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Adblurb (ADBL) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is Adblurb?

Adblurb facilitates a cryptographically protected Ethereum network payment system, which works on blockchain technology. Functioning as a system and a payment platform, the system helps in increasing the level of clarity in the digital advertising market, connecting advertising services safely and quickly. It is the second generation of marketing and advertising.

All data remains available on the blockchain rather than centralized servers and by leveraging the advantage of its smart contract, the company resolves several problems that exist in the advertising industry. In fact, this distinctly designed platform endorses advanced and modern marketing methods at the same time providing total privacy and security.

Adblurb Intro

Existing problems of traditional platforms

  • Scams and fraud with Autobots and retargeting.
  • High network fees and continued monopoly.
  • Fewer rewards for affiliates and publishers.
  • No real-time analysis or history.
  • No security and transparency.
  • Poor traffic management.
  • Centralized environment.
  • No background checking.
  • No or low satisfaction.
  • No ideal ecosystem.
  • Necessity of middlemen.
  • Current advertising.

Solutions offered by Adblurb

  • Rewards for microtasking and background checking.
  • Blockchain technology for advertising industry.
  • Low network fees and open to everyone.
  • Detailed campaign records for lifetime.
  • Detailed campaign records for lifetime.
  • Direct access affiliates and publishers.
  • Fully decentralized environment.
  • You own your campaign 100%.
  • Middleman eliminated.
  • Real traffic always, no bots.
  • Transparent and secure.

Adblurb Solution

How does Adblurb work?

Each click and impression is exchangeable for an Adblurb currency. Exploiting its transparent and easy-to-use platform, this simplifies navigation for customers and end-users, and it provides a hassle-free gateway between customers and publishers.

Benefits to advertisers

  1. Currently, merchants are compelled to pay intermediaries to service their advertising requirements. As a result, merchants have to pay an average of 55% more than the usual fee. It is paid just to access the service.
  2. Dissimilar to the traditional platform, Adblurb completely discards the involvement of any intermediaries or third parties.
  3. Another advantage is that in nature this is a 100% decentralized platform, which signifies that merchants can trusts their affiliates and other partners they work with.

Benefits for affiliate marketers

  1. The disadvantage of the existing affiliate marketing platforms is that they are not user friendly.
  2. A major problem that Adblurb solves is that it completely removes the feasibility of late payouts.
  3. It is transparent with its own tokens, thus enabling quick payouts as and when the situation demands it.

Ad marketplace

  1. The Adblurb allows advertisers and publishers to work with smart contracts for contracts verification.
  2. This allows selling and buying to be carried out automatically, without relying on either party.

AdBlurb (ADBL) ICO token details

Adblurb is an Ethereum, blockchain-based (similar to Vacuum Space Energy, LocalCoinSwap, BunnyToken, SAMY, Graz, DataBroker, Data Broker Dao) decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with agile contract features. The ADBL token can be used to purchase advertisements, goods and services on the platform.

  • A maximum supply of 100,000,000 ADBL will be made available
  • 70,000,000 ADBL will be allocated for the ICO.

The company does not have any plan to create any new tokens, and the accepted method of payment is through Ethereum only. It is to be noted that the contract will start distributing tokens instantly upon receiving the ETH. There is a minimum goal of 2000 ETH, and if this minimally set goal is not achieved, refunds will be issued via the smart contract.

Adblurb Token Details

Adblurb will distribute its ADBL tokens in the following ways:

  • 70% are reserved for the ICO.
  • 10% will be distributed to the Adblurb team.
  • 10% will be distributed to advisors.
  • 5% will be reserved for bounty campaigns.
  • 5% will be distributed to the Adblurb pool.

ADBL tokens distribution

  • 5% for hardware upgrades.
  • 10% for security audits.
  • 10% for legal.
  • 10% for advertising.
  • 65% for development and testing.

All raised funds from the ICO will be liquidated slowly to ensure no market disruptions.

ADBL ICO rates, bonus and dates

The pre-sale will have an exclusive bonus rate of 9600 ADBL per 1 ETH and includes a 20% bonus for the entire period. The primary aim of this pre-sale is to raise funds to advertise and market the main ICO. The company is making plans for multiple approaches of digital marketing such as banner ads, press releases, signature campaigns, and social media.

Pre-sale details

  • Period: March 1, 2018 to March 31, 2018.
  • Available for purchase: 20 million ADBL.
  • Pre-sale rate: 1 ETH= 8,000 Adblurb token (+20% bonus).
  • Minimum amount: 0.15 ETH.
  • Minimum goal: there is no minimum goal.
  • Hard cap: 2,083 ETH.
  • Use of funds: marketing and advertising the Adblurb ICO.

Pre-ICO details

The ICO structure will perform an immediate exchange of Adblurb tokens from your contributed Ethereum.

  • Period: April 1,2018 to April 30, 2018.
  • Available for purchase: 25 million ADBL.
  • Pre-ICO rate: 1 ETH= 6000 Adblurb Coin (+15% Bonus).
  • Minimum amount: 0.15 ETH.
  • Minimum goal: no minimum goal.
  • Hard cap: 3,623 ETH.
  • Use of funds: Adblurb marketplace development.

Main ICO details

Phase 1

  • Timeline: May 1, 2018 to May 15, 2018
  • Available for purchase: 15 million ADBL.
  • Phase 1 rate: 1 ETH will be equivalent to 4500 Adblurb coins (+10% bonus).
  • Minimum amount: 0.15 ETH.
  • Minimum goal: there is no minimal goal.
  • Hard cap: 3,030 ETH.
  • Use of funds: Adblurb marketplace development.

Phase 2

  • Timeline: May 16, 2018 to May 30, 2018.
  • Available for purchase: 10 million ADBL.
  • Phase 2 rate: 1 ETH will be equivalent to 3500 Adblurb token (no bonus)
  • Minimum amount: 0.15 ETH.
  • Minimum goal: there is no minimum goal.
  • Hard cap: 2,857 ETH.
  • Use of funds: Adblurb marketplace development.

How to participate in the Adblurb ICO

In order to participate in Adblurb ICO, there are certain dos and don’ts that you must keep in mind.


  1. Send ETH from your personal Ethereum wallet.
  2. Read and agree to the legal and terms documents.
  3. Contact team if you need further support in the token purchasing process.
  4. There is a gas limit of up to 200,000 (optional).
  5. Ge ADBL immediately to your wallet from which the ETH arrived.


  • Do not send funds via any other exchanges.
  • Do not send your funds to the crowd sale before the ICO period begins.

Final remarks

With its cryptographically protected Ethereum and blockchain-based (such as KickCity, Amon, SandbIock, Fiancia, PodOne, EQUI, StarLight) marketing, advertising, and payment system, Adblurb aims to revolutionize the marketing space.

Although its looks promising, its success will depend largely upon the mood of the market ahead.

Overall, the project shows potential for the future and if you think so too, get ready to join the presale, which will start on March 1, 2018.

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