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Asteroid (ASTR) Review – ICO Token News

How are asteroids financially important? Well, asteroids have valuable minerals such as iron, nickel, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, osmium, and iridium.

The best part is that these asteroids are mineable but the question of who can mine them and who cannot has been highly debatable, until now. This is where Asteroid, Ltd. comes into play. This company is using blockchain technology to make sure that space is democratized.

The company is introducing a BlockClaim® mechanism. Every single BlockClaim® is a small portion obtained from an asteroid’s fragmentation. Rather than mining an entire asteroid at one time, mining shall begin within every BlockClaim® until all the available asteroids are successfully mined.


The history of Asteroid, Ltd.

When earth-based mining becomes ecologically unviable, it is highly likely that man will travel to space for mining. There are nearly 600,000 asteroids that are rich in valuable minerals.

All of this started with 1967’s Outer Space Treaty which stated that the space belongs to all humankind. That means it belongs to everyone, including you and your neighbor as well. Nevertheless, there has to be a proper system to keep track of which of us can actually claim a part of these vast resources located in the wide, limitless space.

We should take a lesson from the past when it comes to giving access to space; this access should be given to all. The past saw streams of resources being discovered by only those who had the power.

In short, there is an urgent need to democratize space. That has always been the historical foundation of Asteroid, Ltd. – driving the idea of democratization of space to the next level.

  1. If industrial indicators are to go by, space mining will be mainstreamed in the near future. That is exactly how this form of mining will become possible for individuals, nation states, and companies.
  2. The need for miners who want to open access to new revenue through asteroid mining gave rise to Asteroid, Ltd.
  3. The company uses the power of a decentralized database where the interested miners can register their claims on the mining rights over differently identified asteroids. The claims will be carried out using the proprietary BlockClaim® mechanisms and smart contracts, which will be covered later in this review. 

The Asteroid team

In November 2015, Asteroid, Ltd. was established at Cyberport, in Hong Kong. Cyberport is one of the most important facilities dedicated to incubating cutting-edge technologies and their creators. The innovative team working behind this company has a sturdy backbone that offers the necessary technical, creative, financial, and marketing expertise for ensuring the economic viability and ongoing stability of this technology.

Whether they are chief operating officers, blockchain engineers, marketing managers, product designers, creative heads, or financial advisors, the company has the right people in place. This team can make the vision of ethical space democratization and transparent asteroid mining a reality.

The team is evolving with time and has been continually working on refining its proprietary ecosystem—BlockClaim®.

ASTRCOIN® analysis

ASTRCOIN® is all about making space mining real. This coin is just a start for a bigger plan that the team at Asteroid, Ltd. has in store for space mining and exploration. As it is tied to a well-defined ICO, this platform will combine a host of solutions for searching and even paying for the registration fees for claims. These registration fees can be submitted in the form of ASTR® tokens or ASTRCOIN®.

Because of the combined effect, many ICO token news websites claim that the success of ASTRCOIN® is guaranteed. Every single BlockClaim®—which is a form of distributed ledger—will be easily secured through an ASTR® token that is present within the existing Ethereum platform.


This move will further guarantee the use of the ASTRCOIN® currency, and will give it the needed growth and liquidity. Here is how the team behind this game-changing currency is putting blockchain innovation at the forefront of all its endeavors:

  1. Each BlockClaim® is designed to be secured with the help of ASTR® Only these tokens will be completely supported for making the BlockClaim®. That is precisely how this token will evolve with time and will be used as a powerful currency that will oil this entire BlockClaim® engine.
  2. Unlike other tokens, the ASTR® token will enjoy a life that goes much beyond the traditional ICOs. This is because the network of BlockClaim® will grow with time; and when the network grows, ASTR® tokens will grow with it. Because of all these characteristics, this token has unique liquidity and an ongoing viability that will not fade away.

Putting crypto innovation ahead of everything else

The biggest innovation brought by this company has to be BlockClaim® which aims to make space mining more transparent, more democratic, and more robust than ever.

  1. BlockClaim® is a distributed ledger that will make the process of space mining and exploration simpler, swifter, more profitable, and more cost-efficient.
  2. With BlockClaim®, you will be allowed to make a claim on more than 600,000 cataloged and identified The information on each of them will be codified on the blockchain’s ledger—where you will make a BlockClaim®.

