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ARROUND (ARR) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Since the introduction of motion tracking technology, AR devices are already able to understand the user’s location and orientation when moving in a 3D plane. Area Learning algorithms use visual cues, allowing the device to recognize the location and correct its movement. Depth perception sensors can “inform” the user about the forms of the surrounding world and build virtual interaction processes based on a cloud of points. We plan to implement these technologies in the nearest future in the ARROUND platform. In addition, we plan to use markers placed at the premises of partner organizations to increase the speed of the augmented reality layer deployment and improve its positional accuracy.

ARROUND Platform

ARROUND is an innovative communication and entertainment platform in augmented reality. The platform has an infrastructure with a distributed registry on blockchain and can be used for the development and sale of services, advertising, information, and products based on decentralized crypto-economics. By downloading the ARROUND App users will get three handy tools:

  1. ARROUND Camera: used for discovering “rounds” — augmented reality objects which have a geo tag or which are tagged to the user’s smartphone. For example, promo campaigns, channels of bloggers, chat rooms, and AR shops for selling real and virtual goods and services. Also, each user can control the visibility of their AR status to other users and can customize their own AR persona.
  2. ARROUND Newsfeed: news from rounds to which the user has subscribed.
  3. ARROUND Map: navigation with tips where to find new rounds. Each user will also have the option to display their location on the map so that other users can add her to their AR Newsfeed and browse her public rounds.

We plan to create an augmented reality ecosystem with its own advertising network. It will bring together the existing solutions available on the market and AR market participants by creating user demand and a broad partner network with monetization capabilities. 

Value for User

The user can leave content where they like and make it visible to certain people. The user can also easily find relevant content, as well as nearby services and institutions rated by other users. There are also different entertainment opportunities. Advertisers can send personal offers, which decreases the amount of spam and makes advertising more effective and meaningful. There is an opportunity for the user to monetize his or her participation in promotions taking place here and now (for example, to receive a coupon or cashback on personal accounts on the ARROUND platform).

Value for Advertisers

The ARROUND platform provides a new advertising environment, which is active and adaptive to each consumer. The advertiser gets an opportunity to establish a deeper personal connection with the target audience, increasing the number of leads and conversions. If the user allows, it will be possible to access them again in the future (subscription, advertiser group, etc.). Personal offers have a better conversion rate, and advertising on the ARROUND platform is much cheaper than on traditional media services due to the blockchain that eliminates the middle-man. When conducting BTL campaigns in the ARROUND system, advertisers are freed from the extra expenses related to logistics, production and the replacement of POS materials, including expenses Server Holders Users Brands & Advertisers Advertising & Creative Agencies Application Developers Device Developers Computing Power Software Hardware Content Advertising budgets Attention Tokenization 17 on promoters, instructors and supervisors. Reducing the number of people in the chain keeps costs lower and reduces human error.

ARROUND Platform Users’ Benefits

The ARROUND communication platform can solve several problems for different target audiences:

  1. Regular ARROUND users will get a number of new features, such as:
  2. The opportunity to post rounds (messages) for everyone, or a certain group of people, such as friends only;
  3. The chance to easily find useful services located nearby, as well as to look through rounds on a certain street, for example;
  4. The user will be able to leave feedback on companies or services provided (for example, a beauty salon) in the form of comments to a round or by placing their own round next to it;
  5. The possibility to view other users’ opinions on a company or a service in the form of comments to rounds or simply by looking around using the Augmented Reality mode.
  6. Bloggers will get an additional platform to promote their blogs, as well as the possibility to post their content in relation to geolocation
  7. Companies and enterprises will have an opportunity to create specialized advertising rounds of larger size and individual design. Such advertising will be as effective as real-world posters or banners, but more cost-effective.
  8. Business users will have another platform for SMM campaigns. 

ARR Token

For the convenience of users and advertisers, prices in the ARROUND system will be denominated in fiat currencies, but the ICO token will be used when making all purchases of digital goods and services in the ecosystem. The first users of the ARR platform will be token buyers at the Token Sale, after that any interested person can buy ARR tokens on an exchange to use the platform. The ARR token will be released on the ERC20 smart contract standart on the Ethereum blockchain and will also be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. After a private ARROUND blockchain network is created, ARR tokens will be exchanged for tokens at 1/1 rate through payment channels on the private blockchain where the rights of authors and owners of digital assets will be registered and where an automatic system for making payments for the use of intellectual property will be implemented.

The use of blockchain technology will provide equal opportunities and will help protect the property rights of digital asset owners on the ARROUND platform, as well as the copyright of developers and artists living in any country around the world. Blockchain technology makes all transactions within the system more reliable, transparent and mobile. ARROUND will provide the necessary infrastructure for the support and development of a new digital layer of the environment. This will allow the ecosystem to reproduce itself and be filled with a wide variety of content.  Check ICO list to know more about ICOs.


  • Neil Bryant
    Neil Bryant
    Neil Bryant
  • Arkady Yasashny
    Arkady Yasashny
    Arkady Yasashny
  • Dmitry Livshin
    Dmitry Livshin
    Dmitry Livshin
  • Konstantin Negachev
    Konstantin Negachev
    Konstantin Negachev
    Expert on augmented reality
  • Dmitry Orekhov
    Dmitry Orekhov
    Dmitry Orekhov
  • Eugene Dobrovolsky
    Eugene Dobrovolsky
    Eugene Dobrovolsky
  • Fedor Gladovsky
    Fedor Gladovsky
    Fedor Gladovsky
    Senior Web Developer
  • Maxim Zemskov
    Maxim Zemskov
    Maxim Zemskov
    Backend Teamlead


  • 1
    Initial idea to create a communication platform based on augmented reality
    Presentation of idea and feedback
    Optimization of the project’s business concept
  • 2
    Technical specification of the project
    First major partner, A.V.E. which runs the biggest pharmacy network in Russia
    Investment into the development of MVP
  • 3
    Release mobile app on iOS and Android
    Launch advertising campaigns with new partners, 36.6 and the Atrium shopping center
    Release of the alpha version, seed the the platform with content and open the doors to targeted users
  • 4
    Port ARROUND to Augmented Reality Glasses ODG and Microsoft HoloLens
    Engage advertising agencies on the platform
    Запуск рекламных компаний с крупными аптечными сетями в Европе
    Develop self-service module for ad agencies to build their own AR content
  • 5
    The first auction in the secondary market for the sale of advertising space inside the platform
    Launch of SDK, attracting third-party developers to the platform
    Launch of a pilot project with a partner in the US
    Expansion to new markets: China, Japan, Korea, Europe

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