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ArmPack (ARMcoin) ICO Review – ICO Token News

ArmPack (ARMcoin) ICO Review – ICO Token News

ArmPack is developed to protect manufacturers and brands against the counterfeiting of original products.

ArmPack (ARMcoin) Analysis

What is ArmPack (ARMcoin) all about?

It is the first decentralized eco-system that makes use of blockchain technology to protect manufacturers and brands against counterfeiting, fake products, and imitation.

Platform for customers

It will allow customers to obtain accurate information about the product. The wallet will have the functionality of a multi-cryptocurrency wallet with the ability to pay through near-field communication (NFC). In addition, the application will allow customers to effectively participate in different bonus programs.

How will customers be able to get information about the products?

Customers can make use of the standard ArmPack numeric unique code under a scratch-off layer to verify if the product is original or fake.

  • They can also make use of NFC chips.
  • A QR code can be used to verify if the product is genuine or fake.
  • Buyers can combine the use of the two types of codes for verification purposes.
  1. Platform for manufacturers

It will provide manufacturers with protection of their products against counterfeiting. In addition, highly efficient advertisement campaigns can be carried out by the manufacturers using this platform.

How does ArmPack protect manufacturers and customers from counterfeit products?

  1. Each manufacturer will be able to generate one use only codes for its goods by using this platform.
  2. The codes will be put on the goods by the manufacturers.
  3. When a customer purchases a product, he can enter the code on the website of the manufacturer or the ArmPack website.
  4. The customers get confirmation of the authenticity of the product.
  5. The database of ArmPack will show when and where the product was purchased by the buyer. Access to the unique code will only be available to the manufacturer.
  6. Manufacturers will also receive feedback from the buyer.
  7. The buyer can add tokens to his wallet and can use it to promote the manufacturer. In addition, the tokens can be exchanged with another shopper. Tokens will also be used to pay for manufacturer’s products if the ICO token is provided by the manufacturer as a reward.

What does ArmPack (ARMcoin) aim to be?

The company aims to provide a platform that will save manufacturers and brands upto USD50 billion a year by protecting them against counterfeiting, imitation, and fake products. The platform will protect millions of people from counterfeit goods.

This decentralized platform will also help manufacturers to receive feedback from customers and encourage purchases by using the ARMcoin.


It will help manufacturers to develop their own tokens on the ArmPack blockchain. Businesses will be able to use public/private blockchains for business operations, side projects, and other applications.

With the help of the mobile application, ArmWallet, this platform will give unbiased reviews and feedback from a client who can be encouraged and motivated for purchases and other activities on the platform.

By holding the stock for the entire community within the ecosystem, ArmPack will also attract new buyers onto the platform. It will use blockchain technology to ensure that logistics and other operations for the delivery and distribution of goods are carried out in a more transparent and secure manner.

ArmPack ecosystem

ArmPack will consist of ArmWallet, ArmBoard, Stores, ARMcoin, ArmNod, and the ArmPack community.

What problems is ArmPack (ARMcoin) solving?

The use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is still difficult for businesses and ordinary users. It is very expensive for companies to design their own blockchain because there are very few experienced developers and professionals. Another problem is that companies don’t have a proper understanding of how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can be used in their business enterprises.

ArmPack aims to solve these problems by systematically associating the real economy and buyers/customers of business enterprises with the help of its user-friendly and convenient ArmPack eco-system. The team associated with this project aims to implement blockchain technology in order to meet the challenges of combating fake products and counterfeiting.

ArmPack (ARMcoin) token price and token sale

ICO sale of ARMcoin

  • The company will release 1,000,000,000 ARMcoin tokens with an initial market value of USD0.05 per 1 ARMcoin.
  • The ICO will start from January 30, 2018 and it will be carried out in 10 parts.
  • 40,000,000 ARMcoin will be released in each part of the ICO sale.
  • Each stage of the token sale will last for 10 days.
  • The soft cap of the ICO sale will be USD1 million.
  • All funds will be returned if the soft cap is not reached during the ICO sale.
  • The majority of ICO tokens such as Havven, TokenLend, BitCoen, Perkscoin, Dragon accept Ethereum (Ether) when making purchases.
  • ArmPack accepts BTC, ETH, LTC, and DASH cryptocurrency for the purchase of tokens during the ICO sale.

Additional bonus

  1. Investors who purchase the tokens during the first stage of the ICO will get a 20% discount.
  2. 10% discount will be provided to the investors who purchase the ARMcoin during the second stage of the ICO.
  3. 8% discount will be provided to investors who invest during the third stage of the ICO sale.
  4. 6% discount will be provided to buyers who purchase these tokens during the fourth stage of the ICO sale.
  5. 5% discount will be provided to buyers who purchase the ARMcoin during the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth stage of the ICO sale.
  6. 2% discount will be provided to investors who purchase the tokens during the tenth (last) stage of the ICO sale.

Distribution of ARMcoin

  • 1% of the total token supply will be held in reserve to run the platform.
  • 1% of the total ARMcoin tokens will be able for exclusive bounty programs.
  • 5% of the ARMcoin total supply will be reserved for the team and advisors. These tokens will be frozen until October 2018.
  • 93% of the total token supply will be able for investors to purchase during the main ICO event.

The team behind ArmPack (ARMcoin)

This project is a result of work carried out by the POLYMERIUM business enterprise, which was started by Sergey Sechikhin. The key members consist of

  • Alexander Tishin, Technical Director.
  • Pavel Sukhih, Director of Development.
  • Dmitry Bauer,

Summarizing ArmPack (ARMcoin)

It is a decentralized ecosystem that is created by using advanced Ethereum blockchain technology similar to WePower, DenCity, Cryptoneum, SERENITY, Tradove  protect manufacturers and buyers from counterfeit, imitation and fake products. The investor will have the excellent opportunity of obtaining substantial profits in exit due to the fact that the growth of ARMcoin token price is by real demand, which is not a speculative component.

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