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Avaqva (AVQ) ICO Review – ICO Token News

The market for bottled water in the year 2016 was approximately 200 billion dollar. It is projected that the market will reach 280 billion dollars by 2020.   The consumption of bottled water     has increased around the world by more than 200% over the last 15 years. The functional beverages market worldwide is growing at the same rate as the bottled water market by 2020.

Avaqva is functional drinking water in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevents disease. Special technology with the use of natural ingredients are used for production of

Avaqva (AVQ) Analysis

What is Avaqva (AVQ) all about?

Avaqva is functional water with health benefits and ability to prevent diseases. It has a balanced composition of more than 70 trace elements.

The functional water is valuable for prevention of diabetes, which is considered as one of the largest global health emergencies of the 21st century by the international diabetes federation. Diabetes is considered by the world health organization as an epidemic.


The flagship product

The functional water will be solutions for prevention of diabetics and diseases of cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal track. Apart from improving the immune status of the users, the functional water will also prevent obesity and pre-diabetics. Four functional drinking waters will be produced by Avaqva, including:

  1. Avaqva Dia

More than 70 trace elements will be present in this functional water, which is used to prevent diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity.


  • Metabolism improvement

It will improve lipid as well as carbohydrate metabolism that will tend to decrease glucose. Metabolism improvement will lead to weight loss.

  • Mineralization of cell

It will ensure complex mineralization of cell and intercellular space.

  • Body protection

It will provide antioxidant and detoxicant protection.

  • Balance

It will normalize the acid-base balance of the users. In addition, it will also normalize the water-salt balance of the individual.

  1. Avaqva Cardio

It will prevent atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases due to presence of essential ingredient. Heart work will be improved using this functional water. Circulatory system and blood microcirculation will also be improved by this functional water. It will increase the vessels’ elasticity. In addition, it will reduce the risk of atherosclerosis development.


  • Prevention of thrombosis and atherosclerosis
  • Improvement of cardiovascular and circulatory systems
  • Protects body
  • Metabolism improvement
  1. Avaqva Immuni

It will improve the body immune status by cleansing the body from heavy metals, toxins, and radionuclides. In addition, it will also improve the gastrointestinal track functionality of the individual. It will prevent the vitamin and mineral deficiency by providing a mineral support to immunity.


  • Immune system activation by providing right balance of vital trace element
  • Complex body purification
  • It suppresses different viruses and restores vitamin and mineral deficiency
  • Improvement of the gastrointestinal track functionality

Avaqva app

  1. Avaqva Daily

It is functional water with a balanced composition of essential trace elements for daily consumption.


  • It improves hair, nails and skin elasticity.
  • It accelerates the metabolism in all organ tissues.
  • It changes the body with a sufficient amount of trace element.
  • It improves the vital biochemical indicators, restoring and simulating protective and self-regulatory abilities of the body.

How Avaqva affect water?

  • It will make water easily digested at the cellular level.
  • It will stabilize the bound states of water.
  • The biological activity of water will be enhanced.
  • The ability of the body to absorb vitamins C and vitamin E will also be enhanced.
  • It will improve the physicochemical parameters of water.
  • Due to the catalytic activity of trace element, it will make the water more close to the body fluids.
  • It will lead to active forms of oxygen (H2O2 and H2O3).
  • It will give organoleptic properties and excellent taste to water.
  • It will also reduce the viscosity of water.
  • It will affect positively on the structural and energy characteristics of water.
  • Use of the essential ingredients will normalize the pH level of water.
  • Water will acquire the ability to add electrons to biological objects of the body.
  • When delivering nutrients to the cell, water will fulfill the role of exports.
  • Each enzyme enters the cell of the users in conjunction with a mineral.
  • It will provide water with Titanium (Ti), which is rarely found in bottled drinking water.
  • It will derive the surplus amount of trace elements.
  • It will normalize the physiological norms of trace elements in water.
  • It will decrease the content of chlorides in water to a minimum.
  • The taste of water is improved by decreasing the number of sulfates and iron (Fe).

Production process

  • Ingredient selection and source water analysis
  • Ingredients (“Avaqva Essentials”) are produced
  • The ingredients are packed in capsules
  • Source water treatment
  • Bottling of functional water

What Avaqva (AVQ) aim to be?

It has developed a first international brand of functional waters and products with several health benefits. The vision of the core development team is to systematically connect the physical product with digital infrastructure.

The infrastructure is precisely developed for simplifying and protecting the functional drinking water production process. The team associated with this project believe that its products and technologies will help become healthier and revolutionize water consumption around the globe.

Rapid global expansion of this project

The long-term goal of this project is to develop a global network of bottlers using licensing strategies and franchising model.

What problem is Avaqva (AVQ) solving?

  1. Counterfeit products

The problem of counterfeit products is very common among consumers and manufacturers of bottled water, beverages and other products.

A unique QR-code will be present at each label of this product. The QR code can be scanned for the purpose of checking the authenticity of the bottled water.

