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BitCAD (BCD) ICO Review – ICO Token News

BitCAD (BCD) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is BitCAD?

BitCAD is an encrypted, smart platform and a decentralized Tectum trade engine. The multipurpose Ethereum blockchain-based engine allows you to form trustworthy and reliable relationships among counterparties, thus eliminating unpredictability, unreliability, and the distrust of business partners. It provides a venue that allows for the perfect integration of computer technology and business.

Moreover, you can use this revolutionary trade engine platform to automatically streamline your business processes and discover new business opportunities at a local and global level. The platform also helps you to create quick value transactions and find solutions for disputes in a trustless environment.

Thanks to blockchain technology, BitCAD eliminates the need for legal and financial intermediaries and allows you to stimulate more agile supply chains by exploiting smart contracts that automatically discover, discuss, and close deals with partners all over the world.


What problems does BitCAD aim to resolve?

  • The sluggish and slow-moving processes in the modern business world.
  • The trustless environment resulting from the sluggish and slow relationships between counterparties.
  • The increased frictions caused between business processes and governmental institutions.
  • The huge consumption of time, money, and effort on negotiation, communications, and paperwork.
  • The increased risk of forging documents.
  • The higher commission for any transactions.
  • The possibility of the misappropriation of funds by one of the members in the management of the board of directors.
  • The reduced level of confidentiality when contacting third-party contractors.
  • The agreements generated in an obsolete text editor, signed in most cases in paper form that become more prone to forgery.
  • The submission of accounting reports in electronic or paper form with an opaque tracking system.
  • The use CRM for interaction only within the company
  • Slow and unfair disputes over deals and contracts in court

BitCAD solutions

BitCAD works as a stand-alone platform to resolve all these problems. It provides solutions for all services in one place.

1 – It offers a symbiosis of CRM, online banking, and online accounting at the lowest possible commissions and prices.

2 – It provides speedy data processing and the development of external and internal business processes.

3 – It comes integrated with an electronic system of arbitration and modernizes the justice system in business.

4 – It offers the smart contracts’ kit, which will bring about an age of OpenGovernment and OpenBusiness.

BitCad helps human relations to evolve by introducing an anonymous decentralized biometric identification with data encryption. BitCad offers the following three critical capabilities :

Distributed integrity and reputation: 

It allows you to leverage low-cost and instant trust in the reputation and identity of the counterparty in any trading or financial relationship. It lowers time and cost of transactions with familiar partners, and shrinks the cost and time needed to set up new business relationships. It also helps in expanding the horizon of customers and suppliers for anything from raw materials to repair and delivery services, thus providing considerable improvement in agility and efficiency.


Built-in monetary incentives: 

This capability ensures the security of every asset and transaction in the blockchain similar to FinTab, LH Token, Inspeer, FinTechBit, BunnyToken, Banana Coin. This means the blockchain technology is usable for transactions, and in terms of an inventory and registry system for tracking, recording and monitoring all assets through multiple value chain partners. This critically secured information may include information from raw materials or ongoing work, to intellectual property like product specs, purchase orders, warranty recalls, or any contract or currency.

Capability to tap rules-enabled intelligence to carry out business functions: 

Blockchain allows the creation of a trustworthy, intelligent, built-in program code, thereby enabling you to integrate terms, conditions, and additional logic into contracts as well as other transactions. This revolutionary technology helps business partners to automatically track and keep a watch over prices, shipping times and other conditions, and automatically discuss and complete immediate transactions.  This way, it not just lowers transaction costs, but also increases efficacy and enables manufacturers to exploit data in various ways.

What are BCD tokens?

Similar to other ICOs, such as XWIN CryptoBet, Fabric Token, Thrive, ABT, CryptF, BitCAD has christened its token BCD. The BCD tokens work as proof of priority membership in the BitCAD management. It allows participants to leverage benefits, cast votes, and express their opinions, based on the number of tokens created.

How to use BCD tokens

With these BCD tokens, a token holder can directly take part and be involved in the creation of BitCAD procedures, policies, and business processes. In addition, the Ethereum-enabled smart contracts ensure the execution of conditions as well as obligations.

Since the work model of BitCAD relies on bottom-up, consensus, and multi-stakeholder voices, the BitCAD community will be able to make more balanced decisions.

BitCAD ICO crowd sale

The BitCAD commenced its ICO token crowd sale on May 25, 2017 (12pm GMT). The sale ended on June 24, 2017 (12pm GMT) (after 30 days).

The company promised to create a total supply of 100,000,000 BCD tokens, and distributed them as follows:

  • 51% of BitCAD tokens (51,000,000), were reserved to distribute through the crowd sale. BitCAD decided to use the raised funds for BitCAD operations.
  • 20%, were set to be distribute among the early backers, distributors, and the development team.
  • 2% were reserved for post-ICO bounties.
  • 27% were held for marketing, promotional activities, community initiatives, and more.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors can purchase the BCD tokens through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Price of BitCAD tokens

The BitCAD crowd sale comprised four price tiers, which lasted for one week each, and an early bird bonus phase.

Security of raised funds

All funds raised through the crowd sale were to be deposited in secured multi-sig wallets whose keys will be held by BitCAD’s executives and officers. It was done so all outgoing transactions could be verified by multiple parties.

The team behind BitCAD

The team of BitCAD offers the best brains, with vast and varied industry experience.

1 – Vlad Mitrofanov, Founder, CEO: He comes with a unique experience of more than 10 years in business development in many different industries with the application of social architecture within the working community.

2 – Farit Kadyrov, Co-Founder: He has more than 12 years’ experience in working with Linux systems.

3 – Farit Ismagilove, social research, business angel. He conducts research and the development of fundamental social behavior elements.


Trust is what can make or ruin a long-standing relationship. BitCAD seems to have understood it well, and therefore, its aim is to fill the gaps that is caused due to mistrust.

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  • Vlad Mitrofanov
    Vlad Mitrofanov
    Vlad Mitrofanov
    (Founder & CEO BitCAD) - Vladislav is an enterpreneur with the software engineer education. Has a unique experience above 10 years of business development in various industries with the application of social architecture within the working community.
  • Andrey Pecherskiy
    Andrey Pecherskiy
    Andrey Pecherskiy
    (Development & Architecture) - Andrey is developer and system architect with more that 12 years experience in working with Linux systems. Andrey developed electronic document management systems for government structures, corporations and banking systems.
  • Farit Ismagilove
    Farit Ismagilove
    Farit Ismagilove
    (Social research, Business Angel) -
    Research and development of fundamental social behavior elements.


  • 1
    Biometric Authentication
    Constructor of Smart-Contracts & DAO
  • 2
    Dispute Resolution Department
    Multistakeholder Model (self governance system for BitCAD)
  • 3
    Decentralized Trade Engine Tectum (application & API’s launch)
  • 4
    Q1/Q2 2018-
    Smart Oracles
    Next Blockchain Technology (experimental technology based on fractal math, machine
    learning and quantum cryptography. Employs supercomputers for business-logic and
    virtual business ecosystems modelling.)

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