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CoinMetro (COIN) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Cryptocurrency exchange via a decentralized platform brings significant advantages, not only to the user, but to the one providing all the facilities. Crypto exchange without the need of a third party client was in demand, and with the innovation of Blockchain technology, the idea became a successful reality. CoinMetro has taken the challenge this time and offers a platform that combines all three major components of the crypto market – an exchange, a trading platform, and an ICO platform. Accepting and integrating both traditional markets and digital assets, crypto currencies and fiat currencies, it has chosen to pioneer industry disruption.

CoinMetro Analysis

What is CoinMetro all about?

Technology is now present in every part of society. Be it a retailer store or Forex market, things have become much easier and advanced in terms of initiating and closing ICO. CoinMetro, brands itself as a one-of-a-kind certified and fintech-enabled financial system, powered by COIN token.

The platform plans to manage and streamline the flow of funds among the evolving digital asset economy, network users, and other conventional financial markets. In short, this platform will be an extremely fast, fully licensed, compliant, and user friendly. For being such an ecosystem, this portal will have powerful security protocols, regular transparent audits, and verifiable compliance from different regulatory bodies.

Because of all these factors, the network will form robust accountability—and that is exactly how it plans to manage client data including personal information and assets. The development team behind this ecosystem believes that the technology needed to create such a platform is available now, the demand for these services is high, and the user base is expanding—that is why it has created such a powerful platform with the help of the blockchain technology (similar to Cibus, THEKEYBunnyToken, MedTokens, Play2LiveApollo, AQwire).

This is a completely tokenized ecosystem, running a gateway for both professional and novice traders as well as investors in Cryptocurrencies. It aims to ease the access for all, who wish to participate in the Crypto space. Their overall goal is to make sure that your experience with CoinMetro remains second-to-none.


Engineered for mainstream adoption, this platform will be a one-stop solution for all those investors who want to use crypto coins to maximize their value. As a platform, it will be a user-focused, robust framework that will offer matchless mobility to the investors who want to shift between traditional markets and other blockchain-powered digital assets.

The core development team that is working on this platform has the vision to allow the newcomers to adopt the digital economy. That is, with this framework, all the newbies will get the right processes that’ll let them buy their first crypto coins without any hassles. Apart from targeting the newcomers, this platform even caters to the demanding needs of professional investors who are consistently seeking fast, flexible, secure trading processes.

All in all, with this platform, the professional traders will seamlessly integrate their existing holdings with the consistently evolving digital asset ecosystem. Also, CoinMetro will offer highly innovative investment models that are designed to provide the users one-click access to the options for diversifying their digital assets. These innovative models include Exchange-Traded Crypto Fund (ETCF) and Tokenized Asset Management (TAM) platform. Below, we have mentioned a couple of highlights that are unique to this blockchain-empowered platform.

Some highlights of CoinMetro:

  1. A platform that has been constructed and designed to abridge any little gap between investors and the Cryptocurrency market.
  2. CoinMetro emerged to disrupt the industry, removing manual asset management system and ETFs.
  3. The brains behind FXPIG have actually contributed much to the advancement of Blockchain-enabled crypto-business. The result is the CoinMetro platform which is crafting a future of trading platform that will streamline the ICO investment process for the mass as well as professional traders. This is a fully-fledged, space-age trading, and exchange platform crafted and synchronized by Forex Broker, FXPIG.

Benefits in detail

  1. This platform delivers a customer-oriented framework, enabling flexibility between conventional markets and Blockchain-enabled virtual assets.
  2. Accommodating three leading elements of virtual economy – i.e. Crypto-exchange platform, crypto-trading platform, and the ICO platform, CoinMetro is the one-stop-destination for all types and heights of Cryptocurrency adopters.
  3. With facilities such as investing, buying, selling, cashing-out, and trading on a single platform, its team makes sure customers enjoy positive experience, right from the point of initial query to when a trading and transaction

What is so innovative about CoinMetro?

Coinmetro simplicty

CoinMetro is crafted to replicate the traditional, complicated way of cryptocurrency banking. Incorporating FXPIG substantially to develop technology into crypto-trading environment, this platform has turned out to be all about liquidity of currency market. CoinMetro is thought to assist and comprehend the necessity of intensifying the market of cryptocurrency. Well, that’s not it. This very platform also focuses on supporting the individual needs of traders and investors, who want to add digital currency to a varied portfolio. And, this is how they do it:

  1. By facilitating consumers with distinctive tokenized asset management process, they ensure that each of their users can directly perform digital asset management, depending on their latest trading recital.
  2. Similar to earning commission fees, CoinMetro managers benefit from dividends, while investors profit as they grow in their investment.
  3. Investors are allowed to transfer funds quickly between managers and fiat assets or other Cryptocurrencies.
  4. Members can also withdraw Cryptocoins using a debit card provided by CoinMetro at crypto ATMs around the world.
  5. Built on conventional ETFs’ concept, it facilitates investors with the opportunity to trade the digital assets in real time on exchange.
  6. ICO investment into diverse industries is a matter of a click.
  7. The platform makes sure you enjoy and advanced experience regardless of the industry.
  8. In contrast to many leading crypto exchanges and trading platforms, CoinMetro allows ICO investors to choose a fund of their choice and capacity, considering the risk factors associated with that particular profile or depending on the scores of social media influencers inside the fund.

