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Cointed (CTD) Token Review – ICO Token News

COINTED is counted among the leading virtual currency bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency service providers. This trusted Cryptocurrency exchange also provides ATM services for bitcoins. The mission of COINTED is to work towards building a bridge between the real world and crypto currency world. Their experts claim to have built an array of services and products based on Blockchain technology. Their services and products include bitcoin trading on its own COINTED Crypto exchange, multi-currency ATMs, green mining (at several firms all across Europe) and multiple payment solutions. COINTED has been preparing for several years to get banking license and now it has reached the final stage of acquiring the same. Hopefully, they will settle successfully. COINTED was incepted in Kufstein, Austria, however now this Cryptocurrency mining company. is officially indexed in Hong Kong.

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Expansion That Followed the Inception

COINTED is one of the largest bitcoin and other leading crypto currency ATMs providers in Europe. So, here we will discuss how the idea came to surface:

Bitcoin ATMs

Across 4 European nations and 70 locations, COINTED has installed many multi-crypto currency ATMs ever since. Speaking of these machines’ quality and service tenure, they all are of premium quality and adhere to industry‘s safety standards. There is hardly any incident of ATMs stopping working or incurring expensive maintenance. Apart from this, COINTED is planning to add more locations to its list of bitcoin ATMs. They offer two varieties of ATMs which are:

  • Compact one-way ATM
  • Two-way ATMs

While compact, one-way ATMs are programmed to dispense an extensive range of virtual currency bitcoin and other crypto currencies, two-way ATMs offer Cryptocurrency exchange option for any fiat currency cash.

Payment Card by COINTED

Collaborating with WaveCrest, COINTED has launched its crypto debit card. Using this debit card, users can make all kinds of Bitcoin transactions all over the world, and also withdraw bitcoins from all crypto ATMs. Well, that’s not it. COINTED has surely taken its offerings and benefits to the next level. They are presently offering Cointed Limited Card at no cost for 1000 debutants in their pre-ICO. But, conditions apply, the investment must be of 20 ETH minimum. Apart from this, there are all sorts of perks and benefits associated and applicable on their crypto debit card.

In addition to this, COINTED is planning to integrate smartphone applications for Android and iOS users. By the second quarter of the 2018, COINTED members can access all the products and services, and also manage their Crypto Debit Card from their hand-held device only. The market has gotten more technology-savvy than it was ever before. However, one thing that must not be forgotten is that digital technology is as well vulnerable to thefts and wrecks. In regards to this, one can consider COINTED as a safer version due to its integration of in-app security, PIN code safety and chip technologies with their crypto debit cards.

Additional Perks of Bitcoin Exchange Platform by Cointed

  • COINTED users are offered crypto wallet. They can store their assets in the wallet in all major fiat, digital currency bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Fiat currencies include USD/GBP/EUR and CHF; whereas digital currencies include BTC, ETH, ZEC, LTC, DASH and BCH.
  • Whether you are requesting for bitcoin exchange or conversion, all are funded, if processed through COINTED’s exchange.
  • Users will be allowed to create a partner network in order to activate cashback system.
  • On opening a deposit account, users are allowed loan facilities in Crypto currencies.
  • Use debit card at COINTED ATMs for lower charges.
  • Experience instant money transfer between global network members.

bitcoin exchange

Bitcoin Exchange by Cointed

COINTED exchange has the facilities of mutual payment system, for example SOFORT and SEPA transfers, Western Union, Credit Card, and MoneyCram amongst many others. This apart, you have a dashboard which can be customized to access all their information quickly and easily. COINTED’s Cryptocurrency wallets are designed for safe and expedient selling and trading of bitcoin. Moreover, COINTED offers all its withdrawals and deposits free of charge.

Payment Solutions: Why COINTED Has Integrated It Into Their System?

PayCo system was invented in order to make it possible for the merchants to accept payment in Cryptocurrencies and all major fiat currencies too. COINTED decided to integrate the system in their prevailing register system, so that online shopping can be done in all leading currencies.

Cryptocurrency Green Mining

Services and products of COINTED have never been limited to Exchange Platforms and ATMs only. You might not know, COINTED is as well one of the largest Cryptocurrency mining service providers in Europe, owning several mining firms across Sweden and Austria. Sustainable sources such as wind-power and hydro power these COINTED firms. Besides, they have built a set of dedicated containers for mining purpose that are further shippable. This very Cryptocurrency mining website has an exclusive system in its name by which the miners get to mine using their own hardware. Clients buy these hardware from nowhere else, but COINTED and with a hosting settlement.

There is also availability of Merchant Gateways and PoS systems. Integrating them into online shopping system or into a prevailing point of sale system makes the process easier and progressive, of course.

Cointed Crypto Card

Cointed Crypto Card is simply like VISA debit card, enabling its virtual currency bitcoin users to make all sorts of Bitcoin transactions, such as buying and selling goods and services or even withdrawing coins from COINTED-installed crypto ATMs. This card can be used worldwide and there are also no fees associated for standard merchant deliveries. However, if you are making any express delivery, there will be a small additional charge, but for that too, conditions apply. Making payments at stores, withdrawals at any ATMs where Visa is accepted, this COINTED crypto card is an ultimate means for daily use.

