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Cappasity (CAPP) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is Cappasity?

Cappasity creates a decentralized augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) ecosystem to cater to the escalating needs for AR/VR and 3D content. It has initiated a global ecosystem of AR/VR services by establishing a new cooperative model. To guarantee copyrights and ecosystem marketplace purity, the AR/VR ecosystem takes advantage of  blockchain technology, enabling a decentralized and trustless exchange of creative content and copyright storage.

To introduce the world to the AR/VR ecosystem, the company has devoted its technology and exploited its enriched experiences so that 3D digitizing will be faster, easier, and more scalable. The platform enables AR/VR devices’ compatibility and allows content creators to leverage the advantages of a myriad of tools, software development kits (SDKs), and plugins for the production of high-quality AR/VR and 3D content.

Cappasity Intro

Thus, the ecosystem benefits artists via a hassle-free 3D object creation and delivery, while businesses and developers are provided with access a wide variety of 3D content.

To ensure the platform functions properly, the company has issued its CAPP token (also known as AR Token) as a native digital currency of AR/VR ecosystem. Participants can make use of this token to purchase or rent 3D content. In addition, CAPPs can also be used as a reward to incentivize active contributors through dedicated CAPP Funds.

Kudos to CAPP’s digital nature and transparency to state borders, this platform is ideal for consumer-to-consumer (C2C) economic interactions, irrespective of the location of the parties.

The Cappasity AR/VR ecosystem will revolutionize the world of 3D digitizing. It will become a catalyst for AR/VR/3D content turnover that takes AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) towards a new era of success.

Key benefits of the CAPP token

Some of the key benefits of CAPP or AR token include:

You can spend CAPP on:

  • Subscriptions to 3D content creators.
  • 3D content purchases from content creators (the price is dictated by the seller).
  • 3D content rentals for commercial purposes.

You can receive CAPP for:

  • Uploading unique 3D content.
  • Verifying and moderating content.
  • Selling or renting self-created 3D content.

Cappasity Ecosystem

How does Cappasity work?

This community-propelled ecosystem is specifically crafted for those who want to offer for sale, rent or buy AR/VR and 3D content. This is a concept that aims at solving the problems behind the dearth of quality AR/VR content.

The system functions on two types of layers, an infrastructure layer, and a marketplace layer.

The infrastructure layer comes with software toolkits and SDKs, the blockchain, and decentralized storage.

  1. Software toolkits and SDKs are offered to the developer community so that new content can be created.
  2. Blockchain technology enables users to register their copyrights and keep track of their transaction history via smart contracts so that fair allocation and remuneration can be automatically executed amongst the parties.
  3. Cappasity and independent providers make available decentralized storage, thus saving and sharing information with bittorrents.

The marketplace layer allows for the content exchange platform and a sandbox region for content testing.

  1. The content exchange is the area where all products are listed and offered to buy or for rent.
  2. Buyers can utilize Sandbox technology to test out the product with its deployment first into a sandbox.

The community is comprised of many different types of participants, such as content makers, developers, content moderators, storage providers, business, and consumers.

  1. Content creators: These are the original creators of the product who upload products into the marketplace for sale or rent.
  2. Content moderators: The primary function of these participants is to check and ensure the appropriateness, quality, and consistency of content. With their actions, they help to keep the marketplace clean and regulate the content-ranking system.
  3. Developers: The primary function of these participants is to rent and buy AR/VR/3D to help with app and content generation. They also help in building apps and tools for the Cappasity platform that they can list on the marketplace.
  4. Businesses: These are the organizations or customers that make use of AR/VR/3D content on the platform. They purchase products to place on their own websites and apps, or they develop their own.
  5. Consumers: These participants need AR/VR/3D content for their personal use.
  6. Storage providers: these are the participants who work as servers by making personal storage available for content database hosting.

The marketplace facilitates users with two main categories of products.

  1. AR/VR/3D content such as views, models, and holograms in a variety of formats. The company will soon introduce a plugin that will help in embedding the content. It will also help consumers in accessing the content for social and personal applications.
  2. AR/VR/3D apps comprising content creation tools for content creators, developers, content web-players for a variety of devices, and consumer apps for entertainment, business and 3D printing.

