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BITCOMO ICO Token Review – ICO Token News

Changing the digital advertising and marketing world for the better

For a long time, digital marketers face the greatest challenge of showing ads to targeted audiences. But that challenge will be a thing of the past with BITCOMO—a blockchain-based solution based on smart contracts where users are allowed to track every click so that they can display their ads to the right audience at the right time.

BITCOMO streamlines the lead generation landscape

BITCOMO reduces profit-eating intermediaries existing between affiliate marketers and advertisers. BITCOMO uses smart contacts developed on a blockchain to streamline the way affiliates and advertisers interact while streamlining the entire lead generation pipeline.

The team behind BITCOMO believes that the next level of performance marketing will happen only on a blockchain. By empowering smart contracts, BITCOMO creates a completely frictionless affiliate network where transactions are directly performed between affiliates and advertisers through a transparent, robust blockchain. BITCOMO leverages a reengineered blockchain platform, TraceChain, that delivers every marketing message across different affiliate networks quickly and easily.

The BITCOMO token sale

The on-ramp to BITCOMO secure and fast affiliate network will be its ICOs. BITCOMO believes that the future of internet marketing should take place in an ultra-secure ecosystem where all transactions are done with the help of tokens. And BITCOMO plans its own token, BM, to be the right currency for all the future marketing transactions while ethereum and bitcoin will be converted. Some key details on the sale of the BM token are given below.

  • Pre-ICO had run for 30 days that began on November 20.
  • The main ICO will run from January 16, 2018, for one month.
  • The number of BM tokens that are to be offered is 170 million.
  • As an early-bird offer, 27.2 million BM tokens will be sold at a discount of 10 to 25 percent.
  • While the ICO period, a flat 20-percent bonus will be given on 30 percent of the still-to-be-sold 108.8 million tokens.

So investing in BMs is the right thing because BITCOMO is the platform that makes digital marketing effective, secure, and transparent.

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