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Bulleon (BLN) ICO Review – ICO Token News

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The financial sectors around the world have begun exploring different innovative ways for the purpose of incorporating the Ethereum blockchain technology into their payment systems for the purpose of improving speed of transaction & information, security and efficiency.  Cryptocurrencies are the future of financial transactions and they will efficiently eliminate the traditional electronic money transfer systems. The use of blockchain technology into the digital ledger will in the future ensure that people will be able to send or receive money around the world without worrying about loss and fraud.

Bulleon platform is a global digital asset platform that aims at developing a strong, concept-driven currency. This decentralized and blockchain-based platform (such as ShopInPhoneumBunnytoken) will be first company of the world to revolutionize the way digital transactions are carried out.

Bulleon Analysis

What is Bulleon all about?

The Bulleon platform provides end-users with the everyday digital asset related services from a single place. This universal digital asset platform is built on the cutting-edge Ethereum blockchain technology and a team of skilled programmers and developers. The services rendered by this platform will efficiently facilitate digital transactions that are carried out in financial sectors. This platform aims to provide the users with a wide range of services and instruments in order to conveniently satisfy all of the necessities that are required to navigate through the entire cryptocurrency world.



The main idea behind the project

The project systematically attempts to introduce the services such as digital asset exchange, e-commerce for merchants, biometric hardware wallet and comprehensive login authentication, platform for cloud mining, P2P lending platform, and international debit card.

1 – Bulleon cryptocurrency trading platform

The development team will create a Bulleon cryptocurrency trading platform for the convenience of the investors where placing an order is simple and quick. Investors will always be informed of the latest changes to the cryptocurrency market.

Reliable protection of funds

The decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform will use a cold storage system for protecting the funds. By using biometric and two-factor authentication system, the investors may also restrict access to their account.

Affiliate program

Users will be able to earn BLN tokens with this platform. This platform offer favorite terms to their customers and they can make significant profit with the affiliate program.

2 – Bulleon International Debit Card 

International debit card ensures quick, affordable withdrawals of cryptocurrency all over the world in your local currency.

Shop anywhere with your international debit card

Users will be able to exchange and load their international debit card with funds from the wallet. They can use their card in stores where major debit cards are accepted.

Ideal for ATM withdrawals, online and offline shopping

The debit card will work online, offline and internationally in different stores. Users will be able to easily use the debit card at millions of businesses worldwide.

Easy to convert BLN token into fiat currency with international debit card

Through user-friendly mobile and web applications, users of this platform will be able to convert their BLN token and other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, etc. into fiat whenever they need.

3 – Cloud mining

Cloud hashing and cloud mining allows users of this platform to purchase mining power of the hardware placed in remote data centers. Investors will be able to make profit with the growth of digital assets. One of the benefits of this platform is that anyone can join and get stable source of income.

Instant activation

Users will be able to start mining of this token quickly by purchasing hash power. Cloud mining will help investors to mining quickly without mining hardware. Valuable time and money of the miners are wasted when they wait for delivery of mining hardware. Miners don’t need to send back faculty equipment or trouble new mining hardware with cutting-edge cloud mining.

The mining hardware used in mining of different cryptocurrencies generates a lot of noise and extreme heat. Miners of the BLN token don’t have to put up with any kind of heat or noise with cloud mining. They don’t have to worry about backup generators, cooling systems, adequate ventilation and safety for carrying out the mining process.

No risk of hardware failure

The data center of this decentralized platform with providing users with hardware that systematically works. Moreover, this blockchain-based cloud mining will absorb the cost of mining hardware failure during the mining process. The cost of configuration and maintenance of the mining hardware will be absorbed by the cloud data center of this platform. It will guarantee the user with an up-time and pay-out.

4 – Login authentication and biometric hardware

Protect users from any kind of theft

The use of authentication data of the users for untended purposes is prevented with one-way conversion of biometric data of the user into a proprietary template.

Secures the digital assets of the user

Using a biometric fingerprint login authentication, users will be able to securely login into the services of this platform.  The digital assets and cryptocurrencies of the users will be safely protected from digital theft from hackers.

One-time and hardware generated encryption keys will ensure that the biometric data will systematically remain entirely with the trusted execution environment of the host. The biometric data of the users will only be available only to processes that are known as reliable and trustworthy.

5 – Integration of all services into a single platform

An interactive view of all the services and instruments of this platform will be provided to the users through the fully integrated solutions.

Internal ecosystem

The development team behind this project create an integrated software ecosystem by efficiently utilizing open API’s. The internal ecosystem will securely store all the data that will be required for running the business enterprises. The internal ecosystem will provide all the users of this platform with real-time access for the critical information that they need.

Businesses will be able to focus on their idea

Businesses around the world will be able to break down information silos with the decentralized and highly effective solutions provided by this platform.  Moreover, the businesses will be able to better exploit synergies and pool efforts among their experienced staff and support staff through a common and clear vision of all key elements of their business organization and the role of each stakeholder.