  1. Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes-related health expenditures around the world amount for more than 10% of the global health expenditure. It was estimated that more than 726 billion dollar spent on the treatment diabetes in the year 2017. Moreover, it is estimated that there are more than 425 million adults worldwide is currently suffering from different types of diabetes. Many experts believe that the number of people suffering from diabetics will grow by almost 50% by the year 2045. One of the medical conditions that Avaqva manages is diabetes.

Avaqva token distribution

Why is Avaqva a good project?

Unique health benefits are one of the vital attributes of Avaqva. It opens a new gateway for bottled water and healthcare industries worldwide due to a possibility of daily consumption of the functional water as drinking water with side effects and restrictions.

Investors who will purchase the AVQ token can keep it and receive 30% dividend. They can sell it on the market and receive an immediate profit or participate in social projects with existing products and sales arrangements.


Avaqva makes use of special technology for producing functional waters. The special technology used by the core development team includes the applications of water treatment equipment “Avaqva Box” with natural ingredients “Avaqva Essentials”.

The water obtains new physicochemical functions and energy states by changing the physicochemical parameters of water and its essential mineral composition. Seven million dollars and more than 15 years have been spent by the core team on the development of this technology.  It aids in water acquiring healing properties and health benefits.

  1. Avaqva Box

It is water treatment equipment that is installed and connected to the bottling line at the production plant. The box will systematically conduct the source water treatment with Avaqva Essentials, which enables the production of functional drinking water.

  1. Avaqva Essentials

A multistage process is applied in order to create “Avaqva Essentials”. The process is applied to sequential-parallel chemical, mechanical and physical actions for obtaining from the dissimilar natural ingredients.

Each ingredient in this technology fulfils its specific role to obtain safe and biologically active final complexes of ingredients. Depending on the source of water, different ingredients are used for the water purification system and the target functionality of the end product.

  1. Avaqva App

It is essential to consider the physical body rhythms for achieving the long-term healing effects despite the fact that any Avaqva product can be consumed without restrictions, contraindications and side effects.

The app will contain ordering options for the individual. It will also calculate the optimal delivery volumes to the home and office of the users. Personal digital assistant of this app will efficiently consider the body rhythms of individuals (users) for maximizing the effectiveness of the functional water consumption.

Strengths of Avaqva Technology

  1. Reverse engineering of the Avaqva Technology is not impossible.
  2. It is enough for the source water to correspond to be a certain integral index for applying the Avaqva Technology.
  3. It is possible to produce functional water practically anywhere in the world.
  4. It can be used for the production of other functional beverages, juices and other naturally enhanced water with benefits.
  5. The technology can be used for the production of other cosmetics and medical products.

How is Avaqva different and better than other solutions?

AVQ Token Price and Token Sale

The team considers the ICO sale as one of the most effective methods for raising funds for further development of this project. It allows the company to generate global awareness of the project as well as raising the necessary funds for its development. The AVQ tokens will be built on Ethereum blockchain technology just like other popular ICO tokens such as  BitCADRepuXPhoneumCibusMoonLiteAdblurbTernioDentix.

Avaqva token sale

AVQ Token details:

  • Symbol: AVQ
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Unsold AVQ token during the ICO sale will be burned.
  • Pre-ICO start and end date: To be announced
  • ICO start date and end date: To be announced
  • Price: 1 AVQ = 0.01 USD
  • Accepted currency: ETH
  • Minimum transaction amount: 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum AVQ tokens per one buyer: It will be announced a day before the main sale.
  • ETH/USD exchange rate: It will be locked based on the market exchange rate a day before.
  • Hard cap: 19,000,000 USD
  • Soft Cap: 2,000,000 USD
  • Platform used for development of this project: Ethereum blockchain technology
  • After the end of the main sale, the AVQ tokens will be sent to the contributor’s personal ETH wallet.

How to participate in the token sale?

Interested investors can participate in the token sale and get discount by registering themselves on the official website of the company with a valid email address.

Token allocations:

  • The total number of AVQ token issued by the platform will be 2,500,000,000.
  • 2, 000,000,000 AVQ (80%) will be issued for pre-ICO and ICO sale.
  • 500,000,000 AVQ Tokens (20%) will be issued for the team and early investors.


Pre-ICO sale

  • 70% discounts will be provided to investors who purchase the first 50,000,000 AVQ tokens during the Pre-ICO sale.
  • 50% discounts will be provided to early investors who purchase the next 150,000,000 AVQ tokens during the Pre-ICO sale.
  • 10% additional discount will be provided to investors who purchase the token on the first day of the preliminary sale.

Main ICO sale

  • 25% discounts will be provided to the investors who will purchase first 200,000,000.
  • 12.5% discounts will be provided to the investors who will purchase the next 300,000,000.
  • 9% discounts will be provided to the investors who will purchase the next 300,000,000 AVQ tokens.
  • 4.5% discounts will be provided to the investors who will purchase the next 500,000,000 AVQ tokens.
  • The corresponding discount amount increase by 1.5 times when investors purchase 500+ ETH
  • The corresponding discount amount increases by 1.25 times when buying for 250+ ETH.

