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Crowd Machine (CMCT) ICO Review – ICO Token News

The demand for the creation of decentralized apps has reached new heights due to the exponential growth and expansion of the blockchain technology worldwide. More decentralized apps need to be created to meet the needs of the public.

Decentralized creation is also having an issue with replacing centralized applications to meet the specific needs of businesses or individuals. The shortage of Dapp developers who know how to systematically utilize the Ethereum blockchain platform will slow down the pace of the completion of decentralized apps. The processing and memory capacity of the centralized system are other issues faced by the developers while creating decentralized apps for users.

Crowd Machine will help businesses and individuals to create decentralized apps with or without experience in blockchain technology. The open-source and blockchain-based platform will enable the unparalleled rapid creation, deployment, and execution of decentralized apps.

This user-friendly platform will create a breakthrough that will efficiently accelerate the adoption of advanced blockchain technology and decentralized apps.

Crowd Machine Intro

Crowd Machine (CMCT) Analysis

What is Crowd Machine (CMCT) all about?

Backed by a team of skilled developers and modern technology, Crowd Machine will revolutionize the decentralized apps and blockchain technology sectors around the world.

  1. The memory and processing capacity of the traditional systems can be solved by using Crowd Machine to make use of the P2P network of highly efficient computers, which gives them excellent processing power, thus helping the users to solve the issue.
  2. This platform will consist of an open-source, effective, secure, decentralized, P2P network computer known as Crowd Computer.
  3. The Crowd Computers will be distributed on mobile devices and computers where users will be able to use each device’s functions for the execution of decentralized apps.
  4. Users of this platform who donate the processing power of their computers or any other source will be handsomely rewarded with CMCT, which will be used for the creation of even more “super” Dapps.
  5. The ERC20 compatible tokens earned by the developers as rewards will be used for creations for new decentralized apps.
  6. A highly capable decentralized cloud will be created by this decentralized platform by systematically unifying the surplus device processor capacity of the world.

How does Crowd Machine help?

This Ethereum blockchain platform will help companies and individuals by making it easier for the average person to make a decentralized app. Users don’t need to have extensive coding knowledge and experience in order to develop decentralized apps by using this application.

It is essential for the users of this decentralized platform to have a basic understanding of simple logic processes and rule-based processes. Without a large barrier to entry, this user-friendly platform provides everyone with an excellent opportunity to create new decentralized apps.

This platform will issue its own cryptocurrency tokens, known as CMCT.

Usage of CMCT tokens

The CMCT will be used as a speculative purchase. In addition, CMCT will be used to make payments for the usage of the Crowd Machine platform. The ERC20 compatible tokens will be used as a reward payment for node operators who have contributed their unused computational and storage resources. Through the network of the end-users, the ICO tokens will be used for rewarding developers for the execution of reusable source code of the development of decentralized apps.


1 – A simple approach

The core development team behind this project seeks to make the process of developing decentralized apps for companies and individuals easy to use and implement. Even users who have no experience in handling computers will be able to develop the decentralized apps of their choice on the user-friendly Crowd Machine platform.

The creation of the decentralized apps by the users would be possible without any issue. They will also not waste time on using traditional methods of creating decentralized apps, which requires intense experience, knowledge, and understanding of blockchain technology, programming, and smart contracts.

2 – Effective creation of decentralized apps

The network associated with this platform has the unique ability to effectively increase the development of secure and Ethereum blockchain-based apps. This platform seeks to change the way people carry out their business by using blockchain technology, as well as the way they program and develop apps.

Crowd Machine blcokchain app

What does Crowd Machine (CMCT) aim to be?

This Crowd Machine seeks to promote decentralized apps more broadly, as well as its Ethereum blockchain technology. It will help users in a movement of supporting and powering applications in a decentralized fashion.  This platform seeks to create “Crowd App Studio” as its fourth and final product of this project. It is the ecosystem that will take CMCT tokens as a mode of payment.

The Crowd App Studio will allow both non-developers and developers to create decentralized apps that will systematically run on the Crowd function. The Crowd App Studio is easy to use.

Blockchain technology will be used by the core development team for the creation of decentralized apps and smart contracts can also be developed by this platform to meet the most demanding requirements.

