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Casper API (CST) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Casper API: analysis and interpretation

The team behind Caspar wants to expedite the development of DApp; most importantly, Casper wants to make the development of DApp independent from the blockchain. It used to be a challenge for developers to select their own DApp, so they usually ended up with data-storage issues for their clients’ sake. However, Casper API is the project to simplify this problem and set DApp development free from all blockchain conventions. Now, any DApp, projected on smart contracts can use Casper’s API program to store data of any type and size.

Cryptocurrency does not always seem to be associated with the real world, as the world of cryptocurrency lives inside computer programs. Now, the software development geniuses have also developed Application Programming Interfaces (API), to offer more purpose and performance to the crypto market.


The Casper API project offers a different approach to this culture. It wants to set a friendly standard for decentralized application development; hence, they are concentrated around becoming a base where programmers will develop decentralized applications within the blockchain network.

Casper API: how is it a solution?

The key motto of an ICO is to encourage crowdfunding for a substantive purpose. Here, it is about creating a digital world, which is fully-functional. Cryptocoins are still being mined with the use of local computer resources and Casper API desires to increase the practice of local computers, but with an API standard. This project is mainly concentrated around developing a foundation or what can otherwise be called a virtual platform to allow developers from around the world to come and develop decentralized applications without having to deal with database storage issues.

In a nutshell, the three primary goals of Casper API are:

  • File transfer rate.
  • Data storage.
  • Global app development.

The creators of this project claim that Casper API has been programmed to provide encrypted data storage where no central institutions will have access to your private information. This way, the cloud computing division continues to grow and succeed. As the sector of blockchain technology becomes popular and used, their file transfer rates slow down. This happens due to sudden traffic on the network and with varied sizes of files. Here, Casper comes to make DApp development more substantive and efficient. Moreover, they are suggesting moving from localized app development practice, rather than contributing to creating a common infrastructure for all to come and be connected at the same time.

Casper Technologies

Here comes the dichotomy in Casper API project, the brains behind the game come up with a DApp standard, but as well adopts a centralized global slant. It seems as if Casper API is in the mood to centralize DApp development. As the crypto market keeps advancing, we will see an increasing number of divisions. Apart from Bitcoin, there are quite a few more virtual coins that have gripped the world population tightly; so the owners of these coins are now planning on some fresh hard forks. Do you know the exact number of Bitcoin alternatives that are already floating in the marketplace?

Why is Casper API a good project?

The crypto world concentrates around open-source persona and non-monolithic projects. However, there are still some groups of communities that would have liked to have more control. Generally, websites do wish to feature more and more apps to add functionality. The Casper API comes to facilitate these needs. It understands the fact that if the World Wide Web has turned out to be this powerful today, then it is only because of its integrated standards, for example – APIs. Now, Casper API aims to add more standards to tackle increasing data concerns.

How is it making its ICO work?

Each new project powered by crypto currency requires big investment. When it comes to crowdfunding, there are a number of factors to consider since the crypto world is not yet legally established and also not as popular as the traditional fiat market. Similar other ICO tokens such as Dentix, Adblurb, Kelta, Fire Lotto, RootProject, BunnyToken, ECOS, World Wifi are quite popular today. The US Securities and Exchange Commission recently published a social post saying that any ICO loss or fraud does not fall under their protection law, and they won’t be able to help in recovery requests.

Casper Pre Ico

The Casper API has already and successfully come through their pre-sale phase and more than USD1 million was raised. The project is operating within the blockchain technology and powered by their native crypto token, CST.

However, unless you know the price for the investment, moving ahead is meaningless.

  • Initial value: 1 CST = USD1.20 USD (approx.).
  • During the pre-sale phase, there were 44,000,000 CST tokens available.
  • The bounty campaign will take place from from February 1 2018 until Spring 2018.
  • CST tokens will be offered in in 3 phases with diverse rewards and bonuses.
  • Phase 1: 6,500,000 CST tokens.
  • Phase 2: 6,500,000 CST tokens.
  • Phase 3: 6,100,000 CST tokens.

A total of 19,100,000 CST Tokens are to be sold throughout the public token sale. The earliest ones will be paid highest bonuses. The ICO world has recently witnessed a drastic rise of computer programmers, while this ICO seems to be popular amongst all. Casper API has decided to allow its users to make the most of their expertise and build a foundation for DApp development.

With your investment on the ground floor, the investor will technically have a better and higher input in the course. As soon as the investor owns CST tokens, they become partners in the profit of the organization by law, so can they claim a share as soon as profit comes in. 46% of the investment will go into the branding of Casper API on diverse social media platforms and other public forums.

Here are the key features of the Casper API ICO

  1. Raise the level of security, transfer speed, and reliability of DApps.
  2. Make tools for application developers to help them with more functionality on the blockchain to further enable end-users to link Casper API to their current infrastructure seamlessly. There are also other ICO token which are based on blockchain technology such as PumaPay, Alttex, THEFANDOME, TokenLend, StarLight, DMine, SprintX, Aktie Social.
  3. The creators of the project promise that users will experience better privacy. They are aware that people no longer want to rely on governments and large centralized multinational corporations.
  4. On this platform, cloud-based data storage is decentralized. Files, databases or videos can be stored using this platform’s API.

