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Alttex (AltX) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Alttex is an innovative system that contains three elements: a crypto exchange, a crypto safe, and a crypto messenger. The system is designed to make the cryptocurrency purchasing process easy, all over the world, without the need for a bank card. The platform is equipped with different features such as security convenience and an interface that is easily accessible on mobile devices.

All about Alttex

Like other ICOs such as CoinMetro, BunnyToken, Globitex, Skychain, Alttex is an innovative platform for mobiles devices which comes with the unique features of blockchain technology. The system contains three different functions that include a crypto exchange, a crypto messenger, and AltSafe. These three functional features allow users to make cryptocurrency payments easily while paying less commission. They also provide a multicurrency wallet where users can easily hold different types of currency in the one place.

The crypto messenger allows users to share their personal data, exchange voice messages, create a customized store, and make outgoing calls around the world. On the other hand, the smart safe is beneficial for storing digital currencies in a safe and secure manner.

The company is aiming to develop an integrated platform which can be used by anyone around the world with excellent features of reliability and capability to satisfy the needs of cryptocurrency users. The Alttex platform will provide the opportunity to perform various cryptocurrency transactions without the need of intermediaries and without paying any extra commission. The project is created on the basis of the following tasks:

    • Building a modern decentralized crypto exchange.
  • Development of advanced crypto messenger Altmessenger.
  • Creation of smart safe Altsafe, designed on the principle of multicurrency with high-tech protection technologies.

Prime features and advantages of the platform

  • Blockchain technology: the platform is created on blockchain technology that allows a safe and secured transaction process. There are many platforms designed on the Ethereum blockchain such as
  • Decentralization: Alttex is based on a decentralized network where every user is part of its blockchain.
  • High-speed transaction: the platform will save you time by providing fast and quick transaction process.

Benefits of using the Alttex crypto exchange

  • Decentralized exchange to make secure and safe transactions and prevent users from being hacked.
  • All the data is secured with the advanced features of face id, pin-code system, etc.
  • It can be trade with different mobile devices compatible with iOS, windows mobile and Android.
  • Provides a consistent and easy way of trading through mobile device so that the user obtains full control in one click.
  • Provides a secure, fast, and safe verification system for buying cryptocurrency.
  • Allows users to choose different debit crypto cards that can be replenished on the exchanges.
  • Eliminates the role of intermediaries from the process.
  • High transaction speed to save you time.

Benefits of using Altmessenger

  • This crypto messenger allow its users to store their cryptocurrency in a multicurrency wallet.
  • Beneficial to make your leisure time more interesting with multimedia applications.
  • Allows the user to create chats in the messenger.
  • Users can make outgoing calls to different phone numbers at low cost.

Benefits of AltSafe

  • Offers a high level of security feature.
  • Users can monitor their balance to get updates.
  • Allows the user to add new wallets and a hassle-free way of transferring money.
  • Provides a safe and secure money transfer from exchange.

Role of AltX tokens

Similar to other ico tokens such as Perkscoin, Dragon, Debitum, Altx tokens are used as digital assets by investors and participants of the Alttex platform. These tokens will be used within the ecosystem to perform buying and selling operations. Moreover, Altx tokens will be accepted as a payment method for placing ads in the application and open the doors for a number of other possibilities.

ICO details

  • ICO round 1 waitlist : March 3,.2018
  • ICO round 2 waitlist : March 19, 2018
  • Accepted currency : Bitcoin, Ethereum

The team behind Alttex

  • Yevhenii Meita, Co-founder, CEO.
  • Oleh Shpach, Co-founder.


Alttex is a unique system that combines the decentralized exchanges, Altmessenger and Smart safe. The team has designed it according to the compatibility of mobile platforms such as Mobile windows, Android and iOS.

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