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Aktie Social (AKT) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Aktie Social (AKT) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Right now, social media is big and its hugeness goes to the next level the moment a blockchain is introduced in it. That’s what Aktie Social is all about. Aktie Social, or simply Aktie, is a social media platform that uses blockchain to value the users’ creativity, resources, and time that they’re investing on the ecosystem. In simple words, this robust platform will give its users the rewards for sharing the data and interacting with it. 

Aktie Social analysis 

Aktie is an end-to-end social media platform having every feature that a next-gen social media channel should have. The platform can do everything from content creation to curation including liking, sharing, posting, or commenting. The best part is that this channel is an enabler that’ll let you earn revenues from other social media platforms—those having the Aktie enabler in them.

The platform features P2P transfers, trade, chat, and shopping—and all of this is transparent. Thanks to smart contracts, it’s no big deal to maintain high levels of transparency across the network. That is, the users can transfer the ownership of any crypto asset with the help of smart contracts. Talking of exchange, this platform has its native network for buying or selling Aktie gas (gA)—a form of currency needed to run ads on the network.


Judging by its range of operations, Aktie seems to be a robust, empowering social media ecosystem encouraging different users to create a new stream of incomes. The income can come from not only Aktie but also alternative social channels. All in all, the user will earn Aktie gas for every moment she/he spends on social media networks. Afterward, the Aktie gas can be traded for Aktie coins (cA). To conclude, Aktie is a revolutionary crypto project that’ll upend the world of social media. 

Aktie Social innovation 

No ICO project becomes successful if isn’t driven by innovation. Like many ICOs such as SavedroidBunnyToken, SkyChain, Lendo, ABYSS, Aktie Social is based on innovation. Here are some truly innovative highlights that set Aktie apart from other social networks. 

Making transparent data economy a reality 

Aktie is a profitable, private platform where watching or reviewing or sharing content or commenting on it brings money; the content should be present on a social media platform, though. By doing so, the platform will grow and evolve rapidly. This social network will further combine different features of other social media platforms and will eventually provide a robust one-stop solution—a solution that’ll make data economy realistic. Aktie coins serve as a robust digital currency. For making the data economy fair and transparent, the team has used smart contracts. By using smart contracts and other blockchain technologies similar to REMME, Luckbox, CREDITS, ODEM, Requitix,  the network will make data transfer and trading transparent and sustainable. 

A powerful economic model in the making 

Aktie’s economic model is interesting. The platform runs using two currencies—gA and cA. The moment the users sign up on this platform, they receive gA; again, the users get gA whenever they refer the platform to a group of new users or interact with friends for bringing new ads. What happens is the platform gets gA from the advertisers and spends the currency on different users in the form of rewards. All in all, the algorithm works realistically and charges/shares the gA based on the niche or area or effectiveness of the ads. This economic model, in a way, is very similar to digital ad channels such as Facebook and Google. 

Aktie Social token sale

The Aktie coins are apt for advertisers who want to buy gas for their advertisements, and that’s what will drive this native cryptocurrency’s acceptance.

Other ICO details 

  • Ticker: AKT
  • Pre-ICO sale period: February 1 to February 14
  • Crowdsale period: March 1 to April 1
  • Total coin: 100,000,000 AKT ICO tokens
  • Hard cap: USD 10,000,000
  • Soft cap: USD 1,000,000
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH

Summarizing Aktie Social 

Overall, Aktie is a platform that’s rightfully revolutionizing a whole new collaborative mechanism that controls plagiarism and piracy on social networks. This is one platform focusing on the content creator and curator so that they get their due credits and shares in the competitive data economy on social media.


  • Alexander Tobias
    Alexander Tobias
    Alexander Tobias
    (CEO) - Blockchain & product management Expert and Software Developer
  • Katja Cottier
    Katja Cottier
    Katja Cottier
    (CMO) - Marketing Expert
  • Steve McAvoy
    Steve McAvoy
    Steve McAvoy
    (COO) - Project & Product Management Expert
  • Paolo Barrai
    Paolo Barrai
    Paolo Barrai
    (Advisor) - Crypto Analyst


  • 1
    Research on business models of social media platforms to benefit users.
  • 2
    Development & testing of algorithms implementing findings of the research.
  • 3
    Research on blockchain-based solutions to implement the algorithms.
  • 4
    Development of business model & ICO preparation.
  • 5
    Pre ICO & ICO and development of collaborations
  • 6
    Development of beta version platform implementing revenue sharing & gas-charging decentralized algorithms & smart contracts .
  • 7
    Marketing in early two months & launch of the platform; development of coin wallet & exchange.
  • 8
    Development of APIs/platform to integrate online stores like Amazon & ebay.
  • 9
    Development of content creation platform to integrate with Aktia to identify the right owner/creator.

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