Help users to meet their digital asset related needs of the investors

User-friendly and decentralized tools are provided to the users to handle all of their digital resource needs. By using this decentralized tool, the users will be able to navigate the crypto world easily by focusing on their business requirements.

6 – iOS and android mobile app

The mobile application of this platform will serve the following purposes for users and the platform:

All-in-one service

All the cryptocurrency services on this platform will be offered in one unified UI.

Sell functionality

Users of this platform will be able to choose to sell data selectively to trusted entities in return for token.


The android and iOS app will offer simple interface abstracts the Bulleon network’s complexity for the everyday user.


The data presented on the mobile app is cleaned from any form of personal information identifying patterns.


All data on this decentralized and blockchain-based (like other tokens such as SprintXFire LottoKelta)  is encrypted in the mobile app before it is send to the network.

7 – Peer-to-peer lending platform

A cryptocurrency hold can get a loan in fiat currency on the security of their digital assets using their system. The security deposit will remain on the protected Bulleon system.

Benefits of this peer-to-peer lending platform

  • Secure lending
  • Loan can be used right away
  • Internal ecosystem


Bulleon trading platform


What Bulleon (BLN) aim to be?

The main intention of this platform is to provide its end users with decentralized services that are related to digital assets, which are combined in one convenient place. This platform will make its user-friendly and safe to use without any of the technicalities that are usually associated with trading and usage of cryptocurrencies.

The primary idea behind this project is to offer a large number of users with a one-shop-store who wants to carry out cryptocurrency transactions in secure manner. The project seeks to make its services and instruments secure and transparent as possible by using the cutting-edge Ethereum blockchain technology.

The entire project is developed by a team of skilled programmers that makes it services immutable and the transactions carried out on this platform will be near instantaneous. There are no third parties and intermediaries associated with this project as it is a decentralized platform.

Why Bulleon is a good project?

This platform is in business of helping for consolidating the current potential of blockchain technology into a full economic system. The investment into this project is very easy through purchase of BLN tokens during the token sale which starts on 1st January 2018 and ends on 31st December 2018. The purchase of tokens by the investors will results in exponential profit. The profit gained from the investment in this project is more than any other economic system can deliver.

BLN token is a certificate of the shareholder as a currency. The owners of this cryptocurrency token will have the power of voting rights in the internal decisions of the project. The owners of the token will also get the right to receive dividends through the operating income of this project.

The development concept of this project is user-friendly, save and clear digital asset service that will allow users to efficiently navigate the world of cryptocurrency in hassle-free manner. The project will be able to harness the knowledge from its success through its decentralized and blockchain-based model in its primary usage for the purpose of scaling and adapting to the growing uses of the blockchain technology for the betterment of its user.


Dividends will be sent to users (investors) who tokens ownership will be proved by blockchain snapshot.

  • One-time dividend payment

80% of the surplus funds will be distributed to the top 25% users/investors at the end of the phase 10 of this project.

  • BLN Owner’s Share

The financial management of this project undertakes to transfer 40% of the company distribution profit to the dividends distribution smart contract on a quarterly basis.

What is technology and innovation behind Bulleon?

A state-of-the-art benchmarking discipline will be implemented by the development team associated with this project for the purpose of measuring its overall progress towards its marketing objectives in the area of user support against identified competitors, security, speed, availability, and ease of use.

Reviews of the marketing objectives of the development processes will provide the development team with feedbacks and possible corrective actions on a timely basis. The cutting-edge benchmarking results will be highly transparent. Moreover, it will be openly shared with the development team and subscribers of this project through digital dashboard applications.

How is Bulleon (BLN) different and better than other solutions?

The transactions carried out on the most of the centralized platform are not secure.  In order to store, manage, exchange and trade cryptocurrency on reputed cryptocurrency Exchanges, the users will need a wide range of services rendered by traditional cryptocurrency trading platforms. Users will be not able to redeem their cryptocurrency into any fiat currency.

The token will be easily managed, exchanged traded or stored on the cryptocurrency wallet of this platform. Moreover, transactional activity like redemption for fiat money using international debit card will also be supported on this platform. In addition, the platform will also offer its users with hassle-free peer-to-peer lending in fiat currency. All the financial transactions carried out on this platform will be efficiently protected through the biometrics.  It is distinguished among its competitors by its operation as a fully integrated system on that a cryptocurrency (BLN). Universal access to all the services and instruments of this platform will be offered to the users via BLN tokens.

Projects involve private sales, seed funding, venture capital funding behind the scenes before investors are aware of the offering. This project embraces an opposite ethos where the ICO will be decentralized, which means that all the cryptocurrency tokens issued by this platform will be available to all people in the market from the pre-sale.

BLN Token Price and Token Sale

This platform will raise funds by selling their own cryptocurrency token (BLN) directly to the investors through the pre-ICO and main ICO sale. Investors and supported are turned into the users by directly selling its own token. 96% of the total supply of the tokens will be sold to potential investors in a total of 10 phases. Each phase of the ICO sale will sell 760, 0000 BLN tokens for a fixed price.