Vision of Crowd Machine

One of the main visions of this platform is to deliver the most advanced global app execution network for the creation of decentralized apps. In addition, this platform seeks to accelerate the delivery of blockchain and decentralized apps for businesses and individuals alike.

What problem is Crowd Machine (CMCT) solving?

  1. The increase in the demands of decentralized apps is far outpacing the development of new applications.
  2. Decentralized applications are struggling to replace the existing centralized model despite its immense potential.
  3. The majority of the decentralized networks are extremely slow for running complex decentralized apps.
  4. It is hard to write Ethereum smart contracts and decentralized apps.
  5. It takes a long time to write decentralized apps and smart contracts even for skilled developers.
  6. It is tedious to deploy decentralized apps.
  7. Hosting decentralized apps is expensive.
  8. Smart contracts and decentralized apps are very limited in what they can do.
  9. There is no market for decentralized apps and these apps are specific blockchain technology.

Solutions provided by Crowd Machine

Developed on the Ethereum blockchain technology, Crowd Machine as a platform is fast and runs any decentralized app. Crowd Machine makes it is easy for the users even if users are not skilled developers.

Using the state-of-the-art blockchain technology, Crowd Machine makes it superfast to implement and execute the decentralized app. This platform systematically removes the limitations associated with decentralized apps execution and implementation.

The platform is blockchain agnostic. Built by a team of skilled developers and blockchain technology, this platform has a decentralized app marketplace for skilled developers to sell their decentralized apps.

Crowd Machine Advisors

Benefits of Crowd Machine

1 – Decentralized cloud computing

  1. The crowd machine is capable of executing any type of app complexity and deliver outcomes that meet the precise user expectation.
  2. This platform must be able to scale against demand and be extremely secure.
  3. In addition, those who provide computer power to the decentralized network by utilizing their spare device resources will be rewarded.

2 – Solving the processing and programming problems

  1. The Crowd Machine effectively harnesses both the underutilization and demand of device memory and processor capacity with its decentralized app solution.
  2. This technology enables anyone to efficiently create decentralized apps at express speed, which is 45x faster than traditional methods.
  3. By allowing anyone to create apps and share those apps via the crowd share repository, this platform ensures the creation of decentralized apps.

It will also focus on systematically ensuring that the apps that drive blockchain adoption will be able to deliver the levels of scalability and sophistication that will be required to bring about their widespread adoption with the entire business enterprise environment.

What is Crowd Machine’s (CMCT) new innovation?

Individuals around the world will be able to contribute to the decentralized network by contributing their processing device or computational resources, which are known as activity contributing nodes (ACN).

Activity Contributing Nodes and Argoic Nodes are two forms of P2P nodes that are used in this blockchain-based platform. It is essential to understand that the people who will use their devices for the purpose of processing power from this platform will also earn ACN.

Argoic nodes will continuously update the ACN nodes and are usually considered more of a backend-based node. These nodes will systematically resolve payment channels and provide the ACN nodes with the necessary power for the purpose of operating the decentralized apps made on the advanced blockchain network of Crowd Machine.

Libraries that contain reusable source codes can be founded by the stakeholders who effectively participate in the Crowd Machine platform. The reusable source code, which is developed by other users, will save users’ time on the platform when they are developing new decentralized apps. In addition, the skilled developers of the decentralized app will receive payment in the form of CMCT tokens when these Dapps are seen in other apps of this platform.

CMCT token price and token sale

Crowd Machine will launch a token sale for its own cryptocurrency to generate the funds for further development of this platform. Tokens will be used for all payments on this platform. In addition, it will be used as a reward for people who have provided their unused computational resources to the platform. Just like other popular ICO tokens like Bunnytoken, LocalCoinSwap, ShopIn, SAMY, Graz, DataBroker, Data Broker Dao, RootProject, CMC token will be built on Ethereum blockchain technology.

Crowd Machine Private sale

CMCT ICO token other details

  • Symbol: CMCT.
  • Pre-ICO start date: February 1, 2018.
  • Pre-ICO end date: March 31, 2018.
  • CMCT ICO start date: April 1, 2018.
  • CMCT ICO end date: May 22, 2019
  • Technology: ERC20.
  • Platform: Ethereum.
  • Total cap size: 2,000,000,000 CMCT.
  • Hard cap: Crowd Machine has removed the hard cap and will allow the market to determine the cap.
  • Payment methods: fiat currency, BTC and ETH.

