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CoinFi (COFI) ICO Review – ICO Token News

CoinFi (COFI) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Many investors already agree that the noise-to-signal ratio in the crypto world is skyrocketing with each passing day; that is because an overwhelming amount of ICO tokens and cryptocurrencies is capturing the commercial space. As more and more tokens are getting listed on the exchanges nearly every day, the crypto landscape has become unmanageable.

Because of such hustle and bustle, there is a desperate need to have a market-intelligence platform giving traders the right intel for making the right investment decision. CoinFI is building such an intelligence platform where the investors will get professionally curated and crowdsourced crypto research, trading signals, ICO analyses, market-moving news, and other similar trading algorithms. Now, let us dig a bit deeper into what CoinFI is and how it can possibly change the crypto universe for the better.

CoinFi Analysis

What is CoinFi?

The world of crypto is rapidly evolving. With so many crypto coins and ICO tokens such as DenCity, Upline, Dimensions Network, Cryptoneum, SERENITY, Fintechbit , this world has become difficult to navigate as there is a lot of data. Analyzing such mammoth quantities of data is very difficult and time-consuming for investors. As the crypto data remains unanalyzed for the most part, the traders cannot stand a chance to make intelligent, informed investment decisions. That is exactly where CoinFi comes in.


As the next-generation decentralized market-intelligence platform, CoinFi is the information hub for the crypto traders and investors of the future. This platform uses several techniques, algorithms, research studies, and analyses to give the crypto investors the information they need to get the edge.

The main idea behind developing CoinFi

Every crypto project is developed because of an idea or a problem. So the ideas/problems that have led to the rise of the CoinFi platform are given below.

Discovering the most relevant information

There is no simple solution available for traders who want to gain insights into a specific altcoin. The insights are present as fragmented chunks of information and data that are scattered across different platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, Telegram groups, Slack channels, YouTube videos, and blogs. Also, the quality and relevancy of the available content vary. That means you may have to go through a dozen of articles to stumble upon the one that is backed by verifiable facts and strong reasoning.

Accessing marketing-moving news in real time

There is a multitude of news articles online about a specific coin. Some of these news pieces are outdated; many uninformed, impulsive investors end up making a bad investment decision that is based on outdated information or lack of information. Had the investors and traders accessed crypto intel on time, they would have made better investment decisions.

Pinpointing abnormal market conditions

It has become challenging for crypto traders and investors to pick only those coins having abnormal price movements. Right now, the investors and traders manually scan these conditions—this process has seriously become very difficult. That is why there should be a platform that can provide the right data science to let traders detect such coin-related abnormalities.

Obtaining the details on the best pricing

Traders find it demanding to lay their hands on an exchange where specific crypto assets are listed at competitive rates. For example, Bitcoin trades in close to 400 exchanges; the difference in the cryptocurrency’s listed price on one exchange can be sometimes 20 percent lower than the price found on other exchanges.

Keeping these points in mind, the development team behind CoinFi is rolling out a platform that will innovatively tackle these problems head-on.

CoinFi innovation

Innovation has driven every successful crypto project to the next level and same is the case with CoinFi. The newness that this market-intelligence platform brings to the table is listed below.

A database that has curated, crowdsourced real-time news

Thanks to CoinFi’s extensive database, it will become simpler and quicker for mainstream crypto traders to analyze real-time industry news along with different price charts—given the existing toolsets, this is completely impossible. This ecosystem is built to accelerate the market news’s frequency. So news from longtail outlets such as Medium, Reddit, Twitter, forums, and blogs will appear in near real time.

Historical impacts and news that led to massive price movements

An investor—especially someone who is new to the crypto-trading space—should be able to correlate between current news pieces and historical price movements. Ask traders and investors how valuable it is to review a crypto coin’s existing price chart and give logics to its price fluctuations. That sort of capability is delivered by CoinFi.

Finding intuitional-class trading signals

A crypto coin’s trading space gives a variety of signals; it is about picking and decoding them at the right moment. These trading signals may exist in several formats including price momentum, the size of current bids, price volatility, and volume acceleration. By giving a complete analysis of these signals, a quantitative model is built that will let crypto investors know imminent whale activities.


CoinFi token price and sale

Having the symbol COFI, CoinFi’s token is compatible with ERC–20. Built on Ethereum’s blockchain, this crypto project uses open-source and smart-contract capabilities. The COFI token has three key utility functions that are mentioned below.

  • Giving access to the content’s premium features using staking

  • Acting as a complete unit of value while exclusive content is auctioned

  • Serving as a medium of compensation for content contributors

Other ICO token details

  • Total COFI supply: ~300,000,000

  • 1 ETH = 7,500 COFI tokens

  • Only ETH currency is accepted

  • The public token sale is capped at USD 15 million

  • The presale round is capped at USD 5 million



  • November 10: Token sale’s registration is opened

  • January 15: The first round of the token presale begins

  • January 22: The second round of the presale commences

  • January 23: The third round of the presale begins

  • February 8: Token crowdsale begins

  • February 22: Token crowdsale ends

  • February 28: Token issuance

  • April 6: Public beta launch

CoinFI team

CoinFI’s core development team includes Han Chang, Timothy Tam, and Nate Tsang. Having 10-year-experience in trading hedge funds and equities, Tam brings extensive knowledge of investment commodities to this project. One other core developer of CoinFI, Chang has been an early bitcoin investor and has founded a bitcoin exchange in China; he has more than 8-year experience in developing web apps. Last, Tsang has been a growth hacker for many media start-ups for more than 7 years. Such a strong core development team builds a rock-solid foundation for CoinFI to rise.

Summarizing CoinFI

Put simply, CoinFi is all set to solve a big problem in the crypto space just like other successful ICO project such as XWIN CryptoBet, Fabric Token, Thrive, ABT, CryptF . Once this problem is settled and the traders get real-time market intelligence, there will be a massive influx of institutional investors in the crypto landscape. Plus, CoinFi has a very modest hard cap of USD 15 million on 50 percent tokens; now, that certainly means the upside is big. With a talented team that has an excellent track record in creating and developing successful businesses, we can assume that CoinFi is a solid ICO.

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