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CREDITS (CS) ICO Review – ICO Token News

CREDITS (CS) ICO Review – ICO Token News

CREDITS is a user-friendly platform for direct interaction between different participants on a peer-to-peer (P2P) basis. This decentralized financial system allows the effective delivery of financial services through self-executing smart contracts, CREDITS cryptocurrency, and a distributed ledger.

CREDITS (CS) Analysis

What is CREDITS (CS) all about?

It is an open blockchain platform similar to Dether, Fabric Token, CoinLoin,  Thrive, CryptF, BananCoin or InsurePal with an internal cryptocurrency, and autonomous smart contracts. This platform is well-suited for serving different types of applications for the financial industry, IoT, online gaming and gambling, and payments.


The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) has been developed by a team of experienced developers and programmers. Many industry experts have confirmed the technical feasibility of the implementation of MVP.

Why choose the CS platform?

Due to new smart contract tools, this platform allows for the creation of decentralized and independent services.

  1. Proven security measures

The development team of this project uses a state-of-the-art signature algorithm and encryption that efficiently minimizes the possibility of any fraud on this platform.

  1. Advanced Application Programming Interface (API)

Advanced API is used in the development of this project enabling connectivity from smart contracts to another outside system.

  1. Revolutionary block technology

This platform makes use of a modern, cutting-edge, distributed, open source, and decentralized blockchain network with unrivaled network architecture for ensuring fast and secure transactions.

  1. No mining required

No mining is needed in this cryptocurrency for the validation of transactions in the CS. All the CS coins are issued by the company in advance during the pre-ICO and ICO period. The commission is distributed between the trusted and main nodes. Since this cryptocurrency does not need a proof-of-work algorithm, it will attract many small investors to purchase this token.

  1. Revolutionary consensus-based algorithm

The CS platform is faster and more stable than other blockchain platforms as it effectively combines several proven coding solutions.

  1. Data Compression

The data size is significantly reduced in order to efficiently increase the bandwidth of the network and minimize the required disk space of node owners.

  1. Cycles and schedules

The smart contracts of this platform offer new features for independent services.

What does CREDITS (CS) aim to do?

1 – This financial system aims to bring all participants onto one site and provide them with a platform where everyone can both use and offer financial services.

2 – It offers a new conceptual model of efficiently networking the interactions of participants for developing decentralized financial services.


Why is CREDITS (CS) a good project?

It is the first completely autonomous blockchain platform to offer a new, extended application programming interface (API). The API of this platform utilizes a turing system that is effective in the creation of services using cycles, unique functions, and schedules. No other blockchain platform offers smart contract execution speed near those of this financial system.

This new and innovative platform can function autonomously with the need for participation of external system. Paradigm-shifting capabilities are offered by this platform to industries, users, and applications that need unmatched scalability. The market for the services offered by this CS platform is estimated to be worth trillions of US dollars.

How is CREDITS (CS) different and better than other solutions?

CS systems are better than other blockchain platforms due to their inexpensive transaction fees, lightning fast processing times, and smart contract capabilities. This platform can easily carry out more than 1,000,000 transactions per second. The future scalability of this platform is 10,000,000 transactions per second.

CREDITS (CS) Token Price and Token Sale

Cryptocurrency investors are required to complete a small form and send a request for the whitelist in order to effectively participate in the ICO sale.

This company aims to raise USD15 million to USD20 million during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and pre-ICO. It will only have access to maximum USD7 million to USD10 million (50% of raised through token sale) during the first half of 2018.

The funds raised through the token sale will be used for marketing and development of the platform. 50% of the unspent funds raised through the ICOs will be unlocked after the release of an alpha version of this platform.

Apart from CREDITS, there are many other companies also launch their ICO like Requitix, Cointed Token, Sether, SuperPay, Upline, ODEM.


Pre-ICO Sale

The pre-ICO of the token was finished on December 26, 2017 and the company was able to raise USD3,002,165 or 4,029.12 ETH through 1,100 payments from more than 700 contributors from different parts of the world.

ICO sale

The ICO of the tokens run start from 1 February to 28 February. 1,000,000, 000 tokens will be issued during the token sale. Investors can use 1 Ethereum (ETH) coin to purchase 5,000 CS tokens during the Sale. The ICO project model will allow the CREDITS’ team to finish the development of the platform quickly and promote its use in the future.

Allocation of CS tokens

  • 60% of the tokens will be issued during the ICO.
  • 20% of the tokens are allocated for development and other operations.
  • 15% of the tokens are allocated for the founders of the project.
  • 1% of the CS tokens are allocated for the advisors of the project.
  • 2% of the total tokens are reserved as bounty rewards.

1% of the total tokens are reserved for people who find bugs in the platform.

Team behind CREDITS (CS)

It is founded by Igor Chugunov and Evgeny Butyaev. The development team behind this project is based in Singapore, which has become a hub for cryptocurrency start-ups around the world.

Summarizing CREDITS (CS)

It is a new, innovative and unique platform with new technical capabilities of the response time, network, transaction cost, and the number of operations per second. Many experts believe that this type of blockchain platform is well-suited for loan and financial services, identification, trade, internet of things(IoT), medicine, and many more other applications.

High-volume applications are possible in a way that no other available blockchain can match because the transaction fees are minimal on this platform.

The price of the token should rise when the development team associated with this project releases the alpha version of CS platform.

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