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Bituber (BTRC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is Bituber?

Bituber is set to revolutionize the world of encryption with the creation of the world’s most secure decentralized exchange platform and risk-free arbitrage signal platform. The decentralized exchange and trading platform makes seamless interaction possible with smart contracts and enables applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

With the introduction of this international exchange platform, Bituber aims to target the whole community with the well-embedded values of understanding, integrity, responsibility, excellence, and creativity as well as promoting the copying system to the world and to the best in the industry.

Bituber is built on the Ethereum token ERC20 standard and runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It consists of a new cryptocurrency and a self-managing financial platform based on an open-source code, taking advantage of P2P transactions.

This way, Bituber originally abides by the standard functions of ERC20, but not absolutely. Part of the function could enable outside interactions relying upon the missing function of Bituber.

Bituber Intro

Bituber key technical specs:

  • Proof of stake: This means that Bituber utilizes all possible security methods to secure all transactions.
  • 20 million coins: The company initially distributed 5 million coins to its ICO.
  • Coin distribution: Coin distribution has already been made to Bituber community members.
  • Short blocktime: Dissimilar to other Ethereum blockchain powered platforms, such as Dentix, Adblurb, Kelta, Fire Lotto, BunnyToken, Stopthefakes, ECOS, World Wifi and many other Bituber allows for short blocktime. This means that 10 Bitubers (BTRC) are generated every 2 minutes.
  • Arbitrage: The platform makes sale and purchase possible across different exchanges, and lets the traders seek quick profit.
  • Block difficulty: In the case of block difficulty, recalculation is done in view of the network.

How does Bituber benefit you?

Some of the major benefits that the Bituber platform provides its users are as follows:


  1. The staking program of Bituber allows you to earn daily interest.
  2. You can start earning a Bituber coin by downloading a special wallet.
  3. The more coins you have, the higher the win rate.
  4. Moreover, the platform allows you to create Bituber coins without adding any graphics card or booster to your computer (apart from the high costs involved).

Bituber Staking


  1. The trading program of Bituber makes trading very comfortable and creates plenty of opportunities for prospective investors, although the profit margin does not equalize lending.


  1. The arbitrage program of Bituber makes the sale and purchase of a crypto-asset across different exchanges hassle-free and trouble-free, and also helps investors to earn instant profit.

How secure is the Bituber platform?

On the security front, Bituber (BTRC) is more secure than other Ethereum blockchain-based platforms. It is free from any institutional or governmental control. If any hacker tries to hack this platform, he/she will need to seize all servers in order to beat this system. This system is impossible to cheat.

Bituber makes transactions public

Smart contracts are designed to provide higher security than traditional contract law and reduce other transaction costs related to the contract. The entire process of the smart contract is automatically made possible without the intervention of a third party. However, Bituber promises to make those transactions public and accessible to all. The company works on a real project and intends to prove that they are trustworthy and reliable enough to offer you a transparent service.

The two simplest reasons that will make you trust Bituber are the following:

  1. They do not open Ethereum and Bitcoin wallets just as other Ethereum blockchain powered platforms do. They help you in receiving tokens immediately via
  2. The Etherscan intelligent contract allows you to check out the total created figures in the explorer. Contact address and icon names are not confined to just one, but all users connected with the Bituber platform.

What is the BTRC token?

  1. BTRC is the symbol of the Bituber token.
  2. It is an ERC20 standard Ethereum-based utility token that you can use to access the services within the Bituber platform.
  3. The company will supply a total of 33,000,000 BTRC tokens.
  4. The first supply will be 20,000,000, while the future supply is POS SMART.
  5. The accepted purchase method is ETH only.
  6. Bituber targets a hard cap of USD19,000, 000 through the crowd sale,
  7. The soft cap is set to achieve USD5,000,000.

Bituber BTRC ICO distribution

Bituber has decided to distribute the funds collected through the ICO sale in the following ways:

  • 20% will be distributed to investors.
  • 30% will be distributed to maintenance providers.
  • 20% will be distributed to developers.
  • 30% will be distributed to advertisers.

Bituber Token Sale Terms

BTRC crowd sale details

Below is given round by round details of Bituber (BTRC) crowdsale along with the bonus it will provide:

Round 1

  • 0-2 million BTRC tokens USD0.5: 20% bonus.

Round 2

  • 2–4 million BTRC tokens USD0.6: 15% bonus.

Round 3

  • 4–6 million BTRC tokens USD0.7: 10% bonus.

Round 4

  • 6–8 million BTRC tokens USD 0.8: 8% bonus.

Round 5

  • 8–10 million BTRC tokens USD0.9: 6% bonus.

Round 6

  • 10–12 million BTRC tokens USD1: 5% bonus.

Round 7

  • 12–14 million BTRC tokens USD1.1: 4% bonus.


  • 14-16 million BTRC tokens USD1.2. 3% bonus.

Round 9

  • 16–18 million BTRC tokens USD1.3: 2% bonus

Round 10

  • 18–20 million BTRC tokens USD1.4: 1% bonus.