To compensate participants for their contributions, Cappasity (CAPP) token will help in offering a global ecosystem without costly exchanges and restrictive borders.

To back good quality content creation, Cappasity comes with an upvote ranking system, which is ideally made for content and its creators, moderators, and storage providers. Every user will be able to vote, and as a result, the top-ranked products will receive more exposure in the marketplace.

Cappasity CAPP token

The CAPP token, also known as AR token, fuels the functionality of the Cappasity ecosystem. It makes the exchange of ecosystem goods possible among the participants. The CAPP token is perfect for C2C (consumer-to-consumer) economic interactions. Consumers of AR/VR/3D content can leverage the advantage of this token when it comes to paying for the ecosystem goods that developers and content creators put for sale and rent.

  1. The total supply of CAPP tokens will be 438,686,537.
  2. The pre ICO price is fixed at 1 INXT = USD1.02 (0.00333 ETH).
  3. The ICO price is set at USD0.008 = 1 CAPP.
  4. The USD0.15 is the fixed price, which will never come down lower than the mentioned price. However, it may rise based on the market price and when you contribute. Remember that the price for each of your CAPP token is ascertained when you send in your BTC/ETC contribution.
  5. The hard cap is USD20 million and the actual amount of CAPPs will be known after the end of the crowd sale.
  6. The company is listed on Cryptopia and KuCoin and the accepted currencies include BTC and ETH.
  7. The minimum transaction is USD100 because the company does not accept contributions under USD100.

Cappasity Features

Cappasity CAPP token features

The features of the CAPP token or AR token will vary in accordance with the amount of funding the company acquires.

The planned features for the token and the Cappasity ecosystem, according to the different funding targets are listed below:

USD3 million

  • 3D View, 3D hologram mobile capturing.
  • 3D hologram unity/UE integration.
  • Free mobile 3D capturing SDK.

USD10 million

  1. Cappasity AI API (it gives prescriptive analytics of user behavior, CMS integration).
  2. Smart contract empowered 3D/AR/V content marketplace.
  3. 3D Hologram Apple ARKit integration.

USD25 million

  • Remeshing solution for AR/VR devices.
  • Remeshing solution for 3D printing.
  • Free 3D avatars scanner.

USD35 million

  • Decentralized AR/VR/3D content storage.
  • Free 3D capturing for real estate industry.
  • 3D measurement solution.

USD50 million

  • Decentralized AR/VR/3D app marketplace.
  • Fast mobile photogrammetry.
  • 3D capturing for drones.

Over USD50 million

  • Decentralized GPU photogrammetry solution.
  • 3D content search engine.

The company will put additionally raised funds towards the AR/VR Innovation Fund. As you can see, the AR Token ecosystem ranges from a few basic 3D tools at the lowest funding level to a complete YouTube-like ecosystem and marketplace at the higher end.

CAPP token presale and crowd sale

Unlike several other ICOs, such as ShopIn, Phoneum, Cibus,  SprintX, Fire Lotto, BunnyToken, Seal, Streamity and many more, the Cappasity crowd sale is divided into 2 phases.

  1. The Phase 1 token sale started on October 25, 2017 and lasted for 28 days.
  2. The Phase 2 began 120 days after the end of the first phase.
  3. The prospective date of the CAPP token sale is scheduled to take place on March 22, 2018 (1PM UTC).
  4. However, CAPP token presale started on February 22, 2018 and would last until March 22, 2018, (1PM UTC).

Cappasity Token

CAPP token distribution and allocation

  • 18% for founders’ endowment.
  • 12% for early contributors.
  • 43% for software development.
  • 20% for Cappasity innovation fund.
  • 10% for reward fund.
  • 27% for sales and marketing.

CAPP token bonus details

Cappasity has decided to offer an extra 10% bonus for early adopters or supporters. However, they must have taken part in the first USD10 million raised in the phase 2 pre-sale.

The company has also decided to provide its active community members with the following bonuses in exchange for their help in growing and increasing the access of the Cappasity community:

  1. 25% for each social network you share with the company.
  2. 1% for each friend you invite to the company’s Reddit or Twitter channel.
  3. 1% on your token sale purchase by writing a medium-length article about the company and its technology.
  4. 1% on your token sale purchase by making a YouTube video about the company and its technology.