Tokenized Asset Management

Tokenized Asset Management, abbreviated as TAM, is a truly unique concept that is developed by the platform’s core development team. This module will streamline the work of different professional asset managers who are selling the shares to other investors. Every professional trader or “manager” will get a unique personalized token; the value of this token will be available for purchase through the native crypto token—COIN. This token is a fully minted ERC–20 compatible digital asset that can be used for buying the services and products sold across the network. As a one-of-its-kind asset, COIN is developed to simplify the interactions within the infrastructure and offer unbeatable transparency to different users.

With the help of the TAM module, the clients will get to work with a manager whom they pick; however, the users will have to invest in the tokens provided by the manager. The process is quite similar to that of earning a commission because the managers will get a fee; this fee structure will be set according to the principle of the high-water mark. Plus, the investors will get benefitted based on the amount of growth their investment has experienced. This module, further, allows the investors to move different funds—native crypto token and fiat currency—among different managers.

Also, the blockchain-based tokenization will create a transparent, secure process where every trade can be simply linked back to specific managers and investors. This, ultimately, gives the users a complete view of their digital assets every time. Now, that is certainly a lot for all those investors who value a crypto project’s transparency above everything else.

ICO Express Platform

This platform aims to create a sturdy turnkey ICO Express Platform that will make funding rounds securer and more transparent than before. The security and transparency will be brought to the ICO Express Platform by vetting every ICO’s access. The team of senior engineers working on this platform will review every aspect of a token’s sale proposals; the review will include idea novelty, project feasibility, legal compliance, and financial justification. Every ICO project, which is approved by these reviewers, will have the access to Token Express Platform and its support team.

With the help of its user-friendly interface, the platform will allow its users to issue ICO contracts and tokens using a number of input parameters. All the tokens issued on this platform will be immediately tradable and liquid on the native crypto exchange; the tradability of the tokens will be active right after the token sale.

This express platform will also offer a mechanism that will allow the users to issue automatic smart contracts and deploy them within a defined time frame; these smart contracts will be executed on different blockchains that belong to NEM, NEO, and Ethereum.

High-security platform design 

With CoinMetro, the users can experience a range of stringent protocols and security features; the same features and protocols have been successful for FXPIG. Since 2011, FXPIG has successfully maintained a solid commitment to ensuring customer security at every cost and at all times. The company has a rich history of not getting hacked, remaining virtually free of any incident, and securing the client funds. 

Also, to raise its security game, this platform has plans to work with BitGo for streamlining and accelerating payment processing. This, further, will enable the users to leverage a strong set of protocols that will make the process of payment approval and login highly secure and transparent. The protocols that this framework follows to keep it secure include the following ones.

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Multi-signature transactions
  • Cold Storage
  • Biometric authorization
  • NEM Enterprise Blockchain

Also, the ecosystem will deploy dedicated partitions for avoiding any form of data centralization. For making sure that these security protocols never become irrelevant or outdated, the platform will regularly perform a number of third-party audits; these independent audits will be done to enhance the security of the ecosystem and its users. In short, these protocols are programmed to make sure that a user’s critical data does not slip out of CoinMetro.

Coinmetro map

Below are three key innovations adopted and implemented by CoinMetro

  1. Experience direct payment process

CoinMetro lets you pay your transactions directly (Cryptocurrency or fiat currency) without any technical glitches. CoinMetro is to enable a stable banking system, or what is otherwise called banking relationships. The system is fostered and partnered by its authorized eMoney standing and Estonia. They claim to make this facility available for direct clients of CoinMetro as well as to third parties, for example companies that are practicing their own ICO via CoinMetro’s simplified and streamlined Blockchain Infrastructure (similar to other ICO tokens such as Guardium, CryptoLoans, Ternio, BitCAD, Zupply, Qurrex, BEtrium).

  1. Risk Control

CoinMetro’s fundamental risk management strategy is to utilize labeled margin wallets to eliminate the damage risks, to protect any potential loss while trading on their give and take loaning podium.  If a trader loses position, this is to be roofed by funds in the trader’s margin wallet, what acts as collateral solely. In another case, if the trader’s net value falls below the required amount for wallet maintenance, then their position is to be forced into liquidation. In order to open a new position, the trader is supposed to initiate by allocating 30% of the minimum wallet margin value, depending on preferred position size. In case the account net value falls below 15% of margin position, CoinMetro will then liquidate your account.

