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CoinLion (LION) ICO Review – ICO Token News

CoinLion ICO Review

The buzz is that cryptocurrency-powered platforms are bringing some revolutionary changes to how people used to trade and manage digital assets. And, to speak the truth, the buzz is pretty much right. Eversince, Cryptocurrencies have started to disrupt the fiat industry, there has been emergence of many Blockchain-enabled platforms to facilitate its usage and valuation process in a much profitable manner. Today, we will talk about CoinLion – A platform that is designed to facilitate cryptocurrency traders with more tools to make expert decisions. Apart from this, the platform is here to incentivize pe across various markets. ople, who involve in learning, growing and making a life by sharing various strategies, research materials and portfolios.

What is CoinLion?

Keeping all (mentioned above) same, here is more to its analysis and interpretation. The platform runs on a native token, abbreviated as LION. The token was originated around the idea of powering users to earn by contributing value to the community and the platform as well. Such practice, in turn, will create an ecosystem through which users can profit and vent when managing and trading digital assets across various markets.

CoinLion power and collaborations

This very platform brands itself as one of fastest growing cryptocurrency trading system with a large toolset for publishing and promoting and managing portfolios. Well, that’s not it. The platform as well has dual Blockchain order book system and token mining traits. With the help of smart contract ERC20 powered by Ethereum, CoinLion hosts a token, LION, which associates with the platform utilizing smart contracts. On this, users are allowed to use and manage the token in several manners including composing and sharing portfolios, research materials, strategies and content concerning Cryptocurrency Management.

Multiple uses of token – LION

The native token has various in-platform uses, enabling users to make the most of the token LION, such as spending and earning as it suits their respective processes. To speak of how to earn LION; if there is any specific approach, know that the token can be earned in multiple manners, such as by creating and sharing valuable content or giving-in valuable research that the platform can publish to power its traders within the system. This furthermore enables outside advertisers to access the information and be a valuable member of the brand.

Why is it a better solution?

Content creation and management on a single platform

Portfolio Management Tool (PMT) – The platform comes with a state-of-the-art PMT, allowing its users to not only create, but also manage different portfolios in a streamlined and resourceful manner. Using PMT, buying and selling multiple assets becomes easy and a matter of one click for the users.

Convenient access to token details

Easy management along with an easy access to Token price – monthly, quarterly, Semi-annually, Yearly and All.

Multiple currency choices

Multiple choices for Crypto, Fiat and other digital assets – The platform supports a wide-ranging Cryptocurrencies, digital assets and fiat currencies. As these assets and currencies are frequently generated and an easy access to them is a must, CoinLion came up with all the features to enable traders to make expert decisions and manage digital assets within a single platform. Moreover, this very platform as well maintain markets in Ethereum, Bitcoin and LION.

ICO Underwriting

The system is planning on to offering ICO underwriting support while it enlists new crypto-coins to the platform. Holders of LION tokens will be allowed to buy CoinLion ICOs at way discounted rates. The platform uses strict due diligence process while it evaluates adding more new crypto-coins to the platform. The netire process concludes with six simple steps using a series of criteria to rank as latent ICOs.

The fastest trade execution

All orders are aided with a dedicated engine of order matching. The engine is supposed to match different pairs of trading at a lightning speed, ensuring that the users are facilitated with the smartest execution possible.

Intelligent interface

Simple yet efficient user interface – This is a platform to provide high-grade user experience while it comes to managing and trading digital assets. Whether you are an experienced user or new to the platform, user information is loud and clear on the display. Having access to information and tools is easily and available. Users are allowed to tailor views to the liking. Be it allocation views or portfolio views, both are readily available and comprehensible. Lastly, the PMT is easy to use and commanding; enabling users to create and manage as many portfolios as they want in a simplest way.

Innovations CoinLion has introduced within?

Dual Blockchain Systems

The order book of CoinLion is dual Blockchain enabled. It means, the platform encourages high speed while tracking and monitoring various transactions. The significance of dual Blockchain system is that it ensures data transparency and integrity. Each of the block is built to accomplish certain purpose. Functioning at a time, these blockchains make it easy for the users to experience full integrity, transparency and immutability.

