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CrowdWiz Token – All You Need to Know

Wisdom of the crowd, did you know about it? It implies the involvement of a massive group (crowd) in making and breaking the decisions, rather than specialists. If we talk about CrowdWiz, it’s a decentralized investment ecosystem, which is powered by the wisdom of the crowd. Why are we discussing CrowdWiz here has a reason though – It has recently announced its ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The first sale of this Ethereum based blockchain platform had already occurred in mid-September 2017. It is powered by Krypton Software, which is a division of TRADOLOGIC, a Fintech software company.

Established in early 2017, CrowdWiz utilizes crowd sourced process to make decisions, contrary to the conventional investment process. The platform makes use of crowd’s involvement, so crowdfunding. Opinion of a small bunch of managers or only a third-party such as bank or a single business advisor cannot be completely relied upon. Community-decisions controlled by pool of money are what CrowdWiz ecosystem relies upon, and so the company has come up with its WIZ tokens’ sale.

Here’s how CrowdWiz works

CrowdWiz’s team has always come up with a clear mind whenever asked about their company operations and balances. They offer a couple of options (esp. company choices) to their potential investors. Each of the investors casts their votes in favour of their preferred company, using WIZ tokens. Now ‘who picks what’ determines the success rate of the investment. The buy-ins for the vote is likely to diverge initially. The ROIs usually vary in volume per user, and that, of course, depends on the original investment. As soon as the investment meets the end process, CrowdWiz distributes the funds, however with the opinion of the crowd. In an ideal scenario, the crowd wisdom helps in selecting the most favorable company to make investment.

If you happen to be a potential investor for Cryptocurrency market, you can consider joining the investment pool of CrowdWiz. CrowdWiz Investment Pool, despite being relatively new, is already overcrowded by the people from all corners of the world. The performance of this pool in the last few months has been pretty much strong and effective. Well, apart from joining an existing pool, CrowdWiz also allows the individuals to create a new pool amongst friends on the very democratic platform of CrowdWiz.

More about CrowdWiz

CrowdWiz is powered by Krypton Software that provides futuristic decentralized investment platform or ecosystem to the users. The platform is primarily built on Ethereum Blockchain. CrowdWiz indulges in transfiguring and equalizing the processes of investing and crowdfunding. Amidst all the highs and rise, the ICO provider brings along a bunch of handsome benefits to the participants, including the below ones:

  • Elimination of third-parties and intermediaries like brokers, banks, underwriters, private fund managers and investment bankers.
  • This results in placement of power and control over each and every investment decision made by the investors. They can independently make investment decisions and take the responsibility.

CrowdWiz aims to offer investors direct access to all the investment opportunities in the Cryptocurrency world. As already discussed above, CrowdWiz was built on the formula of ‘wisdom of the crowd’. The motive behind keeping it a crowd wisdom company is that they know that collective opinion, sooner or later, will only help it in the short and long run. The company, moreover, indulges in crypto financing, i.e. ICO to raise the fundes for their own ecosystem. CrowdWiz typically builds a large community, which later becomes an integral part of its growth strategy. This way, the community achieves synergy.

CrowdWiz token is known as WIZ TOKEN. Wiz tokens are trade-worthy, enabling the investors to have a special access to CrowdWiz’s ecosystem. The WIZ tokens are integral part of the company, which is why investors’ participation in all aspects of the ecosystem is carried out exclusively and with the help of these tokens. As a result, the worth of the tokens is supposed to upturn in ratio to the number of active users.

How’s CrowdWiz leading in its line?

No doubt that CrowdWiz is leading in its line of business. Enabling people to participate immediately after an investment opportunity pops-up would not be possible, had there been no WizFund Platform. This is where a crowd gets to make a decision and implement it in a beneficial way. CrowdWiz calls it a liberated ecosystem. This virtual platform is backed by latest Fintech Technology to make the decision-making process flexible and democratic to a high degree. Investors here ‘vote’ and wait to see where the majority decision is leading to. Final investment choice is only based on Crowd Wisdom. Now, before all this happens, let us inform you that potential investors are the WIZ Token-holders too. They can either invest in newly-generated funds or establish their own WizFund. On choosing the latter one, investors will be guided through the whole process.

While setting up the fund account, the investors (or users) can customize their setup by choosing fund/portfolio type, voting mechanism, fund size and IFO from the list of parameters. Moreover, if a new WizFund is created, it will be then open to various communities and social groups. These include friends, families, neighbours, co-workers, various cities and states as well. Sometimes, it is available to countries and continents too.

Now, as already mentioned, CrowdWiz ecosystem is based on WIZ Token, a cryptographic, tradable token, enabling investors to exclusively participate in CrowdWiz’s ecosystem.