As highlighted above, this Visa Card by Cointed comes with in-app security and most advanced chip technologies. These features make the card safer to use and even travel with. Many users have though come up with a concern regarding Live support of the card’s functionality, and Cointed has already started working on the same. The system is in development stage.

Cointed Crypto Card

Digital currency bitcoin and other leading Crypto currency users are increasing every year. People across the world are investing in Cryptocurrencies, especially in bitcoin and also storing them as an asset-vehicle. Apart from this, there is one problem that is still being a pain in the neck – It is yet to be accepted by majority business houses. Unless your bitcoins are easily exchanged or used daily along with making an asset itself, the profit rate is way lower if compared with fiat currencies. Becoming a Cointed user, the conditions can be better as you will be getting a Visa Crypto Debit Card, using which you can better your exchange and other transaction experiences. Well, to add more, Cointed users are going to be much luckier with smartphone app being launched by the second quarter of 2018.

Bitcoin Exchange Platform by Cointed: Services at glance

  • Cointed enables you to store not just fiat currencies, but also all major Cryptocurrencies. For example – Bitcoin, Etherium, Zcash, Dash and Litecoin.
  • You can convert Cryptocurrencies instantly into any of your preferred fiat currencies through Cointed exchange or mobile application that is to be launched soon.
  • Unlike the many crypto mining establishments, Cointed allows its users to create a partner network and introduce Cointed to activate cashback facility.
  • Less time consumption while opening deposit account for Cryptocurrencies.
  • Clients can as well apply for loans in Cryptocurrencies.
  • Holding the Cointed Crypto Card, you can easily withdraw bitcoins from Cointed ATM and pay little or no charge.
  • Finally, your transactions between different network participants can be done instantly and incredibly worldwide.

How Does Cointed Take an Edge Over Other Bitcoin Exchanges?

Here it is

  • High security, reducing the risk rate as well as additional costs.
  • Merchants get to earn more on their deals, for client-base being wide.
  • Initial token holders are eligible to benefit from Cointed services at the minimum possible cost.

Has Cointed Initiated Any ICO or Token Sale?

Yes, it is already into process and the first schedule was from 20th October till 19th November, 2017 and the second schedule is from 20th November to 28th of February, 2018. Supplied tokes will sum up to 650 million Credit Transfer Documents (CTDs) and there is no plan yet for processing any more tokens than this. Cointed will use all the funds, raised during the token sale for the expansion of its presence overseas. They have a very vital plan to stretch their team around the globe, form more business networks and build partnerships, which further includes installation of more and more Crypto ATMs all across the globe.

Cointed ICO is available to everyone, except for the residents of China, the United States and Hong Kong. Token holder can use the token in multiple ways, at the retailer stores, both brick and mortar, and virtual. However, thing to note is that your selected merchant must accept the Cryptocurrency you want to make payment in. If you have ever gone through the Whitepaper – “Cointed: The Future of Money”, it reveals a range of more advantages of registering at the platform and holding CTD tokens. A few benefits for CTD token holders are as follows:

  • 15% off on every withdrawal at Cointed ATMs.
  • Mining hosting fee is 5% lower than normal.
  • No fee charged for availing Cointed Crypto Card.
  • Reduced Cryptocurrency exchange rates.
  • And, also enjoy 10% off on every product on Cointed’s online store.


FAQs about ICO and crypto currency trading by Cointed:

  1. What will be the connotation of their TOKENS?


  1. Tell me about the price range

= Price is fixed between 1000-1150 ETH/CTDs

  1. When does their pre-sale usually commence?

= It is scheduled from 20th October (at 00:00b CEST) till 19th November (23:59 CET) this year, i.e. 2017.

  1. When is their ICO scheduled to flinch this year?

= The ICO has been scheduled from 20th November 2017 to 28th February, 2018.

  1. The decimals of the tokens are: 18
  2. How tokens are decided to be sold?

= 650 million tokens are to be on sale.

  1. All the tokens are to be sold during ICO and there’s no plan to generate more tokens.
  2. One token costs 1 Wei (in Etherium network)
  3. How many tokens can an individual buy and hold at a time?

= There is no limit as such.

  1. Do they have refund policy?

= Yes, Cointed nurtures refund policy.

  1. Are there any owner rewards?

= Yes, there are.

  1. Tell me about the extra features and limitations.

= The platform is Upgradable. Except for the residents of the United States of America, Hong Kong and China, Cointed’s ICO is available to all.

What Is The Mission And Vision Behind Cointed ICO?

They have decided to do an ICO, for they want the society to get involved in sizing and giving a new form to the future of financial market. This ICO is to create opportunity for the people to make investment in futuristic vision that helps in gaining more purchases with time. ICO is also considered as an out-of-the-box idea as it does not only involve the influential investors, but everyone with a mind to revolt and change the scenario of global financial markets.

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