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Crypterium ICO – All You Need to Know

Today, a transaction happening between two people in two different countries can take a lot of days; and that is not all because the cost of such transactions is high too. According to the World Bank, on average, the cross-border transaction fee remains 7.45 percent. So imagining a cryptocurrency to stay neck and neck with traditional fiat currencies is difficult, but difficult is never impossible.

For experiencing a digital currency’s full benefits, the users will have to interact with various cryptocurrencies just like the way they are using traditional fiat variants. These benefits include lower transaction costs, the absence of any national boundaries, and quick payments. And supplying cryptocurrencies to all the mainstream daily users will definitely need an empowering suite of cryptobanking services.

Right now, there are close to 3 million users who are using digital currencies every day – this number is expected to rise up to 200 million by circa 2025. Today, the cryptocurrencies’ demand is high and this will grow to a CAGR of nearly 70 percent annually in the coming time.

Now, the potential to meet this very demand is an exciting development that will transform the global banking landscape forever. And Crypterium’s cryptobank will be the first main step in satiating this demand. Now, below is a brief guide on how will Crypterium be the ultimate cryptobank for all the cryptopeople.

Understanding Crypterium — the cryptopeople’s cryptobank

Registered under the European Union laws, Crypterium is based in Tallinn, Estonia. This entity is subject to a strict market audit that complies with European regulations and that ensures the complete transparency and full accountability of a business’s operations.

Universal transaction processing for digital currencies against any fiat-based goods is largely non-existent even today. And there is big demand-supply gap present across the cryptocurrency capitalization that has surpassed US $150 billion mark. Crypterium will bring a full-fledged platform and digital bank where the users will be allowed to use cryptocurrencies for paying to buy fiat-based goods.

Cryptobank 2.0 is a fintech innovation for the evolving crypto globe

The team at Crypterium strongly believes that not a single blockchain bank will ever be able to dominate the entire cryptocurrency banking sector; instead, there will be a full network of highly innovative players driving this market to the next level.

In that spirit, Crypterium is taking a step toward building that network and launching a cryptobank that is nicknamed as Cryptobank 2.0. All set to launch, this platform is much different from all the traditional banks that seriously take a lot of weeks to issue cards and process them.

Dubbed as a powerful international banking platform for processing transactions, the Cryptobank 2.0 will enable its users to support an instant processing engine that will seamlessly allow both crypto- and fiat-based currency transactions. This engine will even enable faster interchangeability between the two currencies. Further, this cryptobank will be a robust decentralized core that will interlock today’s controlled financial world and the future of Cryptoeconomy with unlimited borderless opportunities.

Other than this cryptobank platform, Crypterium is planning to roll out an array of complimentary banking services including simple P2P payments and even digital-currency backedlending. Crypterium will also plan to meet the most common banking requirements that can possibly drive the cryptocurrency world forward.

With Cryptobank 2.0, the users will be able to store, spend, borrow, and exchange nearly every digital currency just like a fiat currency. However, the environment where these transactions will take place will be cheaper, more secure, and quicker than the one offered by traditional banks.

Crypterium mobile banking app puts mobility inside the digital currency

The highlights of this digital-banking application will include having no specific transactional limits and paying very low commission charges. (A nominal commission cost will be charged while doing the transactions on any one of the 42 million payment terminals along with different payment points and internet stores worldwide.)

Crypterium’s technology platform will be based on cutting-edge algorithms that will seamlessly allow all the good exchanges, along with other third-party crypto exchanges, matching across the original peer-to-peer flow. This platform’s digital bank will be available in the form of an app that will be downloadable on both the Android and iOS marketplaces.

Whenever the customers will download the Crypterium mobile banking application, they will be eligible to initiate transactions in the current Mastercard or UnionPay or Visa infrastructure almost instantly. Moreover, the app will allow customers to make instant payments – in all the major digital currencies such as ETH, BTC, and even ERC20 standard tokens – required for buying services or products found in NFC–fitted POS terminals. That means with Crypterium’s digital banking app, waiting for weeks to get your new debit card will sure be a thing of the past.

So it can be said that Crypterium is just building powerful digital solutions for the cryptocurrency world; solutions that will basically do the same things that are done by traditional mobile bank providers but in a safer, faster, and more economical decentralized blockchain.

CRPT Token — integrating hassle-free banking in the cryptoworld

Now, the next stage in the development cycle will be the launch of Crypterium’s own cryptocurrency – CRPT. This token will be built to feed the existing transactions happening within the platform. Before the token will be used within the Crypterium’s crypto bank, the company is offering the pre-payment of CRPT tokens. This company will allow for the pre-payment of nearly 210,000,000 CRPT tokens.