Casper team

Roadmap for 2018

  • January has been dedicated to developing the prototype of Casper.
  • May has been dedicated to the public token sale, i.e. Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  • June has been dedicated to the testing and demonstration of the alpha version of the project.
  • August is committed to the testing and launch of the beta version of the project.
  • December will be the month of Casper’s final launch.

Casper API ICO: What’s going on?

  1. The project sounds promising for one of the fastest growing and rich industries worldwide – DApp Development.
  2. Each new project raises a lot of factors to consider. Not just raising capital, but there should also be a solid plan detailing the usage of funds raised during the crowd sale.
  3. The Casper API ICO features some exciting bounty and the campaign confirms that CST tokens are to be issued under the restrictions of the main crowdfunding phase, i.e. ICO.
  4. Each token issued during the ICO is supposed to be traded at a trading exchange, which means that users will get to convert their tokens bought during pre-sale phase into the smart contract tokens.
  5. Once the ICO phase is over, users can convert the tokens bought during the ICO process into the CST tokens of active smart contracts.

How to become vendor on the Casper smart contract platform?

  1. To become a functional vendor on Casper, it is essential for you to buy HDD for 50TB followed by NAS (accommodating racks) and also pay for a broadband internet service and energy for system operation.
  2. Thus, as you wish to enter the system, the potential Casper vendor will have to vent USD2386 only for the first month.

Comparison with competitors

  1. Casper API will battle against Amazon with a EFS tariff.
  2. The key standards of selecting a tariff are generally an indefinite request number and storing the files in well-organized folders just like the service does.
  3. The basic tariff is custom-made or flexible according to the client’s requirements.
  4. Basic tariffs are also intended for business people, who mostly use their service substantially, and under different situations.
  5. Business people might take the chance to have an easier tariff with no flexible payment options, but the one that provides a certain levelof service.

Casper token

ICO: dates and details

The pre-ICO proved to be successful for the company as it raised the pre-defined hard cap. The main ICO is may be scheduled towards the end of April or the beginning of May.

How can you join the sale?

Casper has a system integrated for each of their prospective investors. The very first thing that a prospect investor must have is a high-speed internet connection, a hard disk with sufficient free space, and CST tokens. Secondly, the company has a system, which keeps a regular check on suppliers, so investors remain online 95%.


Casper API is a network for data storage, which is believed to sound interesting to the programmers of DApp, the cloud service providers. The most distinguishing fact about Casper is that it has not point of common fault, for example DNS service. The platform is grounded on strict blockchain standards such as regulation by network users, automatic employment of investor requests, directives by users in the network, and the nonexistence of a common point for making decisions.

If you wish to grab more information on how to invest in ICOs, then click on our page.


    (FOUNDER) - Head of Expert Council on digital economy and blockchain technologies under the Russian Federation State Parliament Committee
    (CTO) - Winner and participant of various competitions and start-ups in the field of IT and AR
    In 2016, the co-organizer of the hackathon Hackthebrain
    (CODE SUPERVISOR) - Principal Research Engineer at LG Electronics Russia R&D Lab
    16 years of working experience in software development and team leading
    (CMO) - 6 years of working experience in a major corporate business, i.e. KaVo Dental
    5 years in event and digital marketing
    (CEO) - IFMO university bachelor
    Member of Expert Council on digital economy and blockchain technologies under the Russian Federation State Parliament Committee
    (ADVISER) - Responsible for working with investment funds in South Korea
    Present Lexington Investment Group Inc.(CA, U.S.A.) CEO
    5 years of working experience as a project and product manager, i.e. Welltory
    Building processes in teams from 5 to 120 people
    Founder of Senior Advisors consulting company
    11 years of experience in financial and strategic consulting
    Saint-Petersburg University of Economics (International Finance, master degree)
    (ADVISER) -
    Founder of Karma, cross-border blockchain p2p-lending and scoring ecosystem, which collected 10 000 000 $ during ICO
    16 years of working experience in IT sphere
    Ex-Chief Operating Officer in ADV web-integrator, TOP3 in Russia. Clients: MOEX, VTB, Apple, Samsung, LEGO, Nike.
    (GO-DEVELOPER) - 2 years experience in RAIDIX- development and supporting of storage systems
    Graduated from Mathematics and mechanics faculty of Saint-Petersburg State University - Department of Analytical Information Systems
    3 years of programming experience in the enterprise
    Experience in developing applications with virtual and augmented reality, as well as optimizing graphics on mobile devices (SpheraVR)


  • 1
    Legion Digital Company founded in 2011
  • 2
    May 2017
    The idea of Casper first appears
  • 3
    November 2017
    White Paper project is implemented
  • 4
    December 2017
    Pre-ICO held
  • 5
    February 2018
    Creation of the MVP Project
  • 6
    March 2018
    First suppliers join the system
  • 7
    April 2018
    First Dapps join the system
  • 8
    May 2018
    ICO held
  • 9
    July 2018
    Launch of the alpha version of Casper API
  • 10
    October 2018
    Launch of the beta version of Casper API
  • 11
    January 2019
    Release of Casper API
  • 12
    early 2019
    Global hookup of suppliers

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