How to participate in the CMCT token sale?

Interested investors can register on the official website of this platform with a valid email address in order to participate in the ICO sale of CMCT.

Allocations of funds

  • 3% of the funds collected will be used for travelling purposes.
  • 1% of the funds collected will be used for legal expenses.
  • 21% of the funds collected will be used for sales and marketing purposes.
  • 1% of the funds collected will be used for insurance purposes.
  • 7% of the funds collected will be used for technical support of the project.
  • 19% of the funds collected will be reserved for carrying out the research and development work.
  • 20% of the funds collected will be reserved for community.
  • 3% of the funds collected will be used for COPS work.
  • 7% of the funds collected will be used for carrying out the management work.
  • 18% of the funds collected will be used for direct marketing work.

The team behind Crowd Machine

Crowd Machine relies on a team of skilled developers just like other ICO tokens such as Guardium, TrustedHealth, Energy Premier, TokenLend, CryptoLoans, Omnitude, Ternio, Adblurb. The core members behind this project consist of:

  • Craig Sproule, Founder, CEO.
  • Kurt Pfluger, CSO.
  • Ben Gorlick, CTO.

Summarizing Crowd Machine (CMCT)

Built by using blockchain technology and smart contracts by a team of professional developers, the Crowd Machine enables the creation of decentralized apps up to 45x faster. In order to create decentralized apps on this platform, the users do not need to have expertise in the field of coding, programming, blockchain, or smart contract. Anyone with or without development experience can develop decentralized apps on this platform and get paid. Anyone can use their devices spare capacity for the purpose of running crowd machine decentralized apps and get paid by using this platform.

Crowd Machine will accelerate the creation of decentralized apps and the adoption of advanced blockchain networks. It will eventually play an important role in ushering in a new stable of market-ready decentralized applications and that is why any ICO token investor should consider joining its ICO sale.

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  • Craig Sproule
    Craig Sproule
    Craig Sproule
    (Founder & CEO) -Experienced CEO and systems engineer.
  • Kurt Pfluger
    Kurt Pfluger
    Kurt Pfluger
    (CSO) - 4-time founder and CEO with breakthrough technology companies.
  • Ben Gorlick
    Ben Gorlick
    Ben Gorlick
    (CTO) - Product Architect, Bitcoin & Blockchain expert, co-Founder of PeerNova focused on mining and blockchain financial applications.
  • James Duchenne
    James Duchenne
    James Duchenne
    (COO) - Co-founder of Sutton Stone. Mauritius Hon. Representative in the USA for blockchain-based ventures;
  • Camden Dore
    Camden Dore
    Camden Dore
    (VP, Economics) -Specialist in economic advisory, financial modeling and application of praxeological methodology to crypto-economic systems.
  • Jim Joseph
    Jim Joseph
    Jim Joseph
    (Director, Social Media) - 2-time founder. Involved in altcoin development, trading and mining since 2013. Blockchain-voting patent app inventor. Certified full-stack developer. Licensed attorney.
  • Ben Leff
    Ben Leff
    Ben Leff
    (Director, Community Engagement) - 10+ years’ experience in sales, operations and management in various industries. Responsible for developing the Crowd Machine global community and empowering new users.
  • Anthony Barbarino
    Anthony Barbarino
    Anthony Barbarino
    (Customer Success Manager) - Focused on enterprise customer success and technology adoption of the Crowd Machine product. Works closely with product management to provide guidance on feature requirements.
  • Gavin Glynn
    Gavin Glynn
    Gavin Glynn
    (Developer) - Back end software engineer focused on development of the natural language expression analyzer and execution engine as well as the security layers of the Crowd Virtual Machine and Crowd Computer.
  • Michael Graham
    Michael Graham
    Michael Graham
    (Developer) - Full stack software engineer. Focused on integration services, event management and exception management in the Crowd App Studio and Crowd Virtual Machine.
  • Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki
    Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki
    Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki
    (Advisor) - Managing Director and Co-founder of Alphabit Digital Currency Fund.
  • Hartej Sawhney
    Hartej Sawhney
    Hartej Sawhney
    (Advisor) - Co-Founder and President for Hosho. A leader in the Fintech and Blockchain industry for 5+ years. Advisor to Pink Sky Capital,, and

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