Trading support is Algorithmic

The platform has adopted perhaps the smartest algorithms to help their users make expert trading. It has been designed to offer an effective trading experience. We can totally relate to the fact that traders mostly trade through third-party platforms while designing very individual trading bots or algos; whereas this platform aims to provide a readily available, yet the smartest trading algorithms for all. On a mission to give users best trading experience, this platform designs APIs for high frequency trading bots.

Well-integrated banking facility

The platform gets integrated with user bank accounts, so it can power the consumers with all-inclusive display of their holdings. Besides, the platform as well enables its consumers to combine their various holdings into a single view and also allowing them to appraise their financial status including digital asset holdings.

Innovations associated with its security features

1 – CoinLion has cold storage offline multisig wallet – The platform stores 98% of its deposits in cold and offline multisig wallet, while the remaining 2% is utilized power an accelerated withdrawal processing for the users.

2 – Two-factor authentication process – Users of this platform are enabled with two-factor authentication in order to initiate any actions including Log-in, withdrawals and even updating any prevailing user credentials.

3 – Due diligence application – Implementing strict due diligence process, the platform adds new crypto-currencies to its base. It applies this process, for it to protect consumers from associating with deceptive information. CoinLion encourages an impartial, genuine and transparent business policy. The due diligence process serves as to abolish imposters from within the platform.

CoinLion – A latent invention, resolving the following problems within the industry

Digital screening and portfolio management

Considering to investing in this platform is indeed a good thought. Prior to the invention and integration of Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts, digital asset management was not advanced enough. This system has come up with latent analytics as well as research methodologies to enable a native system that provides digital screener as well as help create portfolios in a more simplified manner yet efficiently. Moreover, it is accommodating the complicated trading process under a single click.

The enchanting dual blockchain technology

Besides, as the platform is enabled with dual blockchain technology, this expedites as well as simplifies the trading and management processing. Earlier, lack of transparency and no or little data integration was a big-time complaint, but no more. Its dual blockchain technology is making the process safer and encrypted.

It is more dependable

Lastly, when it comes to managing your digital money or any form of assets, you want to be sure that you are progressing through the most trusted and dependable platform. With dual blockchain technology enabled platform, there is no such risk.

CoinLion Technology

Speaking of the technology stack of this platform, it is sheer a surprise package. Platform’s software components are being powered by the stack as follows:

  • Solidity
  • Go
  • JavaScript
  • EthereumJS
  • Docker
  • Python
  • js
  • And IPFs

This platform uses an opposite technology serving as the synergy to attain an optimal trading experience. Besides, there is more to know and read about. The platform has been developed upon latest technologies, counting Go. Each and every component of the platform is constructed as a scalable micro-service and APIs-enabled communication. This apart, the system utilizes several digitization technologies including Docker in order to enable expedited testing and upgrade deployment in a more centralized way to each field via all stages: development, production and testing.

CoinLion algorithms

The order book system of this platform is categorized into two interconnected, independent blockchains. While the order matching algos are to process and maintain over a million transactions in a second, the order book application makes the most of its first blockchain, so to keep up data integrity and order immutability. As already discussed, the platform is enabled with dual blockchain technology, it helps keep track of all orders locally and become an efficient source of data. Besides, the platform is planning to add more cryptocurrency markets beyond Bitcoin, Ethereum and LION markets.

A hybrid model is used in CoinLion exchange for both centralized and decentralized processing and to deliver fastest yet accurate performance. The core code (which is performing the weighty lifting) of the platform development is written in Go, while Smart Contracts’ codes are written in language Solidity, which is also native to Ethereum development. CoinLion interrelates with Smart Contracts, so it facilitates actions relating Ethereum Blockchain.