The Crypterium token is known as CRPT and is built for the Crypterium banking platform. On this platform, simply no payment can be carried out without using CRPT. The main goal of this token, which is regulated by smart contracts, is to motivate tokenholders about putting Crypterium to use in their everyday lives.

Further, this ICO will be offered to attract new users on Crypterium. In the coming time, Crypterium will plan to list all of its tokens on different cryptocurrency exchanges for expanding the user base and for fulfilling the end-user expectations to provide the best suite of cryptobanking solutions.

CRPT token details — making crypto users live simpler and more profitable

  • Start Date: October 31, 2017, 10:00 AM (UTC–4)
  • Duration of Token Sale: 75 days, until January 12, 23:59:59 (UTC–4)
  • Price of CRPT token: 0001 BTC
  • Option for early termination: Yes, upon reaching $47 million USD (hardcap)
  • Technical limit to the number of tokens: 300,000,000 (three hundred million)
  • Adjustable distribution: Unsold and unallocated tokens will be destroyed
  • Further token issues: No, a single token issue within the ICO
  • Secured methods of token purchase: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), fiat payments and others
  • Mincap: $3 million USD, all funds will be returned
  • Token distribution supported: No later than January 25 23:59:59 (UTC-4)
  • Token activation date: January 25 (more details at 6.3)
  • Minimum purchase amount: 1 CRPT
  • The purchase of these tokens through wire transfers will be halted at least 10 days before the date on which the ICO is completing.
  • The prospective tokenholders can even use other transfer methods such as LTC, ETH, and BTC to get the CRPTs.

CRPT Extra bonuses allocation

Day 17: Pre-Sale Bonus (October 31–November 6)

Allowance          + 33% tokens                     +26% tokens                      +23% tokens                     +20% tokens

Min. purchase From 30 000 CRPT           From 10 000 CRPT           From 3 000 CRPT                             From 1 CRPT


Day 828: 1st Participant Bonus (November 7–November 27)

Dates                    07/11–13/11     14/11–18/11     19/11–23/11      24/11–27/11

Period                  8–14 days           15–19 days         20–24 days         25–28 days

Allowance          +15% tokens      +10% tokens      +6% tokens        +3% tokens


Benefits of interacting with CRPT in everyday lives

Driven by decentralization

Only a CRPT tokenholder will be able to leverage the Crypterium cryptobank. Each and every time the tokenholders make a payment, a fee that is equivalent to 0.5 percent of the total transaction in CRPT will be extracted in the form of the tokenholder’s account; this fee is, then, burnt as fuel for other transactions.

CRPT’s ownership creates a solid reserve that will be used as powerful fuel for all the future transactions. Thanks to the intelligent proprietary technology from Crypterium, this 0.5 percent is fully transparent to the tokenholder. Crypterium’s is backed by a set of robotic algorithms that are meant for searching the complete optimal rate for any given transaction anytime on every single exchange where Crypterium is integrated.

By using such an algorithm, Crypterium will seamlessly ensure that its tokenholders are getting the best possible conversion rate for every transaction – this transaction will more easily compensate for a small 0.5 percent charge that will be applied every time while purchasing.

Permanent Loyalty Reward

Right now, many merchants are charged for any acquiring service – whether it is Visa, American Express, or Mastercard—whose rate is measured as a specific payment percentage that they are receiving. A few of these fees can go as high as 6 percent. However, with the Crypterium ecosystem, the merchants will pay back anywhere between 0.5 percent and 1 percent from their total turnover value; this turnover will be submitted to the Monthly Loyalty Program as a token of appreciation for the purchasers who are regularly making transactions.

The higher the volume of transactions that the purchaser is making, the bigger the loyalty reward she or he will be receiving. At this revolutionary banking platform, Crypterium wants to reward the loyalty of its tokenholders because their continuous transactions bring down the platform’s total marketing expenses.

As previously mentioned, for improving the usage of the Crypterium platform, the tokenholder must spend or own CRPTs to successfully complete the transaction. It is simple—the greater the CRPT ownership, the more profitable the prefunding of all the future transactions.

Distribution of the funds

  • 70 percent of total ICOs will be distributed to the community.
  • 15 percent of the allocated tokens will be kept for loyalty and marketing purposes.
  • 3 percent of the ICOs are reserved for partner advisers.
  • 3 percent of the tokens will be kept for building result-oriented marketing campaign teams.
  • 9 percent of the ICOs will be reserved for the management and founders.

So invest in the CRPTs of Crypterium – which is the next big thing that is all set to revolutionize the crypto-banking landscape once and for all.

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