Benefits of investing in CrowdWiz

CrowdWiz has overcome the hindrances of complicated and traditional way of making investments. CrowdWiz has gone off the beaten path to replace the timeworn methods. It makes use of a progressive investment vehicle. Let’s just know how? Be it bank, an individual expert or a private firm – you have to shed quite a lot as entrance fee with no process transparency. All these institutions have often disagreed to show personal interests, yet driving people from all over the world to trust them with billions and billions of dollars. To cut all these off, CrowdWiz brings the following benefits for the investors –

  • Little or no fee to become an authorized investor with CrowdWiz
  • Investors enjoy transparency throughout their activities.
  • WizFund is a democratic and flexible investment platform that allows investors to have a complete control over their decisions.
  • CrowdWiz allows its investors to vote and choose an intelligent investment vehicle.
  • As there is nothing going on behind the curtain or no middleman taking your requests further, there remains no risk of fraudulency. Over a year, CrowdWiz has stood out as the safest place to invest.
  • There are opportunities to enjoy profit from their financial services.
  • On availing WIZ Token, you get direct and exclusive participation in ICOs and Cryptocurrency trading, investment, lending, insurance and many more.
CrowdWiz Token Sale: On an extended note

CrowdWiz announced its ICO on October 24, 2017. At the time of ICO, investors come to buy WIZ tokens and then participate in the choice-making for investment vehicles. Moreover, there was no hard cap available earlier for the Token Sale, which now has been set to $20 million.

Following the token purchase, here come the implementation and further evaluation. The funds collected though ICO(IcoToken website link) are to be used in forming investment pool, which further will enable the token-holders to transfer funds, exchange, lend funds, offer insurance and also experience several other features integrated with the WizFund entity.

Last CrowdWiz ICO dates and details

CrowdWiz launched its ICO in Oct-Nov 2017. Though it was scheduled earlier before, but for some reason, the dates had been pushed back. When they reached out to the people later to update on the changes – they said, it was for a smoother registration as well as funding process. Hence, it was finally scheduled for 24th October to 7th November 2017, till 12:00 PM UTC.

The CrowdWiz Exchange and its key attributes

When it comes to learning the CrowdWiz Exchange, it is essential to know the firm’s goals first.  CrowdWiz brings us a community-based, or what is otherwise called Crowd Wisdom based platform for making smart investment decisions. Now, the CrowdWiz Exchange that the parent company is planning to launch by 2018 has a set of new goals. It is being designed to combat regulations and monopolies by the states and other large-scale institutions. This exchange is very likely to be managed by WIZ token-holders, and they will also get to decide on which asset they want to invest.

Well, that’s not it! CrowdWiz has got some more plans in the line. They are considering using WizExchange to eliminate fraudulent transactions, bringing more transparency about the asset’s movement, leveraging crowd wisdom, and adding more decentralized investment entities to the portfolio of solutions and summing up sustained value to their tokens. CrowdWiz Exchange is not the only attribute to be added to this platform, there are more and we will talk about it right now.


Since we have already talked about WizFund and WizExchange earlier in this review, let’s just target what’s next: WizStore. WizStore, as the name suggests, is to be utilized for developing various tools and add-ons by Software Development Experts and enhance CrowdWiz’s ecosystem. All the members of CrowdWiz ecosystem will then be able to contribute more with the help of analysis tools, signals and latest voting plus trading mechanisms. Other than this, there are publishers as well, who will be allowed to set price for third-party App development to add to the CrowdWiz platform.


This is perhaps the best amongst all. As we all know that CrowdWiz is a democratic and flexible investment entity. It encourages investors to cast votes for their every single take-on in the process. WizVote will make the voting mechanism fairer than faster, encouraging genuine voting to secure the ecosystem from any imposter activities. WizVote is designed in a way that it will only allow authorized members of the ecosystem to cast vote and decide where WizFund should exactly be invested. This will help in determining which feature to add and which one to remove from the Exchange.


This might sound a tad technical – WizInvestment. It is said to be an incorporating suite for the products designed on the basis of crowd wisdom. These include CrowdWiz Exchange and CrowdWiz Fund. In near future, WizInvestment will also be featured with CrowdWiz Crypto Lending.


WizTrader is claimed to be the most progressive trading mechanism designed to boost the trading functionality and also provides liquidity solutions by integrating all leading and renowned exchanges. This is going to be a completely automated trading that ensures lower market costs.

All these elements mentioned above are to be the part of the CrowdWiz Ecosystem by the year 2018. Then, investors will be able to use their WIZ token to work together with the services.

How are these Wiztokens issued?

There is much investment involved in creating a company roadmap that will reflect the company’s mission and vision. CrowdWiz conducts a token sale, known as WIZ token with limited supply. These WIZ tokens are basically sold at a fixed price, i.e. in ETH (Ethereum). 40, 000, 000 WIZ tokens will be available for sale. As soon as the sale meets the end process, the circulated tokens will represent the totality of liquid asset tokens’ supply available. WIZ tokens that remain unsold are meant to be burnt only. Whatever amount is collected during ICO is apportioned towards the enhancement and sustenance of the CrowdWiz ecosystem, and of course, its integrated technologies.

The distribution of WIZ tokens is exemplified below:

Funds allocation
  • 12% of the collected fund will go into ‘operations’.
  • 5% of the collected funds will be used for integrating ‘legal supports’.
  • 10% of the collected fund to be used for ‘community development’.
  • 4% will be kept ‘reserved’.
  • 12% used for marketing efforts.
  • 55% will be used for the development of CrowdWiz ecosystem.

CrowdWiz tokens are worth the investment through which you will be able to reap the benefits of your investment for the long and short run.

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