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ABYSS (ABYSS) ICO Review – ICO Token News

ABYSS (ABYSS) ICO Review – ICO Token News


There are now numerous gaming platforms utilized in the market, but they all are very sluggish and create issues when it comes to interacting with developers. Developers have to spend a huge amount of funds to attract players to use their games on different platforms. The Abyss platform has come up with a solution to help reduce the marketing expenses of developers and allow them to earn extra income by making referral payments in other games on the platform.

Abyss analysis

1 – The Abyss is a gaming platform which is designed to focus on the distribution of all types of video games (“free-to-play browser-based and client MMO games”).

2 – It is a blockchain-based digital distribution platform similar to CrowdWiz, Mirocana, BunnyToken, ODEM, Luckbox that allows developers and players to earn money through referrals.

3 – This platform is different from other platforms because it offers motivational programs for players as well as multilevel referral options for both gamers and developers.

4 – This will prove an efficient economic tool for developers to help in reducing their marketing costs.

5 – The Abyss game platform will be work on Mobile (iOS and Android), Desktop (window, Linux, MacOS) and internet.


Abyss tokens

The Abyss tokens are a personal currency of the company used for interacting with its platform. These are ERC20 tokens based on Ethereum blockchain technology similar to CoinLoin,  Fabric Token, Thrive, CryptF, BananCoin and InsurePal. All earnings and referrals will be paid to the users in the form of tokens.

The prime benefits and importance of ABYSS tokens are:

  • Users with tokens can enjoy great discounts when purchasing various in-games.
  • The internal CPA network trust only Abyss tokens.
  • All motivational and referral programs are paid in the form of tokens.
  • The syndicated system will work only with these tokens.
  • The tokens can be easily transferred to your friends or users who are on the platform.
  • Content creation rewards are calculated in tokens.
  • The cost of purchases is comparatively lower with tokens.

Key features

Raise income from a single user

The platform offers a multilevel referral program where developers will bring the users and get paid for it in the form of tokens.

Players earn profit

It offers an analogous referral system where players can earn income in the form of tokens by referring their friends and making payments. Moreover, gamers will receive rewards from different activities available on the platform like content generation, achievements, etc.

Low entry edge for first check

The platform offers dual currency options so that all the operations can be done through fiat money and ABYSS tokens.

Easy-to-use tokens

It allows the transfer of tokens to a cryptocurrency account, automatically or manually.

How does it work?

Once the Abyss receives payment, 70% of the total will go to the game developer and the remaining 30% will stay with the company. From this, one third of the income will be distributed to the platform’s multilevel referral program. After this, the referrers will get 4%, 2%, 2%, 1% from the payments made by them according to 1 to 5 levels of referrals.

The different services provided by the platform include:

  • Unified authentication.
  • Customer support service.
  • A transparent system for reporting and statistics.
  • Unified billing and dual currency operations.

Benefits of Abyss for developers

  • Payments allowed in both ABYSS tokens and fiat money.
  • Personal five-level referral program.
  • Minimum share of payments by the platform users paid to developers is 70%.
  • Referral programs will bring around more than 100% in overall terms for the developer’s share.
  • They receive payments in tokens without wasting time in any document verification or wait for end of reporting period
  • Access to specialized player statistics.
  • Gain access to targeted audiences.
  • An easy and convenient mechanism for rotating traffic on available games of the platform.
  • Around the clock customer support services.
  • In comparison to fiat money, the chances of fraud are less with the Abyss tokens and fewer refunds in operations.
  • Simple and convenient techniques for getting external and internal traffic.
  • Open guidelines are available for free game promotion on the platform.

Benefits of Abyss for players

With the Abyss platform, players can enjoy earning with various profitable options like referral payments, a reward for game achievements, etc. The major benefits that players can gain are listed below:

  • Players can access a variety of games in one place.
  • An individual referral program is offered to the players where income is calculated on the basis of five-level referral chain.
  • Earn tokens rewards for individual or joint game achievements.
  • Earn tokens at an internal auction.
  • Earn rewards in the form of tokens by accomplishing the tasks within the platform offered by developers.
  • Monetization for creating content.
  • User privacy settings can be adjusted according to the players.
  • Offers an easy way to find and add friends with their unique ID, email address, etc.

What is DAICO?

This is a fundraising model which combines the benefits of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAOs). This model is designed to make the initial ICO concept more transparent and secure while upgrading it. The ABYSS token sale is also based on this model that allows the participants to control the withdrawals of the funds and also allow them to close the project and refund their contributed money if the project team fails to implement it.

Token Sale Details

  • TOKEN SALE (DAICO) : Feb 7 – Mar 1, 2018 (15:00 UTC)
  • Minimum contribution : 0.01 ETH
  • Maximum contribution : 10 ETH
  • Soft cap : 5 000 ETH
  • Hard cap : 50 000 ETH (When reaching this amount, Token Sale stops)
  • Price                                 : 1 ETH = 5000 ABYSS
  • Accepted currency : ETH
  • Total Token Supply : 575 MLN (All unsold tokens will be burnt by Smart Contract)

Token Distribution

  • Company & Advisors : 21%
  • Bounty : 1%
  • Crowd sale : 60%
  • Reserve : 18%

Use of Proceeds

  • Marketing : 25%
  • Development : 20%
  • Operational : 45%
  • Legal : 5%
  • Reserve : 5%


  • Konstantin [Sephiroth] Boyko-Romanovsky,
  • Vladimir Kurochkin, President


Due to the growing competition in the gaming industry, developers have to spend large amounts of money to deliver their products and services to the audiences. Abyss offers a solution by creating a gaming platform which is flexible and allows developers to promote their products by spending less on advertising. The platform offers useful promotional and analytical tools that will not only save money on ads but also allow them to earn more at the same time. The referral system of the platform is beneficial for both developers and players and gives them an opportunity to earn rewards.


  • 1
    Foundation of Destiny.Games (video game company)
  • 2
    The idea of a state-of-the-art game portal creation
  • 3
    Testing the opportunity of blockchain technology integration into the new concept
  • 4
    Presenting the concept of The Abyss – a new generation digital distribution platform
  • 5
    Presenting the concept of DAICO - an innovative fundraising model
  • 6
    Introducing The Abyss platform prototype
    Conducting the Token Sale
    Commencing The Abyss platform development
    Presentation of concept of The Abyss to game developers
  • 7
    Active phase of platform development
    Legal and financial preparation for the launch of the project
    Partnership agreements with game projects
  • 8
    The first version of the platform with the startup game package
    API for project integration
    Unified bi-currency billing
    Unified system of authorization
    The first integration of multilevel referral programs
  • 9
    Active development of the platform:
    Expansion in the number of connected projects;
    Introducing the personalization and socialization systems;
    Introducing the detailed reporting system;
    Introducing the internal CPA Network.
  • 10
    The expansion of platform functionality:
    Motivational programs;
    The ability of content generation and evaluation;
    Joint game achievements.
  • 11
    Crowdfunding platform
    Further extension of the platform

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