Bulleon has a vision of decentralization of cryptocurrency tokens while other ICO tokens sell their cheapest tokens to angel investors, venture investors, and capitals investors. Tokens will be available to anyone willing for participating in early phase funding. Regardless of the size of contribution from investors, the equal distribution of opportunities and power will be done for investors by Bulleon.

When developing new tokens and coins, Ethereum blockchain has been to go-to blockchain technology. The Ethereum blockchain technology has been utilized by experienced developers for providing the investors with ERC-20 standards.

The ERC-20 standard ensures that the digital assets are much more interchangeable. Tokens are capable of working with decentralization applications while at the same time. The BLN token is both a share-like token and a cryptocurrency token. Without compromising on convenience, the owners of tokens are given full control over their money.

BLN token details:

  • Token: BLN
  • Start date for ICO: 1st January 2018
  • End date for ICO: 31st December
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20 standard
  • Payment accepted: ETH
  • Hard Cap: 148,009 ETH
  • Price: 0.001 ETH

Token distribution

  • The total token supply is 7,970,000 BLN
  • 95.2% of the tokens will be reserved for sale for public investors during the pre-ICO and ICO.
  • 2.4% tokens will be reserved for bounty program.
  • 1.2% tokens will be reserved for Airdrop.
  • 1.2% tokens will be reserved for founder.

Fund allocation

All the funds generated during the pre-ICO and ICO sale during the development stage of this project will be reinvested into promotion, further development and expansion of the project. It will guarantee a quicker growth rate and increased popularity of the project.

  1. 10% of the funds collected during the ICO token sale will be used for the purpose of supporting BLN exchange rate/Buy-Back.
  2. 20% of the total funds will be used for services, legal expenses, accountancy and other.
  3. 30% of the funds will be used for marketing and global promotion of the project as per the ICO marketing guide. In order to promote their services to right audience, the development team might hire ICO services from reliable professionals.
  4. 40% of the funds will be allocated to the core development team associated with the project.


Integration of all cryptocurrency services will give users an interactive view of all services and instruments of this platform. This decentralized platform will enable people and financial organizations to transfer monetary value confidently without fear because of the security and accuracy offered Blockchain technology. This platform will help users to meet every digital asset related needs in secure and transparent manner and that is why any ICO token investor should consider joining ICO sale of this project. The ICO of this project is considered to be the best ICOs to invest due to its ability to build upon value proposition of Ethereum blockchain technology with respect to security, privacy, and wealth creation.

When someone uses our referral link to complete his/her registration and contribution to Bulleon ICO, he/she will receive a ETH-Back bonus of 15% directly back their Ethereum wallet!


    (CO-FOUNDER) -
    Blockchain enthusiast. Long and solid experience with blockchain technology, Vitaly has been in crypto-scene since 2011. Interests in technology, programming and economics.
    Arina knows everything about marketing strategies. She has a strong experience in marketing leadership positions.
    Alex is a passionate developer with steady experience. In the blink of an eye he is capable of solving the most sophisticated flaws and bring any idea into a great code.

    Anita is an invaluable member of the team. Her imagination is unlimited, without her ideas Bulleon would not have existed.
    (Advisor) -
    Technical expert in blockchain-based accounting and financial applications. Serial entrepreneur with over 35 start-ups in his portfolio.
    (Advisor) -
    Simon have been working as an advisory board member for several other successful ICO launches who have achieved their ICO targets, to help with marketing, media, PR and strategy.
    (Advisor) -
    Matti have more than 15 years of experience in working in various engineering and management positions in large and small companies in high-tech, online, mobile and security industries.


  • 1
    Project launch
  • 2
    Bounty program start
    Bounty program will help to spread the word. Translators, bloggers, writers or otherwise helping people will get the reward for their work.
  • 3
    Main ICO start
    ICO will start at phase one. Phases are not time-constrained, once one phase sells out, the next one will start automatically.
    Listing on decentralized exchanges
    Official marketing campaign start
    Hiring required employees and specialists (marketing experts, advisors, finance managers, designers, programmers, assistants).
    Listing on major exchanges
    Updating the roadmap. Stay tuned!

    Q1 2018
  • 4
    Phase 1
    Preparing a transparent structure and commercial activity plan of the company
  • 5
    Phase 2
    iOS/Android/Windows/Mac/Web app development start
  • 6
    Phase 3
    Cloud mining platform and data-center
  • 7
    Phase 4
    Bulleon International Debit Card
  • 8
    Phase 5
    Bulleon cryptocurrency trading platform
  • 9
    Phase 6
    E-Commerce payment gateway for Merchants
  • 10
    Phase 7
    Peer-2-peer lending platform
  • 11
    Phase 8
    Biometric hardware wallet & login authentication
  • 12
    Phase 9
    Integration of services into a single active platform
  • 13
    Phase 10
    The first payment of dividends and launch of a full-fledged commercial activity

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