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CryptoLoans (LCN) ICO Review – ICO Token News


The FOREX market of late has started to change, and standard tactics are no longer delivering income due to insufficient amplitude of price fluctuations, making earning in hundreds of percent per annum problematic enough. In such a situation, traders find it hard to compete with the major players in the modernization and development of trading systems. So, they began to migrate to cryptocurrency market that served as a catalyst of growth. The earliest investors in the cryptocurrency markets have already multiplied their capital multiple times.

CryptoLoans Market Analysis

The analysts predict the growth of the crypto currency market capitalization to several trillion dollars. The experienced investors are already looking for ways to diversity their portfolio to minimize losses while the new entrants are looking for ways to enter the market with minimum risks. So, CryptoLoan developers came up with the ideas to develop a platform that could allow the experienced investors to hedge the risks of their assets, while the newcomers could catch up the missed opportunities and enter the market with minimum risks.

CryptoLoans Innovation

CryptoLoans is an innovative financial platform which is the first of its kind that offers secure lending, exchange and trading of cryptocurrencies like other ICOs as Fox Trading, BunnyToken, Blockport, etc.. The solution guarantees the return of the creditor’s fund and allows for the expansion of crypto currency among all sections of the population regardless of their social status, providing them chance to enter the market with minimum risks.

Problems Solved by CryptoLoans Platform

The platform solves the below problems of the investors.

P2P Lending

Crypto asset investors face the problem of volatile crypto currency market that has the potential to significantly lower the value of their portfolio in a day. CryptoLoans allows the investors to become creditors and guaranteed earn the fiat money even when the crypto market is receding. The platform frees the lender from the risk of borrower’s insolvency. It also solves the problem of the borrower’s insolvency by freeing the lender from such a problem and guaranteeing the repayment funds.

Marginal Trading

In marginal trading, the traders deposit which serve as insurance of the funds, decrease as the price moves against an open position, and increase when the price moves as forecasted. The CryptoLoans platform solves this problem of daily volatility of crypto market. It allows a trader to wait out for a period of low price without losing their trading deposit, provided they pay the payments on credit contract on time. The leverage is provided not by a broker but a specific investor-creditor.

Cryptocurrency Market

Crypto traders have to face the problem of shortage of trading instruments like ZEC/ZEN, LTC/NXT etc. The exchanges do not allow them to exchange the less popular currencies among themselves, and hence the traders are forced to pay double commission for converting less popular assets. The platform solves this problem by allowing the exchanges not only between the Bitcoin and altcons, but also among themselves, thus facilitating the trade between all possible trading pairs. This will not only simplify the crypto exchange process but also reduce the commission.

A Brief about CryptoLoans ICO

The official digital token of the CryptoLoans platform is LoanCoin (LCN).

During the first and main round of the LCN token sales, the buyers will receive 100% and 50% bonus respectively of the number of tokens purchased. During the first round of token sale, for 1 ETH, a buyer will receive 600 LCN. The first round of LoanCoin tokens will begin in March 2018 and the main round will begin in November 2018.

A total of 10,000,000 LCN token will be distributed as below.

510 000 to 600 000 LCN will be distributed during the first round of token sales.

3 600 000 to 5 850 000 will be distributed during the main sale.

1 539 000 tokens will be distributed during final round.

1 011 000 tokens will be reserved for the developers and bonus fund.

1 000 000 coins will be distributed in bounty.


The platform is very much useful and needed by the cryptocurrency community. It solves the problems that are often faced every day by the investors, traders, borrowers, lenders and newcomers to the market. It’s the only platform that provides the service of secure buying and selling of the cryptocurrency on credit. It allows the buyers get the advantages of buying the cryptocurrency on credit, while investors-creditors can diversity their risks and guarantee the return of coin issued in credit. The advantage of buying LoanCoin token is that the crypto community will already be able to use the working version of the platform before the main round of selling. It will be realized at the cost of collected funds within the first round of the token sale.

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