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CoinStarter (STAC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Over the few last months, there’s been an enormous thrive in the ICO market. There was a forecasting, which said ICO market would see a total growth of 3 billion dollars at the end of 2017 and the result was way more than that, which is 329.1 billion dollars as per the report out on 3rd of December, 2017. People have trusted and invested a lot in the ICO market and one such successful example is CoinStarter.

CoinStarter has played really smart last year with their Initial Coin Offering event. Many have though claimed it to be a scam, but the fact is always irreversible. They have seen a real growth in their crowdfunding and executed the fund fruitfully and as they decided.

Crowdfunding: How was it then and how is it now?

Raising funds in a typical way used to be a difficult session, but this is not exactly the case with ICO. ICO is better, faster and dependable than IPO. Many businesses, this is why, have considered launching ICO, what they moreover think, is an overwhelming manner to ask public to invest and be part of some splendid profits. ICOs are typically conducted by any organizations, but powered by Cryptocurrencies  and their purposes are different, but contributory to the welfare of the society as well as their own departmental improvement.


For instances – These organizations generally indulge in improving their services, facilities, or sometimes even developing a platform that could be a direct help for the unbanked/undeserved families/individuals or improving their proprietary wallet service. Well, that’s not it. ICOs are as well to improve the overall marketing approach of the company, expand the marketing departments across a few more countries, incorporating legal regulations and upgrading administrative operations.

Why CoinStarter, then?

CoinStarter received the fame right after they could successfully attracted over 60, 000 subscribers to launch ICOs with their platform. They have made over 140, 000 members over the past three months of beta testing. After they deployed 11, 000 projects in the process, their community members reached 80, 000, leading CoinStarter’s own ICO project.

Analysis and interpretation

CoinStarter says, their objective is to empower the future of tokenization that is based on crowdfunding. And, they are doing it by enabling businesses and individuals to conduct ICOs respectively with Cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currencies.

History of CoinStarter

The idea behind CoinStarter started pretty well with the overgrowing fame of ICO markets. Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, were a hit as soon as the community started to acknowledge it. The very sudden popularity of crypto markets was sheer because of its decentralized behavior. People were somewhere not liking the complications and layers of formalities by the centralized banks and capital markets. They wished for some change and it happened with the launch of CoinStarter among many others.

How is it run?

If you go by their website, you will see there is a solid team of entrepreneurs, philanthropists, software engineers and economists, burning the midnight oil to establish cryptocurrency into the mainstream payment mode and better the future lifestyle of the community.

The creators of this very platform have always believed in one thing and it is that by infusing Artificial Intelligence with CoinStarter’s traits and facilities, they will be able to bring a space-age blockchain technology on and simplify it for mass adoption. Just in case you don’t know, this platform is powered by Bitcoin only, but wait, they do accept their 50 more altcoins just to welcome more and more investors and contribute to the projects, underwritten on their website.

Interface has to be as user-friendly as it can get and they have the one, which allows the fundraisers to custom-set guidelines for their tokens and as the ICO comes to end, investors get all the tokens automatically stored to their respective crypto wallets. Apart from all these, customers should as well know that CoinStarter’s current mode and it is Beta. Unlike the various other platforms with similar services, CoinStarter ensures that their legal system is comprehensively in place prior to the launch their ICO. 


Price and plans

Their website is up, however it is a fact that the website is not running in full-swing due to some delays in the process, but there’s been some solid claims coming from their end regarding pricing and tokenization. To the interested and potential businesses, there is no upfront fee if you want to initiate hosting an ICO on their website. Their price structure is quite interesting. If you look closely and carefully, you will see that CoinStarter’s success depends on your success. They succeed when you succeed. This is the only reason, the price is 7% of BTC, which is raised and 7% of tokens issued.

Know the refund policy

The most frequently asked question of all is that ‘how’s the refund policy’ before they make the final investment. For the refund policy to be quick and smooth is very much essential. Knowing that refund policy is there, in case the brand does not come out with promised revenue, helps attract more to investment. CoinStarter has got a convincing and active refund policy. On getting your membership, you will be provided with precise brief on everything.

How far this company has go so far?

Being launched in the last year itself, the company has come across a very successful ICO of their own, and this is the only reason, they now have a substantially increased number of members with themselves. They currently have total 148, 565 numbers of members with 3, 301 ICOs submitted.

What problems CoinStarter is trying to solve?