CAPP token Airdrop

Although Cappasity has no plans to hold a public token sale, it still wishes to reward its community by doing a token airdrop and offering bonus tokens to all those who made a purchase of the tokens via an exchange or other means and hold a minimum of 1000 CAPP tokens in their wallet. The airdrop program started on February 22, 2018.

You will be rewarded with these bonuses on the following dates:

  • April 12: +7% of your total CAPP token holdings.
  • May 12: +6% of your total CAPP token holdings.
  • June 12: +5% of your total CAPP token holdings.
  • July 12: +4% of your total CAPP token holdings.
  • August 12: +3% of your total CAPP token holdings.

How to buy CAPP tokens from presale or exchanges:

  1. Create a Cappasity token sale account.
  2. Feed in your ERC20 wallet address where you are holding your CAPP tokens (remember if you are taking part in the token presale, this has to be the same wallet address).
  3. Start depositing as many CAPP tokens as you want into your wallet address ahead of the dates above.
  4. Cappasity will then send your wallet address CAPP tokens equal to the bonus for each of the dates above.

CAPP Airdrop — the more you hold, the more you earn!

  1. If you own 100,000 CAPP tokens by April 12, 2018, you will be rewarded with 7,000 CAPP tokens that are sent to your wallet for free.
  2. If you own 107,000 CAPP tokens by May 12, 2018, you will be rewarded with 6,420 CAPP tokens that are sent to your wallet for free.
  3. Thus, the benefits go on and on.

Difference between VR & AR

  1. Although generally cited together, in fact augmented and virtual realities are quite different when it comes to 3D digitizing.
  2. They are not the same technology.
  3. Virtual reality means to become immersed into a virtual world, which is isolated from reality.
  4. VR makes use of goggles that completely cover the user’s field of vision and creates the illusion of transferring the user to a virtual space.
  5. On the contrary, augmented reality (AR) does not take away the physical world but improves and augments it by superimposing digital objects created using computer graphics software or other techniques.
  6. The user knows both, the virtual and the physical, and can interact simultaneously with virtual objects and the real world.

Cappasity Journey

Cappasity’s journey

  • In 2013, Cappasity founded in Santa Clara.
  • Since 2014, it has raised USD1.85 million from angel investors.
  • In 2017, Platform and 3D digitizing software were launched.
  • October 25, 2017, Phase 1 token sale.
  • February 22, 2018, Phase 2 token sale.

Cappasity roadmap

  1. Q4 2017: Cappasity platform started accepting Cappasity tokens for its services.
  2. Q1 2018: 3D Hologram mobile capturing app and SDK, plugins for Unity/UE.
  3. Q2 2018: Smart contract empowered content marketplace, Apple ARKit integration.
  4. Q3 2018: Free 3D avatars scanner, remeshing solution for AR/VR devices and 3D printing.
  5. Q4 2018: Decentralized 3D content storage, 3D capturing for real estate spaces.
  6. Q1 2019: Decentralized AR/VR/3D app marketplace, 3D capturing for drones, fast mobile photogrammetry, decentralized GPU photogrammetry solution.

The team behind Cappasity

The Cappasity founders have more than 15 years of experience of working with 3D technologies. They started with PC projects and shifted to video and mobile games. Some of the key founders of Cappasity team are the following:

  1. Kosta Popov, Cappasity CEO: He has a 10+ years successful record of success as a software company CEO.
  2. Alex Chegaev, Co-Founder: He has strong expertise in 3D technologies, blockchain.
  3. Marianna Alshina, Co-Founder: She has a digital marketing and business development background.

Final remarks

Dissimilar to other ICOs, such as StealthGrid, Vinchain, Cashbet, NeumCoin, Thrive, BeEasy, Ice Rock Mining, SmartGenie and a lot more, Cappasity is set to revolutionize the 3D digitizing world by creating a marketplace for sellers and buyers of 3D content. This is an amazing, new, and novel concept, which has plenty of potential to attract new investors, especially the content creators. If you believe the same, you may want to consider joining its ICO token sale. However, we advise all potential investors to visit their website before making final decision about investing.

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