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Cryptoneum (CRP) ICO Review – ICO Token News


The cryptocurrency market is booming and people are investing in the hope of reaping its benefits. But, trading in the crypto space is not an easy task. Today, there are so many cryptocurrencies available in the market that it has become a real challenge to keep track of all the crypto prices and trade all day. For the investors who trade in the crypto space, it is important that they have up-to-date information about this volatile market to avoid the risk of significant losses. This industry experiences frequent ups and downs that are difficult to predict.

Obviously, it is not easy to track everything that happens in the crypto market. So, to resolve this issue, the Cryptoneum team has created an efficient solution of AI bots that works around the clock to monitor and trade the exchanges.

All about Cryptoneum

The Cryptoneum (CRP) is actually a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform based on the Ethereum blockchain and powered by high-tech Artificial intelligence technology. Its objective is to help investors to earn money with the help of these advanced AI trading bots and blockchain technology. However, many other tokens like Crypterium, Lendoit, CIF, FINOM, Social Media Market, CrowdWiz  are also using blockchain technology. The platform uses a high-value reward coin that can be used for multiple purposes.


The Cryptoneum offers a complete lending system that operates on different strategies including arbitrage, auto trading, and price forecasting movements to deliver profits for investors. The system is efficiently designed to enable investors to gain maximum profit in a safe and secure manner. In order to make the investing process simpler, they have linked the profits to the exchange rate of the Cryptoneum coin.

The investors just need to buy the CRP coin from the ICO or at the fully-fledged launch of the platform.  The Cryptoneum platform offers various benefits of lending and trending services to the investors.

How does Cryptoneum work?

Monitoring and intraday trading

The Cryptoneum AI-bot will work continuously and check whether any new coin is listed on the exchange or not. The whole process will be done through coinmarketcap so that investors can find the most promising coin for intraday trading.

Auto trading

The platform is associated with all the leading exchanges with the help of a bot. This is how they can earn excellent benefits by purchasing coins from other exchanges at attractive prices. They will then sell them at a higher price, before anyone else can.


Share of profit received

By investing in the ICO and lending platform, the company can configure their AI bots around the clock. The company experts also help in generating profits which will be further distributed among the contributors of the lending program.


The AI bots will continuously watch the coin trading at varied prices. It will take the profits out of the price variation by using an auto-arbitrage method.

What is an artificial intelligence trade BOT?

An AI trade BOT is used for resolving the problems faced by investors who participate in the volatile market of cryptocurrency. The addresses and transactions of cryptocurrencies are visible on a publicly distributed ledger but it is impossible for anyone to track the record of every cryptocurrency account with its fluctuating price.

Cryptoneum has therefore come up with this AI bot concept. It is a self-learning algorithm which can track and pool the address in matching patterns. During the process, it mainly focuses on three initial levels:

  • Track the crowd sale addresses by monitoring funds raised via the sale within the lock-up period.
  • Identify the market pattern, such as pump and dump.
  • Any type of unusual movement in the major institutional addresses.

Forecasting price movements

In order to calculate the trends on selected cryptocurrencies, Cryptoneum relies on a time series approach. In this way, they will recognize the position and volatility of specific digital currency in the future. The new methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning have proven highly beneficial for identifying repeating patterns and predicting the future value. The machine-learning approach is capable of analyzing thousand and millions of features to forecast the future trends in a better way.

Why invest in Cryptoneum?

These are the following reasons why you should invest in this project:

  • It is a decentralized cryptocurrency lending platform.
  • It has an ERC20 token which is power driven by the Ethereum blockchain.
  • It has its own CRP android and IOS applications and web wallets.
  • It provides several ways to earn profit with Cryptoneum coins.

Benefits CRP lending

With lending, you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Earning interest on daily basis.
  • Receiving profit with CRP trading.
  • Gaining profit from invitation and developing market network.

By introducing the Cryptoneum coin lending program, the company is offering a P2P platform to resolve the major issues of a crypto market. It allows the CRP holder to receive crypto loans to help each other.


Trading With CRP

1 – By purchasing CRP coins, you can earn outstanding profits from internal or external exchanges because it allows you to resell the coins at a higher price.

2 – The company will launch its coin to the leading exchanges so that professional traders can easily purchase and sell coins and become the part of it.

3 – If you are also interested in gaining profits then you can easily join them and enjoy doing trading for 24/7.

4 – The CRP trading system allows gaining regular profit in this volatile market by using the right strategies and tactics.

5 – With CRP you can trade from any country, at any time from different time zones. After completing the ICO, the coins will be listed on external exchanges like coin exchange, etherdelta, etc.

Crowd sale details

  • Crowd sale ICO Date :25TH JANUARY 2018 AT 12:00AM UTC TO  29TH FEBURARY 2018
  • Token name : CRP
  • Minimum token for per single purchase : 100 CRP tokens
  • Maximum tokens for single purchase : 100000 CRP tokens


You can also check for other tokens like Qbao, MiniApps, CLOUT, Naga Group, Worldcore  which are launching their ICO’s.


The Cryptoneum is supported by a strategic team of expert traders and financial professionals.


The Cryptoneum lending platform offers the opportunity to stay connected with all the major exchanges with the help of AI Bots. This will allow you to earn good profits by purchasing the coin at a cheaper price and selling it at a higher price.

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