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Amon (AMN) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Amon is a multi-currency crypto debit card, which is designed for everyday usage. It is powered by the artificial intelligence to offer best values to the crypto holders for their every-day purchases. These debit cards play a significant role in resolving two existing problems that include Real-time conversion and dealing with crypto volatility.


All about it

What is Amon card and how it can be used?

Amon card is a debit card that enables the users to convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies. It means with this debit card, digital currencies can be converted in real time to fiat currency at the time of payment.  The card works with ETH, LTC, BTC, ERC-20 and more will be implemented with its releases. As we all know that crypto currency market is not stable, therefore it is very difficult to predict which digital currency will maximize value for a user while doing real-time payment. This is a reason why a company has created AI systems that help the cardholder in selecting best performing digital currency in his wallet at the time of making payment. The Amon wallet offers three types of usage options from which users can choose the one as per their convenience.

  1. Any preferred crypto currency to pay always with the same one
  2. Choose on the spot at the time of payment
  3. Pay directly with best performing digital currency chosen by the its AI system

Similarly, other wallets are also available for storing different tokens like Cibus, BunnyTokenTrustaBit, MedTokens, Play2LiveApollo, AQwire .

Amon wallet

AMN Cards

The company will release three types of different cards that include Gold, Silver and Platinum. The contributors who join the whitelist token sale will receive the AMN Gold card for free along with other benefits.

  • Card Fees : Free
  • Delivery : Free
  • Monthly fee : Free (if they hold minimum 100 tokens)
  • Customer services : Round the clock
  • Cash back :  5% AMN token cash back

Problems Resolved By Amon

The card is designed with the aim of bringing cryptocurrencies as a part of people’s daily life by using user-friendly wallet and with the power of artificial intelligence system.  The company goal is to help people in using digital currencies in their daily life. To achieve the mission, the company will introduce the Amon cards in the market that will enhance the user adoption by improvising two major aspects of crypto currencies conversion process:-

Real Time Conversion from Cryptocurrencies To Fiat

Currently, there are numbers of crypto cards that allow conversion but only from bitcoin to fiat currencies.  In this process, digital currency holder who is willing to pay through cryptocurrencies first needs to go through with 3-step process. This is a long time taking process where users have to bear different transaction costs to get money out of their wallets.  By introducing this debit card, Amon wants to make real-time transaction process smooth and easy for the users by doing a single transaction and single fee.

Volatility of the Market

The volatility of the market is one of the great issues with crypto currency holders. The price fluctuation is very common in crypto currency and creates a barrier for both potential and current users for its use on every-day purchases. Therefore, Amon card is building a tool that enables users to have full control over these types of fluctuations. By implementing artificial intelligence system, users can decide the crypto currency that can be used to perform a payment without checking the market fluctuation every time.

Amon has come up with a new approach guaranteeing 24/7 real-time conversion to fiat and at the best possible conversion rates. By making this possible and serving users with a powerful card that will allow them to make purchase using their cryptocurrency and facilitating a user-friendly approach to everyday crypto spending, the company believes that they are making well contributions to the sustainability of the crypto ecosystem. Amon in fact makes available daily practical use cases for crypto and enlivens it afresh.

Amon paying

What is Amon artificial intelligence system (AAIS)?

Amon Artificial intelligence system helps users in controlling their portfolio fluctuations. The system is being implemented with different features to make the system always more and more efficient. In terms of first feature, the AAIS will be added with the ability  to calculate in real-time the best performing cryptocurrency among ones held in the wallet.

Additionally, it will be made more advance with the addition of more advanced features, such as Artificial Intelligence System Real Time payment which will help do automatic conversion of the best performing crytpocurrency backing up the user’s choice while exchanging.

The second one is the Artificial Intelligence system new features, which will take into account volatility, historical data and other variables that would be used to give advices on how the user’s crypto should perform. These features do not aim at making exact  predictions but are only crafted to offer support to user’s decisions, and help them make informed decisions.

What are AMN tokens?

The AMN tokens provide users with different benefits such as discounted fees, better customer service and the possibility to receive passive interest from MasterNodes. The launch of AMN token makes possible the continual improvements of the Amon wallet and the Amon Intelligence system. The company has developed a benefit and extra-services plan for AMN tokens holders.

The tokens will be directly distributed into your AMN wallet so you don’t need to purchase any special wallet to buy tokens. It allows managing all your digital currencies in one place with excellent user experiment.  The AMN wallet can store different currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. The introduction of ICO tokens brings outstanding benefits to the token holders that include:

Profits in card fees

The token holders will receive attractive discounts on card fees. The cards will available with different fees and limits.

Amon token distribution

Benefits in customer services

The company wants to provide important customer services to its card users. They are planning to hire customer service team for their card users and another dedicated customer service team that only works for token holders.

MasterNote like payouts

The company will share the return of interest on crypto currencies based on masternode with Amon users having AMN tokens and cryptocurrency that can creates the masternode. Every user will get a proportional percentage of passive interest as payouts.


The Amon Gold and Platinum card users will get 0.5 for doing each transaction they make through Amon card in the form of tokens.

