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Darico (DRC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Darico (DRC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Darico is an asset-backed digital currency that is developed precisely to provide small investors with a more accessible and safer gateway for purchasing cryptocurrencies.

Darico (DRC) Analysis

What is Darico all about?

Darico (Decentralized, Asset-Backed, Return-Focused, Investment-Grade Coin) has been developed for empowering small investors by providing them with professional cryptocurrency investment tools that will help them to make more informed investment (cryptocurrency) decisions.


It significantly embodies a unique position with its precise combination of assets (gold, Bitcoin, and Ethereum) as a base. The DRC token is created for achieving its unique goal by effectively solving the problems and shortcomings associated with traditional economic systems. The ecosystem of this platform will consist of exchange services, debit card, index fund, wallet, terminal, liquidity pool and a wide range of cryptocurrency trading-related services.

How does Darico work?

This project will be backed with 35% of gold, which will be held in custodial vaults in Switzerland. The remaining percentage of DRC tokens will be purportedly backed with 10% of ether and 55% of Bitcoin.

The investors will enjoy the high growth potential of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum while also accessing the stability of gold. The Darico will provide the investors the benefits of both worlds by precisely basing the value of DRC tokens on cryptocurrencies and gold.

Until the tokens will reach a total supply value of 240 million, this digital currency will have a genesis accounts for emitting new tokens on a daily basis for next 18 years. Based on their current holdings, the holders of genesis account will timely shares emission of the DRC tokens. Moreover, the ownership of the genesis account will be transferable.

What Darico aims to be?

This organization aims to make it simple for the general public to access the mammoth potential of investing in cryptocurrencies. It is developed to gain a high degree of liquidity and adoption of different cryptocurrencies.

A number of new products are expected by this company to be launched by the end of 2018. A messenger app for this project will be launched in the first quarter of 2018.  It is expected that a trading module for the messenger app will be launched in the second quarter of 2018.

Cryptocurrency and indexes pools for the messenger app will be launched in the third quarter of 2018. In the third quarter of 2018, it is expected that the investment funds of this project will be launched. Finally, in the fourth quarter of 2018, this company will launch the smart mortgage.

What problems Darico are solving?

  1. Solve the problem of high volatility

High volatility will generate high risk in the portfolio of small investors. It means that the small investor will swing between loss and profit within the small time frame. This will uneventfully lead to significant losses to the small investors if their investment fails.

The Darico will provide the small investors with the controlled volatility of investment portfolio. It will mean that investor is more likely to make consistent and more stable profit over-time.  This platform will enable the portfolio of the investor to grow with minimal risk.

  1. Solve the problem of overload information

The boom in the values of different ICO tokens such as CoinLion, CoinStarter, BunnyToken, PocketInns, Serenity, Lendoit has attracted more investors to the market. The overwhelming cascade of new information that pours from the market every day is one of the major problems that affect both mature as well as a new investor. This project will aim to solve the problem of overload information by providing them necessary investment tools and all the essential information required for making a good investment.


What is Darico new innovation?

The entire Darico project will be precisely built on the cutting-edge Ethereum blockchain technology. DRC tokens of the investors will be stored and traded using their secure wallet. The digital asset based firm will keep all the funds purchased in cold storage, reputable and third-party vaults, which are located in secure and safe locations of Switzerland.

In order to carry out the mining of these tokens, this platform will make use of proof of work (POW) algorithm of Ethereum cryptocurrency. In addition, the emission protocol of this project will be implemented by using the smart contract of Ethereum. The new tokens will be emitted at a specific rate by the Genesis account due to the smart contracts of Ethereum. Through the “delegated proof of ownership”, the DRC tokens will be systematically emitted. The Genesis account, which is labeled as DRX, will execute the smart contracts on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Why is Darico a good project?