CoinLion Summary

This is a cryptocurrency trading platform, allowing cryptocurrency exchange along with information and knowledge of the process. As believed by most, people, despite being financially capable, do not find themselves quite prepared to enter the cryptocurrency market as the many things and its technological stacks keep them confused round the year. Besides, there is always a fear of losing digital assets due to mismanagement. With the emergence CoinLion, the risk has come down to little or zero. Trading industry is more complicated as it is huge. It’s just a couple of years, cryptocurrency trading platform has started to share its bit to the global ecosystem. Know about the interesting amalgamation of trading industry and cryptocurrency backed by dual blockchain technology. CoinLion is a platform to provide cryptocurrency traders valuable information on digital asset management and to make expert trading and investment. The platform comes up with various toolsets to operate, using native tokens LION. Such tokens are to be used for creating and sharing information portfolios, strategies and useful content that CoinLion can publish for outside advertisers as well as potential traders.


Features of the platform (in a nutshell) –

  • Portfolio Management Tool (PMT)
  • Dual Blocchain System (DBS)
  • Choice of fiat, digital ssets and cryptocurrencies
  • Ethereum-based Smart Contracts
  • User Interface
  • Integrated Banking
  • State-of-the-art trading tools
  • Easy and efficient digital asset management

Advantages of using CoinLion

  • Easy to use
  • All valuable and useful content
  • In-platform portfolio management system
  • Powerful yet simple tools
  • Management of multiple digital assets or money
  • Understanding of potential risks
  • Secure exchange

Team behind the CoinLion

The concept of the platform was formed in last June, 2017. A team was decided and formed as June came to conclude. Joshua W DeWitt, being the CEO of the project has a lot contributed to the project. Same applies to Co-founder Kia Adams (the Creative Director) and of course the CFO – Nathan Pitz. Right from conceptualizing the whole project to going Live for the first time with ICO – CoinLion is undoubtedly creating buzz in cryptocurrency markets.

Find its ICO details as you go –

With the introduction of LION token, CoinLion is creating an ecosystem that will be incentivizing and rewarding users to have shared valuable, informative content, creating portfolios, and strategies concerning digital asset management and how to make expert trading decisions to the platform for further publication.

Unlike most cryptocurrency markets, LION communicates with the platform. It is an ERC20-friendly token.

Below are the benefits of holding LION

  • Keep a track on portfolios and also duplicate portfolios.
  • Enjoy free trading within the market of LION
  • Enjoy discounted trading while holding LION
  • Develop and manage several portfolios within PMT
  • CoinLion’s research and analytics library gives users a free access to it
  • Users can promote and advertise content not only on the CoinLion but across other platforms as well.

LION Token ICO and Supply

The platform generates tokens of total 500 million. No scope to create any additional token beyond this. While the half of the total tokens LION is supposed to go on Pre-Sale, remaining will go into main ICO, i.e. crowdfunding. Below is the pre-sale detail –

  • Accepted currency is – ETH
  • Minimum goal to initiate – 15, 000, 000 LION
  • The base rate for LION token sale – 1 ETH = 2500 LION
  • The token sale hard cap is – 250, 000, 000 LION

Pre-sale starts at: 5 ETH minimum

  • 250, 000, 000 LION is the hardcap
  • 4% Bonus and exchange rate is: 1 ETH = 3500

Token Sale –

  • Maximum – No limitation
  • Minimum – 1 ETH

Phase 1 sale

  • Starting from 18th Dec, 2017 (12AM UTC)
  • Ending on 7th January, 2018 (12AM UTC)

Week 1 has 20% Bonus

  • Exchange rate is: 1 ETH = 3500


Week 2 has 15% Bonus

  • Exchange rate is: 1 ETH = 2875

Week 3 has 10% Bonus

  • Exchange rate is: 1 ETH = 2750

Phase 2 Sale

  • Starting from 12th February, 2018 (12AM UTC)
  • Ending on 25th February, 2018 (12AM UTC)

Week 1 has 5% Bonus

  • Exchange Rate is: 1 ETH = 2625

Week 2 has 0% Bonus

  • Exchange rate is: 1 ETH = 2500

Token allocation

  • 50% to go to Token Sale
  • 5% to go to advisors
  • 15% to go to reserve
  • 10% to be retained by CoinLion
  • 10% to go to the founding team
  • 10% as ongoing development fund

Use of funds

  • 5% to be used for customer service improvement
  • 15% to be used to improve security measurements
  • 15% to be used for building legal orientations
  • And, a major 65% to be used for platform’s overall development

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