Avaqva team


The Avaqva platform will rely on a team of experienced and qualified professionals just like popular ICO tokens such as PAYSURAKickCityAmonDentixGraz, BunnyTokenData Broker DaoRootProject.. The key members of this project include Vagarsh Mnatsakanyan (Founder and CEO), Joseph Keenan Senior (Sales & Marketing (Retail)), and Vagan Martirosyan (Digital Innovations).


This project ensures production of functional water and other products at anywhere in the world. The development of new types of effective functional waters and products are enabled due to the use of unique natural ingredients in the production process. The platform allows the production of end-product quickly and without huge capital cost. Put simply, this is the future of functional water with health benefits—and that is why any ICO token investor should consider joining ICO sale of Avaqva.

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  • Vagarsh Mnatsakanyan
    Vagarsh Mnatsakanyan
    Vagarsh Mnatsakanyan
    (Founder and CEO) - Vagarsh is an ex Ernst&Young expert specializing on strategy development and operational efficiency. Vagarsh has 7+ years of experience in project management, functional products development, sales management and brand development.
  • Joseph Keenan Sr.
    Joseph Keenan Sr.
    Joseph Keenan Sr.
    (Sales & Marketing (Retail)) - Joseph has 45+ years of experience in sales management, brand development and marketing innovation in consumer goods business. He has worked for Nasoya USA, Clairol, M&M/Mars.
  • Vagan Martirosyan
    Vagan Martirosyan
    Vagan Martirosyan
    (Digital Innovations) - Vagan has over 17 years of experience in software and entrepreneur with a focus on the Internet & innovation technologies. He has founded and developed a several high-tech companies: TryFit, Dressformer. Among his clients: BlackBerry, Megafon, Yandex, TNT.
  • Kirill Lata
    Kirill Lata
    Kirill Lata
    (E-commerce & Digital Marketing) - Kirill is a serial entrepreneur focusing on retail projects, both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar, involving vast omni-channel marketing and international partnerships.
  • Andrey Malolin
    Andrey Malolin
    Andrey Malolin
    (Digital products design) - Andrey has 7+ years of experience in development of digital products, commercial development of mobile apps and web-services. He specializes on user interfaces and services with an integrated approach to the product design.
  • Valeriya Mnatsakanyan
    Valeriya Mnatsakanyan
    Valeriya Mnatsakanyan
    (PR & Advertising) - Valeriya has extensive 11+ years of experience in Advertising, PR, event management and team-building. She took part in numerous PR, human capital development projects for the leading local and international companies.
  • Joseph Keenan Jr.
    Joseph Keenan Jr.
    Joseph Keenan Jr.
    (Sales & Marketing (Retail)) - Joseph has 15 years of experience in organizational leadership and brand development. Joseph specializes in strategic planning, policy development, technology integration and sales and brand management.
  • Oksana Maslyankina
    Oksana Maslyankina
    Oksana Maslyankina
    (Sales & Marketing (Pharmacies)) - Oksana has 15+ years of experience in pharmacy business. She is the founder and CEO at "Zolotaya Stupka", specializing in the development and implementation of comprehensive strategic programs to bring to the market and promote effective medicines and other categories of pharmaceutical and medical products.
  • Dr. Marika Cherfas
    Dr. Marika Cherfas
    Dr. Marika Cherfas
    (Medical Expert) - Marika has 25+ years of experience in healthcare specialising in homeopathy, holistic and conventional medicine.
  • Boris Leonov
    Boris Leonov
    Boris Leonov
    (Water Production) - Honored Scientist of Russia, President of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.


  • 1
    Local Development
    This stage involves the project development in Russia and the US, where the project has
    achieved convincing results and is mature enough to be launched on a large scale.
    In Russia, the project has been already launched and is ready for being
    In the US the project is ready to be launched.
  • 2
    - Top-1 market in the world in terms of bottled water consumption;
    - Top-1 country in the world in terms of number of people with diabetes.
    - India
    - Top-6 market in the world in terms of bottled water consumption;
    - Top-2 country in the world in terms of number of people with diabetes.
    - Mexico
    - Top-3 market in the world in terms of bottled water consumption;
    - Top-5 country in the world in terms of number of people with diabetes;
    - Top-3 market in the world in terms of bottled water per capita consumption.
    - Brazil
    - Top-5 market in the world in terms of bottled water consumption;
    - Top-4 country in the world in terms of number of people with diabetes.
  • 3
    Franchising Model
    Franchising model (licensing strategy) is our long-term goal, which implies the creation of a
    global network of bottlers.
    Bottler can be partially or entirely controlled or owned by Avaqva, as well as function as a
    relatively independent business, who holds an exclusive territory in which to bottle, distribute
    and sell the end product in accordance with Avaqva quality standards.

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