  1. Decentralized Atomic Swaps

Cryptocurrency trades and exchanges are semi-centralized, granted that values or assets are controlled by Exchange, though on behalf of its clients. CoinMetro’s emergence is to enforce complete decentralization into the Cryptocurrency exchange business and they have already taken a proactive approach towards this revolutionary change. CoinMetro is considering technologies such as Cosmos, Aion, and Polkadot and accepts the fact that Atomic Swaps, or what is otherwise called cross chain mechanism of communication, is going to bring something substantial.

This platform aims to offer a peer-to-peer encrypted exchange system, utilizing time-locked Smart Contract mechanism. This will subsequently eradicate the involvement of a third party during the transaction completion. The Smart Contract is to serve as the form of arranged Escrow, assuring both the participants are encrypted in the event and one party backtracks on the transactions. In addition, CoinMetro’s Smart Contract enabled exchange mechanism is to eliminate fees from their side and this is to be considered an additional feature carried out on client’s trading with smaller volumes.

Coinmetro existing platform

The cryptocurrency space is evolving so fast, revolting its features and aspects from all possible angles. In embracing Blockchain technology, this industry has been on a feverish space. Just as every industry calls for a guidance and structure to go into public conscience, this too is needed here. From the standpoint of finance and banking mechanism, the crypto-market needs to have a dependable price-finding technique and nothing could have been better than FX market as a partner. FX market is thought to solve such issues, developing, and associating stable alternative investment ecosystems with Crypto-trading technology.

FXPIG is integral to CoinMetro. A cusp of technology, profit from FXPIG and team member empowers CoinMetro to assimilate technology, experience and tried and tested models into its platform.

Why is CoinMetro a better solution?

Being a revolutionary trading platform, CoinMetro is to provide features such as:

  • Streamlined and instant exchange operations.
  • Best and unique digital leads for investment assets.
  • An underlying prospect to hold the key.

All these features are to be placed over diverse web applications with a witty and persuasive interface in order to bring all the advantages of the Blockchain mechanism upfront. CoinMetro runs its ICO with token standard ERC20.

In this way, the brand aims to ensure that anyone, a beginner or an experienced Crypto-trading professional, participating in any event through CoinMetro will benefit from a quick and convenient purchase.

  1. This platform can also be a great medium to profit from a quick, secure, and dynamic environment that will infuse conversant features into the network of digital assets.
  2. CoinMetro’s ICO is to come up with a couple more investment prospects to branch out the risks, for example, Crypto Exchange Traded Fund (ETCF) and Tokenized Asset Management (TAM).
  3. The platform also aims to integrate mobile sharing of currencies, unlike the traditional markets ,and enter into the public conscience, digital assets, and crypto markets.
  4. In a nutshell, they have come up with an incredibly, convenient conduit for people to understand and take advantage of involving Blockchain technology into the course of their work.

About Setting-up a Wallet with CoinMetro

This is surely going to be the most interesting part! CoinMetro has an amazing cryptocurrency wallet system that allows users to set it up in just a few clicks and start holding, depositing, and withdrawing their digital assets conveniently. Now, how many cryptocurrencies does CoinMetro accept? The answer is five Cryptocurrencies with market cap ~80%.

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

To bring this to implementation, CoinMetro is partnering with BitGo – the major leading multi-signature and multi-currency wallet. Dealing with BitGo is convenient and highly secure. All you have to do is creating an account with through two-factor authentication process, and finalize a transaction after confirming your signature twice.

Coinmetro key

Perks of becoming a CoinMetro Brand Ambassador

The benefits of joining CoinMetro, or becoming a Brand Ambassador, are many in number. At the outset, the Brand Ambassador is guaranteed to receive 5% of every COIN sold to his referees. For instance, if the referee makes a purchase of 1,000,000 XCM, the Brand Ambassador will then earn 50,000 XCM in his CoinMetro wallet.

The steps to participate in CoinMetro’s Brand Ambassador program

Step 1. Sign up with an Account and click for Ambassadorship

Step 2. As soon as your request is processed and confirmed, you will receive an UID (a Unique Identifier Code) plus an associated URL. Click the URL to purchase coin tokens from CoinMetro.

Step 3. You will receive 5% of total coins sold to your referees and as an additional incentive, your set-up will be offered a 2.5% bonus (in coins) right on their maiden purchase, using the unique URL.

CoinMetro versus remaining decentralized exchanges 

CoinMetro: A quick summary 

  1. Through the establishment of stable banking relationships, CoinMetro aims to deliver a quick and highly encrypted payment environment in both fiat and crypto currencies.
  2. With a variety of features, this platform further plans to execute a very exclusive reward program for its coin adopters.
  3. In addition to its customer trading solution, the platform is judiciously configured in order to fit the outlines of digital asset economy.
  4. Its multi-faceted decentralized ecosystem is thought to streamline three leading elements of digital financing space – an exchange, a trading platform and a fully-fledged ICO framework.

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