-object Smart display: The time has come when you can enjoy a multi-object display management on full-screen mode and on an unlimited scrollable board. Members go on active mode instantly and simultaneously create a dynamic custom web space, which can otherwise be called web environment.

ABT innovations and technologies

The internet has had a revolutionary impact on the world around us. Transforming each and everyone’s life, impacting societies and communities worldwide, the internet has brought groundbreaking change. Many of life’s essentials are processed on the internet, reducing the time gap between when you request it and the time you receive the service. As a consequence to such development, demands have become higher and services have reached out to wider sections of the population. However, as we all know – change is the only constant. It is time to upgrade the way Internet has been used so far. Be it navigation, uploading, and uninstallation process, most are still following the Netscape concept of consumption and display web projects sequentially, of the 1990s.

The key objectives

ABT took the challenge and pledged to upgrade the way people have used the internet so far. They emerged focusing on users’ browsing needs. ABT’s browsing technology enables display and navigation management, all in groups, immediately and simultaneously. Upgrading the accessibility and quality of the web-browsing mechanism, you can now run each of your objects as an autonomous browsing zone, creating a personalized dynamic board. You can now navigate between multiple boards simultaneously and save and share them through social media networks.

The ABT protocol claims that this is the best designed protocol, which is instinctual and also convenient to implement, by any and all browsers, websites and Apps, in the following fields:

  • Boards and bookmarks management.
  • Automated payment and subscription.
  • Secured digital identity and login.
  • Domain name and system services.

All these operations are decentralized and concern the user’s browsing safety.

Smart navigation and interfacing

The decentralized Domain Name System will allow the managers and providers of domain names to operate all their serviced domains only on the blockchain and not through a server provider. Furthermore, the decentralized and automatic payment subscription system allows the ABT’s ecosystem an exclusive cryptocurrency payment mode that will allow users to choose monthly subscriptions and payments for their respective web services.

Problems that ABT is solving

ABT has come up with one of the unique blockchain-enabled innovations that claims to secure and smarten web browsing technology and space.

1- The most powerful feature of ABT’s dynamic browsing technology is that it has the ability to distribute boards of multiple web components with other verticals and build social browsing activities.

2 – On the other hand, its Domain Name System allows users to pick a unique series that will directly resolve the Board on a completely decentralized mode.

3 – This platform also proposes an option that allows users to guess the probability of improved transfers facilities when they subscribe to a specific server provider and domain name provider. The market is already saturated with Crypto services, however the absence of subscription was a surprise. Advanced Browsing Token has added this feature so it can complete a wide range of payment and transfers facilities to the list of ABT community’s benefits. 

Why is Advanced Browsing Token better than other solutions?

Here, we will discuss the features and traits that set Advanced Browsing Token apart from the league.

1 – The platform is popular for its ABT protocol and Addap’s browser.

2 – Their organization has stood tall over the past three years as disruptive to browsing technology space.

3 – Their protocols are decentralized and they have crypto tokens available in the market.

How is it different to the mainstream?

While the mainstream browsing service providers are still bothered about page rendering based on the Netscape 1990’s concept, ABT is ahead, proposing a groundbreaking and easily acceptable solution that operates on dynamic multi-browsing technology.


Browsing that has got smarter

1 – ABT’s multi-browsing enables displaying, managing, and disposing several web-apps and web-content sessions upon an unlimited, scrollable board.

2 – All these browsing elements then run on an independent web-browsing zone.

3 – Following this, the combined browsing elements build a personalized, dynamic space on the internet, which can be easily saved and shared by users.

The exclusive perks

This technology has a string of unique benefits to offer users, including:

  • Convenient multi-screening.
  • Smart-tabs features.
  • Multi-tasking screening.
  • Ability to share the web environment across various social networks.
  • Prompt navigation between several web environments.

How ideas turned into reality

ABT protocol has been conceptualized around the technology that makes it intuitive and easy for implementation by the general population. Whether it is for browsers, websites or mobile responsive apps, you can enjoy plug and play approach in all the fields mentioned below:

1 – Digital security identity and instant access to apps and website without having to involve a service provider.

2 – You can develop, manage and save several web content boards and also bookmark them with particular metadata and design.

3 – The automated payment subscription allows the domain service provider to collect their revenue on a regular basis. This is an exclusive ABT feature, which can be compared to the ERC223 specification. 


The Advanced Browsing Token is planning to develop many decentralized web-browsing facilities in collaboration with its core blockchain and browsing skills. For example, secured social exchange and secured interactive boards for communication. Their further aim is to aid and enhance the overall web service cycle for businesses, devise the protocol and enrich their users’ browsing experience.

In addition to this, ABT technologies look for associations with other blockchain players, who are also offering cooperation and harmonizing their mechanism. They will also seek to get in touch with browsing market specialists, apps, and websites in order to exchange on technology expertise and market reviews. Besides, ABT protocol is decentralized, providing decentralized browsing facilities for any and all in the verticals.

Before we jump to discussing Advanced Browsing Token’s ICO schedules and its success, let’s try to understand the bottom line: ABT Boards and Bookmarks tools fully reconsider the way websites, apps, and browsers used to operate and interact. It’s creating a smooth and synchronized platform where multiple browsers can be sorted and managed instantly and simultaneously.

ABT ICO Token sale and allocation

If you are looking forward to investing in any successful ICO, we won’t say, ABT might be the one, but yes, their plans and roadmap look promising enough. `

Below are the development milestones for what will be going LIVE this year with 250,000,000 ABT. Have a look at the roadmap:

  • ABT wallet development in January 2018.
  • ABT Subscription framework in April 2018.
  • ABT Login and Digital Identity System in June 2018.
  • ABT Board Framework in September 2018.
  • ABT Domain Framework in December 2018.
  • Promoting ABT through Addap’s Browser.

ABT’s Public Sale

What will be the pool size of the public sale?

Up to 250,000,000 ABT will be available for sale.

Pre-public sale: Started on 23 December 2017.


Tentative sale end date: 31 January 2018.

Time for both sales: 10:00:00 UTC

The use of funds is entirely determined under the regulatory terms and conditions of Gibraltar. The sales will be completely supervised by the organization’s directors and reputable external auditors. The Advanced Browsing Token is planning to use this fund over a period of four years.

Token allocation and investor eligibility

If an investor transfers 1000 ETH at the time of pre-sale, to buy ABT, he or she will be able to buy 3,000, 000 ABT. For example: 1000 ETH * 3000 ABT = 3,000,000 ABT.

Issuance of the tokens

The issuers will generate and issue these tokens only when they receive funds during the pre-public sale and according to the pre-public sales terms.

 ICO fund’s breakdown

  • 20% Marketing.
  • 45% Product Development.
  • 19% ICO, Legal.
  • 6% Contingency.
  • 10% Contractors.

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