Bituber Crowdsale Terms

Bituber (BTRC) roadmap

January 2018

  • Bituber ICO sale and marketing myetherwalllet direct posting tokens.
  • DDOS protection against attack, system upgrade.

February 2018

  • Web wallet and Android wallet open and training.

March 2018

  • Trading in
  • Coinmarketcap listing and marketing campaign.
  • Trading in and coinexchange.

April 2018

  • iOS wallet open and training.

May 2018

  • Trading in Binance.

May 2018

  • Bituber staking open and usage training.

June 2018

  • Trading in Bitrex.

July 2018

  • Social trading (copy trade) open and training (target USD100).

October 2018

  • Bituber internal exchange opening conference regulation and campaign (target USD200).

Bituber Roadmap

Bituber mobile and web application

  • Transaction.
  • Arbitrage.
  • Transfer.
  • Support.
  • Deposit.
  • Staking.
  • Wallet.
  • News.

How to participate in the BTRC ICO token sale

In order to take part in the BTRC ICO token sale, you need to do three key things:

  • Read the whitepaper.
  • Think carefully about whether you wish to invest in this ICO.
  • If you do want to invest, then send Eth to, in order to access the ICO.

Why invest in BTRC tokens

When you have gone through the entire whitepaper, you will understand that Bituber will benefit you in the following two ways:

  1. The membership to an investment community where you give and receive great investment ideas.
  2. The significant investment returns that the company expects that every BTRC token holder should receive over the coming years.

How does BTRC help you to make money?

Bituber allows you to make money in two key ways:

  1. By becoming one of the earliest investors when the ICO goes live.
  2. By buying early in the ICO and then holding onto your tokens.

Bituber (BTRC) token sale dates

  • Start date: January 25, 2018 12:00 UTC.
  • End date: February 28, 2018 12:00 UTC.

Bituber will distribute 60% of platform earnings to token owners. It will also provide them with a total 20% referral bonus for invitations with 10% BTRC + 10% ETH.

Below is the screenshot of Bituber’s Facebook page where it briefly talks about its plans:

Bituber Official

How does Bituber trading relate to social investors?

The Bituber platform is perfect for you to earn profits. If you are a novice in the cryptocurrency trading world and have never traded on online exchanges, just copy experienced successful traders. Any registered user with Bituber can access all the decisions, actions, and transactions of successful traders who have already experienced online trading.

Social trading holds utmost importance when it comes to trading online. Social trading is a process where online investors use the data accumulated from a variety of platforms on the internet and created by users as the primary source of information when it comes to taking investment decisions. This new and revolutionary method of analyzing financial data allows the comparing and copying of investments, strategies, and techniques.

Online commerce and social networks are two of the most popular arenas on the internet, and these two have now been brought together. Other than the abovementioned facets of social trade, uniting these two events allow investors to share their experiences with others.

When it comes to auto trading, investors had to originally follow someone else, without being able to interact with each other. Social trading revolutionizes all this. Statistics indicate that as interaction in social media increases, the crypto social trade will also gain pace and interest in the crypto space.

Demand in this respect is getting so high that not even a single broker offers any type of personal survey and social trading service. The company intends to make all this possible.

Key advantages of social trading:

  1. Social trading allows investors to considerably increase the profits they earn, especially those who have copied the positions of the recommended investors.
  2. When using this process, investors do not need to have any investment experience. All they need to do is just choose an investor who has a good winning rate.
  3. Social trading helps in reducing the investor’s learning curve. This means that an investor can become an experienced investor over time.
  4. Social trading enables inexperienced investors to pursue successful investors, copy their investments and interact with the investors they follow in order to understand why these positions are opened.
  5. Dissimilar to investment signaling services, social commerce is a much more personal approach to investing in a community. It helps investors to share their experience on a variety of social platforms, such as community, forums, websites, and blogs, as well as in the comments’ sections.
  6. Social trading also helps in removing the emotional factor, and therefore reducing the possibility of psychological factors.

Bituber crypto social trade

Social crypto trading is very useful when it comes to both the service provider and the follower in a bilateral relationship.

Social provider: The investor in the service server, followed by other investors, makes a profit in accordance with a model ascertained by investors and brokers who possess the platform wherein the social trade is performed. This creates ways to make money in a great cryptocurrency for those who are master in the field.

Followers: Followers of other investors are required to pay a fee to avail of this service. This fee is low enough and is generally depicted in the spreads utilized when carrying out social trading.

Bituber Application

The team behind Bituber

Neither the Bituber website, nor its whitepaper, reveal anything about the development team, the CEO or the other members of the Bituber team.

Final remarks

Bituber is an ideal platform for those looking for new investment opportunities. It is a platform with a new concept and a new investment opportunity with the use of a social trading system, which is ideal for both experienced and non-experienced investors.

Although it is similar to other ICOs such as Joint Ventures, Monaco Estate, BitCAD, RepuX, Phoneum, Cibus, MoonLite, Adblurb and several other and will therefore need to vie with other available platforms, it still has the potential to earn you benefits with its innovatively designed platform.

Bituber is therefore an ideal project for investment. If you are interested, you can join its crowd sale.

If you want to know everything about investing in ICO, read our page how to invest in ICOs.


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