BlockClaim® is similar to ICANN

This revolutionary blockchain shares its functionality with ICANN, a company that oversees a website domain name registration process. By having a website name, anyone can have the website for a specific period of time that can be easily extended if desired. On the World Wide Web, with the help of ICANN, you can make a “claim” on trillions of domain names.

This is the same case as BlockClaim®. As a distributed public ledger blockchain, BlockClaim® is based on the way ICANN works with the URLs. You just need ASTRCOINS® that are equivalent to USD10 as the registration fee. By paying such a little amount, you will be able to secure (or register) your claim that is worth USD 1,000,000 that can be derived from mining the available asteroids.

Decoding the power of BlockClaim®

BlockClaim® is the first-ever ICO to take the idea of space exploration from paper to the real world. This blockchain revolution will improve a market’s reach rather than disrupting new markets—something that is done by other ICOs being offered to investors.

  1. BlockClaim® will leverage different smart-contract techniques for automating the process where an individual dataset will simply define a mining claim. With BlockClaim®, Asteroid, Ltd. is basically democratizing the entire space system for anyone who wants to get the access to the listed asteroids for mining purposes.
  2. The BlockClaim® ecosystem lists different asteroids that can be mined. As a result, anyone can begin making claims in space, and that is how this technology levels the playing field of accessing these mineable objects.
  3. To start you only need to invest USD10 worth of ASTRs that are present in your ERC20 Wallet.

How does BlockClaim® work?

A BlockClaim® will leverage a robust decentralized claim transaction process. Every single BlockClaim® is a secure and immutable smart contract that uses the power of the blockchain technology for storing a registered claim. This platform has combined a range of solutions for finding claims or for registering or paying using specific ASTR® tokens.

  1. In the future, the companies that will actually head out to physically mine the resources will need to pay the defined royalties to different BlockClaim® holders; these royalties will be paid against every single resource that is mined.
  2. That is, even if BlockClaim® holders are not mining the asteroids in the space themselves, they will be able to realize every single value of the claim in an absolutely tangible way. With the investors’ support, the BlockClaim® system will evolve and become stronger, and, eventually, the access to space will also be more
  3. In addition, every BlockClaim® has a special, unique cryptographic identifier that will easily serve as robust evidence of the registered claim. Every single BlockClaim® will be registered for a period of two years and afterwards, it can be renewed or can be registered back to the main ledger as an unclaimed block. As space mining evolves and as the platform matures, the BlockClaim® trades, royalties, exchanges, etc., will be allowed without any difficulty.

Initially, not all the details will be present on the blocks of the blockchain—but as Ethereum and the platform evolve with time, it will become more of a decentralized system.  However, BlockClaim® doesn’t do all the work by itself – different software components are involved.


Token price and its sale: the details

Token details

Here are some details on ASTR® tokens:

  • ASTR® token is based on Ethereum.
  • The total token supply is 200,000,000 (two-hundred million).
  • The total ICO token supply is 100,000,000 (one-hundred million).
  • The total ICO tokens allocated for crowd sale is 50 percent.
  • The value of 631 ASTR® tokens is 1.0 ETH.
  • 90 million ASTR® tokens will be put on sale during the ICO while 10 million of them were reserved for the pre-sale.
  • The 100 million tokens will be issued just after the token sale is closed. If there happens to be any remaining tokens, they will be allotted back to the company that is using the BlockClaim®
  • The purchase of ASTR® tokens is strictly non-refundable.
  • Two specific modes of payments are accepted while the token sale is live:

ERC20-compatible wallets           

In order to participate in the ICO, you need a wallet that is compatible with ERC20. This wallet is needed for transferring the ETH and for receiving the ASTR® tokens. Asteroid, Ltd. will never influence your decision on choosing a hardware-wallet or a web-based one. The final decision of which wallet you choose, is yours.

ICO sales details

  • The pre–ICO sales of ASTR® tokens took place from November 6, 2017 to November 20, 2017.
  • The main ICO sale of the tokens began on November 21, 2017, and will continue until January 31, 2017.

Only a fixed number of tokens are released during each phase of the selling. If, however, the fixed number of tokens is exhausted just before the week’s end, you will have to wait for the next sale to come. And with every passing week, the discounts will get reduced.

The final word on ASTRCOIN®

Mining asteroids is a totally different ball game, and this concept has been made possible with the help of all the trillion-dollar thinkers working at Asteroid, Ltd. With this company, anyone can simply own a part of the profit that comes from space mining in the coming time, with the help of special tokens that are known as ASTR® coins.

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