The key idea behind its establishment was to overcome all the relevant problems that made ICO a sheer dream for the average earning businesses. Well, there is no denying the fact that, ICO market is a little like Wild West of financial industry. With several countries coming up with multiple views about ICO, the market could never have a definite set of rules and regulations around these offerings. Due to such lack of regulatory system, the whole procedure becomes subject to fitful behavior by certain group for participants. This is where, CoinStarter came into the play. Recognizing all these problems, this platform emerged as a help frame and guide this whole ecosystem.

Infusion of Universal standard

Well, this is no all. ICO has another convention that needs to be hammered and built again – bringing a universal standard into the processing. Let’s understand this with an example – Bitcoin and Ethereum utilize multiple back-end mechanism to process their transactions. While such multiplicity is great upto an extent for Blockchain-mechanism, but the absence of standard regulation might have had caused troubles in the way of developers.

The fallouts

This platform is first of its kind that delivers a user-friendly way to fundraise and address all potential problems that rise while an ICO is ON. CoinStarter has come out with its proprietary software, allowing anyone and everyone to make the most of it while launching coins and campaigns. The experience is quite opposite to that time when crowdfunding required not just a month to reach the pre-decided budget. It needed months after months.

CoinStarter goes out of the way

This platform has a full-packed suite of crypto products that can actually help all the partakers reach their respective destinations. Right from the introduction of users’ individual campaigns to sharing the tokens at the end, the creators of this platform makes sure that everyone has an easy and intuitive experience.

The growing community

They have seen a healthy growth in their community after their very maiden ICO became a hit. Today, the platform has a community that now comprises 140, 000 dedicated ICO enthusiasts. The benefits of joining CoinStarter is that now these businesses no more have to invest in PR marketing, as this platform already has an overgrowing  population. Besides, the platform addresses many other issues as well that come in the way of crowdfunding for various projects. The interesting thing about ICO is transactions are done in cryptocurrencies and this help the businesses access all the markets in the world freely and easily. The objective of this establishment is that it wants to eliminate every inefficiency, prevailing in financial organizations and intermediaries.

How Coinstarter was originated?

This platform was conceptualized by Cornell Holloway and his bunch of talents in the last year, 2017. In 2017, the platform launched its sign-up, which quickly became a hit in its sixth week. Attracting over 60, 000 subscribers, the company finally launched its own ICO in July, and that too turned out a big success.

Innovations in the pipeline

The institution is planning on to launching a stronger platform by 2018’s February. Named as This is going to be an exclusive business analytics that will offer fundamental software applications in order to upkeep every aspect of an institution or crowdfunding comprehensively. This will moreover help manage projects to hiring to payroll and many more things. The best of all is, users will be able to avail all services and perks Businesfy offers, but with CoinStarter’s proprietary coins. Buying and storing these coins to the proprietary wallet, users will be able to use all their software applications accessible throughout the ecosystem. 


The Miscellaneous features

Businefy is going to be an influential utility, which will assist the community empower an enterprise or ICO campaign from the very beginning to the growth-stage. Businefy is dedicated arounf Blockchain-mechanism. Such powerful service is presently not being offered by any other virtual organization. Joining Businefy, you can enjoy professional –

  • Project management
  • Client management
  • Team management
  • Business intelligence

Let’s have careful look into CoinStarter’s revenue projections

They charge 500 STC as fee on asking for launching your project for the first time and 5% of total earning out of the campaign. Besides, there will be charge of 5% more of any new token issued and launched on the platform. As a result to this, the platform provider creates a cryptocurrency fund wherein all the currencies will be traded and kept for future investments.

In addition to this, they will generate a great deal of revenue from the Businefy and CoinStarterBox, which are already the mostly demanded proprietary products out by the platform. CoinStarter had launched these products in beta though, but planning on to launching a few more verticals by the coming month of 2018.

They are being fierce about getting ahead in crypto market with better solutions, deliveries and results. Let’s get knowing their upcoming ICO 2018.

Check for details below:

Total tokens to be issued is 980, 000, 000 of which 71%, i.e. 695, 800, 000 will be available during pre-ICO and main ICO. Tokens will be allocated across –

  • Pre-ICO = 11%, i.e. 107, 800, 000 STC on March 1, 2018
  • ICO = 60%, i.e. 588, 000, 000 STC on March 1, 2018
  • Bounty and Lottery = 8%, i.e. 78, 400, 00 STC on June 1, 2018
  • Founders = 6%, i.e. 59, 600, 000 STC on January 1, 2019
  • Team = 4%, i.e. 39, 200, 000 STC on March 1, 2018
  • Advisors = 3%, i.e. 29, 400, 000 STC on April 15, 2018

Total 980, 000, 000 StarterCoin will be issued via Ethereum Smart Contract and payment with anyother cryptocurrency will take at least three weeks once the ICO closes.

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