Amon Token details

Amon has named its token as AMN. The 20,000 AMNs will be equivalent to 0.1 ETH. Interested investors can buy the token only with ETH, BTC, as to other currencies, nothing has been said so far. It is an Ethereum based utility token that you can use to avail of Amon services. The company has kept a soft cap of 3,000 ETH which is equal to 60, 000 AMNs, while its hard cap is fixed at 25,000 ETH, which will be equal to 500M AMNs.

AMN Pre-ICO details

Dissimilar to other ICOs, such as Guardium, CryptoLoans, Ternio, BitCAD, Zupply, Qurrex, BEtrium, and many more, Amon pre-ICO sale will start from 1 March 2018 and will end on 4 April 2018.

Amon token sale

Token allocation

  • 30% : Token Sale
  • 20% : Reserve Capital
  • 30% : Founders
  • 10% : Team
  • 5% : Advisors
  • 5% : Bounty Programs


  • Private ICO (March 1 & 2) : 25% Bonus + Gold Card
  • ICO (Mar 4th to Mar11th)  : 15% Bonus + Gold Card*
  • ICO (Mar 12th to Mar19th) : 10% Bonus + Gold Card*
  • ICO (Mar 20th to Mar27th) : 5% Bonus + Gold Card*
  • ICO (Mar 27th to Apr4th) : No bonuses+ Amon Gold Card*

Amon ICO funds distribution

Amon has decided to distribute the raised funds in the following ways:

  • 15 percent distributed to intelligence system and finance
  • 11 percent will be distributed to legal and facilities
  • 27 percent will be distributed to human resource
  • 13 percent will be distributed to IT & Security
  • 34 percent will be distributed to marketing

Amon private ICO

What are MasterNodes (MN)?

AMN tokens do not run on Masternodes. Rather it shares passive interests originating from other Masternodes cryptocurrencies with top AMN tokens holders.

MasterNodes are cryptocurrency full nodes or computer wallets that keep the full copy of the blockchain in real-time. As benefit to have an MN, the MN holder is rewarded with a fixed percentage of interest paid as cryptocurrency of the MN.

For instance; DASH needs 1.000 DASH to sprint a MN. The DASH MN holder will get rewarded with a fixed percentage in DASH.

When the Amon customer base gets sufficiently widened to collect 1.000 DASH, Amon starts running a DASH MN and getting passive interests that are shared with their top customers who hold AMN tokens.

What market Amon is targeting?

The target market is represented by any user showing interest to spend cryptocurrencies or Fiat currencies with lower costs. Amon primarily focuseson cryptocurrency users that are able to make use of  its intelligent system. Particularly, it can be said that the company is much interested in grabbing attention of crypto users who are having over in excess of one cryptocurrency in their wallet so they can leverage the full advantage of Amon features.

Amon Team

Quite like other ICOs, Amon team is also the result of best brains of different industries. They collectively make the team, taking advantage of their extensive experience and exploiting their proven skills. The founders of Amon have known each other for long time and have already set up a successful marketplace. They have been involved in the crypto industry since 2016. Some of the key members who help in building the core team of Amon are as follows:

  • Daniele Izzo (co-founder)
  • Valerio Sudrio (Co-Founder – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Cristian Izzo (Co-Founder – Chief Technology Officer (CTO))
  • Samantha Jewel (Co-Founder – Advisor & Investor)

Amon roadmap

  1. In July 2017, Aman project started though team is set up and project started off
  2. In November 2017, card company agreement was signed such as agreement with Debit/Credit card issuing companies based in Gibraltar, in the same year, Amon Wallet MVP was launched and Demo Wallet app integrated with Bitcoin (BTC)
  3. In December 2017, the first round started with investment and new partnerships, such as Private investment and partnerships with top companies, in the same year, at the same time, whitepaper was prepared and made live on website. Besides, during the same year, implementation of LTC, ERC20 and Fiat currencies was carried out based on customer needs.
  4. In Q1 2018, AI System Real time payments though its implementation is at the first stage at present. In the same year, private token sale was launched but only Whitelist contributors can join, the sale ended on 28 February 2018.
  5. In Q2 2018, Amon Wallet will be released to the public and Amon Cards will be rolled out starting with whitelist contributors and following with other Amon users. During same period, new features of the AI system will be released
  6. In Q3 2018, the company plans to achieve E-money license, E-money licensing Application, decentralization.

How to Invest in Amon?

In order to invest in Amon, one of the first things that you need to do is buying its tokens during the upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Remember, the sooner you buy the tokens, the more discounts you will receive. The latter you think of investing  in it, the lesser discounts you receive. If you invest in first two days, you will be rewarded with 25 percent bonuses, which will continue to decrease until 0% on March 26.


The AMN crypto debit card will not only allow you to use crypto currencies for everyday purchases but also helps in saving your money with its Artificial intelligence system and real-time conversion. It means you can spend your digital currency anywhere with the help of AMN debit card. It enables to convert your digital currency to fiat in real time with maximum exchange rates. Moreover, its token holders can enjoy the exclusive benefits of the community and get access to exciting discounted fees, cash back, master node passive interest and priority of customer service line.

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