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DapCash (DAPG) ICO Review – ICO Token News


There are many realizations of p2p electronic currencies – Bitcoin, Etherium and others. All of them were well received by the general public and professionals, thanks to a multitude of advantages – decentralization, the absence of a single emission center, the publicity of transactions and so on. However, the publicity of transactions was both a plus and a minus – not always the payer wants to publish the fact of payment, and the payee to advertise its receipt. The anonymity of payments, which had to be used for gold transactions from time immemorial, and due to paper cash, allowed accumulating capital without undue attention from criminal and / or unscrupulous governments. However, already at the time of occurrence of paper cash, there was a problem of issue – unscrupulous rulers were all tempted by the opportunity to release a lot of unsecured notes to the market, thus robbing their own people for personal purposes by inflation.

The transfer of paper cash to the electronic form of bank deposits ended as well and with anonymity. And due to poorly solved security issues, information about the contributions of citizens is practically not protected. And the volume of the emitted currency is known in fact only to a narrow group of persons, they are also beneficiaries of this issue. Managing the emission of the currency, these narrow groups of people manage the distribution of capital on a national scale, and in the case of world reserve currencies – across the whole planet, if desired, redistributing liquidity into their own pockets through artificially induced crises and inflation. In parallel, through pocket governments, regulating the rules of the game on the market in such a way that a simple person or even a capital owner is simply obliged to invest his capital in the markets under other people’s rules, giving up to half or more profits to those who stand at the top of this pyramid.

Features Of The Implementation Of DapCash

The main ideology of implementation is variability and extensibility. We must be prepared for a situation that in 10 years will find a vulnerability in the algorithms, in the structure of the blockade, they will flood the network with a lot of transactions, try to attack 51%, and so on.

The Variational Post-Quantum Signature

Any digital signature must be variable – that is, it can be implemented in the form of different algorithms. It can be ring, allowing making anonymous transactions, it can be multiple – signed by several participants at once. It can be of different types. If tomorrow you find a vulnerability in the security protocol, the next day the update of the software should add a new id for the new secure protocol.


The peculiarity of multiple blocking is that transactions must be considered immediately in all. Transaction of the “golden” token can be described both in the “gold” block and in the “silver” or in any other. Due to the variability of blockers, types of records and addresses, the size of the transaction can also vary greatly back and forth, especially in the case of anonymous transactions. Since the size of the transaction will be taken into account in the succession formula for placing transactions in the block, larger ones will imply a larger commission for the transfer. However, in view of the multiple blockage and the possibility to increase the total number of units that go online, this all has very little to affect the speed and cost of transactions – they will necessarily remain low.

Smart Contracts

Standard smart contracts on Solidity and other languages compiling their results in EVM byte code. EVM will be fully supported, including the ERC20 ICO token and its own standard. Signatures for the code of their own distributed DVM virtual machine and, accordingly, smart contracts for it are also reserved in advance.

VPN Service

Through a session and streaming DAP protocol, it is logical to present a VPN service on the same nodes of the network, provided that they will of course include the appropriate configuration. VPN service will be provided through the exchanges, where different sellers will expose their prices for the time using and / or the consumed traffic. Further the user can manually or by means of automatic algorithms choose to himself one or several service providers, pay them through DapCash and use it further. “Onion” routing between nodes and anonymous cash transactions will make it possible to create completely anonymous network connections while maintaining high quality of communication. This should eventually give us a decentralized VPN with high quality of communication and minimum prices.


All blockchains will be processed in one wallet. So you could have fast transactions, secure investments and cheap gas for smart contracts and a lot of other services at your hand.


Golden coin. Rare token with one block per 10 000 secs generation, classic PoW. Golden blocks are also planning to be used for establishing consensus between shards inside other blockchains that has shards.


Silver coin. General tokens, unlimited block size, one block per 100 seconds, hierarchical PoW with sharding blockchain. 100 DAPS = 1 DAPG


Bronze coin (payment tokens – cup of coffee, gas for smart contracts, payments for DapVPN, etc., DPoS) 1000 DAPB = 1 DAPS.

The ICO countdown has already begun! If you are also interested to invest in ICO then you DapCash can prove a beneficial option for you.


  • Dmitry Gerasimov
    Dmitry Gerasimov
    Dmitry Gerasimov
    DapCash project generalist, author of idea, all the blockchain code itself and most of DAP framework code.
    By education a physicist, by profession a C/C++ developer with more than 20 years of experience, a specialist in computer security, system programming on UNIX systems, encryption algorithms. At the moment, the head of the company Demlabs.
  • Ilya Porvin C/C++ developer
    Ilya Porvin C/C++ developer
    Ilya Porvin C/C++ developer
  • Irina Vishnepolskaya Manager
    Irina Vishnepolskaya Manager
    Irina Vishnepolskaya Manager
  • Mira Brezhynskaya CEO
    Mira Brezhynskaya CEO
    Mira Brezhynskaya CEO
  • Max Krasilnikov C/C++ developer
    Max Krasilnikov C/C++ developer
    Max Krasilnikov C/C++ developer
  • Yaroslav Lunev ICO Consultant
    Yaroslav Lunev ICO Consultant
    Yaroslav Lunev ICO Consultant


  • 1
    June 2017

    Development of the DAP engine.
  • 2
    August 2017

    High load tests (DAP-based VPN).
  • 3
    November 2017

    Development of the concept and business plan.
  • 4
    December 2017

    Development, design of the concept.
  • 5
    March 2018

    Pre-order discount 20%.
    Launch of the first post-quantum VPN service.
    Development of the engine in the Kelvin project.
  • 6
    September 2018

    Debugging, testing, bugs bounty.
  • 7
    October 2018

    Starting the ICO.

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