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BEtrium (BTRM) ICO Review – ICO Token News

BEtrium (BTRM) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is BEtrium?

BEtrium is all set to revolutionize the nature of online betting and overall gaming with the introduction of its decentralized service. Specifically designed for event organizers (such as e-sports streamers, sport leagues etc.), developers and third-party service providers, the blockchain-powered platform provides betting   service   with zero – commissions and accepts crypto – currencies from all around the world.

With decentralized service, BEtrium aims to change the traditional betting services. It is in fact a project, where a real business meets new – generation technologies. It has built its own advanced and fair service based on powerful blockchain technology similar to other ICO tokens such as Remme, Luckbox, Credits, Odem, Requitix. 

Existing problems

  • No Platform For Organizers
  • No Cryptos Support
  • High Commissions
  • Unfair Conditions
  • Blocking of Bots
  • No Worldwide
  • No API
  • Taxes

BEtrium solutions

  • BTC, ETH, DASH, ERC20 Support
  • Volatility stabilization for cryptos
  • Platform for event organizers
  • Up 20 percent more profit
  • Lowest commissions
  • Powerful Open API
  • Fully worldwide
  • Tax optimization

BEtrium advantages

  • It offers unique betting creation platform for event organizers such as e-sport streamers or small sport leagues.
  • It works globally and backs up crypto-currencies withdrawals. 24/7 support on 18 languages.
  • It does not take commission from money deposits and withdrawals, winnings.

BEtrium key services

  • Organizers platform (including web-service and desktop streaming software, promoting tools);
  • Website for online betting on sports (including e-sports);
  • Mobile applications (iOS/Android)
  • 24/7 international support;
  • Open API
  • For developers;
  • Event tracker;

BEtrium (BTRM) token

The BEtrium BTRM token is an Ethereum blockchain-based decentralized ERC20 token similar to SavedroidScrinium, SkyChain, BunnyToken, ABYSS. The decentralized service provider has planned to emit a total of 140m BTRM tokens, and does not seem to issue any other token after the token emission. Tokens will be transferable and listed on exchanges as soon as the initial sale achieves the set target.


BTRM token pre-sale

BEtrium decided to launch the following stages of Pre-ICO:

  • First stage: Pre-ICO
  • Second stage: Pre-ICO

During both stages of pre-ICO, company issued its tokens to prepare the initial version of Betrium in its best prior to the full ICO. Specifically:

  • MVP preparation;
  • Solution of legal issues (gambling/ICO regulation);
  • Marketing campaign;
  • Attracting of advisors and sports representatives

During the pre-ICO stage, the decentralized service provider put up for sale 14 million tokens (around 10 percent of all issued tokens). 1 ETH will be equivalent to 6000 BTRM tokens on Pre-ICO and 5000 BTRM on Pre- ICO. Moreover, the company kept a soft cap of 320 ETH and a hard cap of 2330 ETH.

The Betrium’s ICO slates to take place on 28 February 2018, and end on 30 March 2018. The company decides to distribute 63 000 000 (45 percent) and its BTRM tokens price will depend on the number of tokens, issued during the ICO. Follow the image below to know more:


Funds distribution

  • 22 percent IT infrastructure development and support
  • 8 percent operational spends (office, employees, etc.)
  • 1 percent localization for major languages
  • 3 percent founders and developers bonus
  • 10 percent capital for wins rewards
  • 12 percent unforeseen expenses
  • 4 percent legal issues fixing
  • 40 percent PR & marketing

BTRM token distribution

The company will distribute a total of 140 million BTRM tokens in circulation in the following ways:

  • 7 million granted to advisors, sport representatives, e-sports streamers, kept in a multi-signed wallet.
  • 28 million granted to Betrium founders, management and employees.
  • Up to 77 million sold to the general public during the token launch.
  • 28 million reserved in the Betrium reserve pool for sale.

BTRM token allocation

  • 20 percent will be allocated to SCO (secondary coin offering) participants
  • 3 percent will be allocated to Pre-ICO participants
  • 7 percent will be allocated to Pre-ICO participants
  • 45 percent will be allocated to ICO participants

BTRM token profit share

  • 50 percent of Beterium’s profit will be shared between tokens holders
  • 50 percent will be spent on platform developing and support.

Who are Betrium’s key competitors?

  • William Hill
  • Pinnacle
  • Betfair
  • Bet365
  • BetStar

Final remarks

When you have so many competitors around you with the same business concept, uniqueness and quality are what best decide the fate of your existence. In such situation, not only you need to be extra cautious, but also take every step keeping all your enemies (competitors) in mind.

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