Investors will be able to access a wide range of services, apps, wallets that will effectively provide them with information, liquidity and security to invest in ICO tokens such as CrowdWiz, Mirocana, Requitix, ODEM, Luckbox with complete peace of mind, which comes from knowing that they have all the information and necessary tools at their fingertip that are required for making strong cryptocurrency investment.


Token Price and Token Sale

Pre ICO sale for DRC tokens

The pre Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for this asset-based cryptocurrency will take place throughout December 2017.  Investors can buy DRC tokens during the pre-token sale for solidifying their position as a genesis node. Early investors will be able to emit DRC tokens over a period of 18 years in case of genesis node.

DRC ICO sale

ICO of DRC tokens will start from January 30th, 2018. The ICO sale for this token will run for six months and will end on the 30th July 2018.

Total 240 million DRC tokens are created. Out of 240 million DRC tokens, 60 million will be issued to the earlier investor during the main ICO sale.

Early investors will be avail be to purchase 1 DRC tokens will be $1. To participate in this ICO, early investors need to make a minimum investment of US$10. Investors will be able to purchase 110 DRC tokens by trading one Ethereum coin. DRC tokens issued during ICO that are not sold will be destroyed.


Distribution of DRC tokens

  • 25% of the tokens will be allocated to the public during the ICO.
  • 5% of the DRC tokens will be reserved for ongoing operational costs, founders, advisors, and team.
  • Over the next 18 years, the remaining 67.5% DRC tokens will be mined through the process of Genesis account.

Team associated with Darico

The project is supported by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who hold expertise in their area of work. The core members consist of Mojtaba Asadia (Founder & CEO), Solange Basseterre (Project Manager) and Ihor Pidruchny (Blockchain Architect).

Brief summary about Darico

It was difficult for any new investor to keep an eye on the market as a digital currency could be developed by anyone. Darico ecosystem will be an excellent platform for both new and mature investors to thrive. This ecosystem will provide the investor with all the necessary tools, wallet, information, and other services that will help them to make a good investment. Due to its strong market awareness, fundamentals and a team of dedicated professionals, this project has great potential for both short as well as long-term financial gains.


  • Mojtaba Asadian
    Mojtaba Asadian
    Mojtaba Asadian
    (Founder and CEO) - Mojtaba is a serial entrepreneur, author, and accomplished investor.
  • Liwaa Chehayeb
    Liwaa Chehayeb
    Liwaa Chehayeb
    (CBO) - For the past five years, Liwaa has worked in financial investments, working at First Abu Dhabi Bank as a Financial Reporting Accountant.
  • Luke Szkudlarek
    Luke Szkudlarek
    Luke Szkudlarek
    (CMO) - Luke has over ten years of international experience in the digital sector, having worked in companies and marketing agencies across the UK, Poland and Zurich
  • Mario Colombo
    Mario Colombo
    Mario Colombo
    (CTO) - Mario has over 8 years of experience in communications, web development and digital marketing.
  • Kelly Stafford
    Kelly Stafford
    Kelly Stafford
    (Marketing & Community Manager) - Kelly has over four years of digital marketing experience, having worked in digital marketing agencies in both the UK and Australia.
  • Kirsten Morel
    Kirsten Morel
    Kirsten Morel
    (Content Manager) - Kirsten is a magazine editor and writer with extensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency world.
  • Gerti Sterling
    Gerti Sterling
    Gerti Sterling
    (Investment Analyst) - Gerti has over 5 years of experience as a Senior Analyst at Accenture, and over 5 years of freelance experience as a Business Development Account Manager, providing her with the experience and know-how to successfully manage investments of Darico. Gerti has spent over a year working in the crypto market, working within digital marketing of ICO projects.
  • Chris Bernat
    Chris Bernat
    Chris Bernat
    (Frontend Developer) - Chris has over 3 years experience in Javascript development, having worked at a number of different companies over the years.
  • Victor Yunenko
    Victor Yunenko
    Victor Yunenko
    (Developer) - Victor has been working as a freelancer developer for over 3 years.
  • Alexei Strasser
    Alexei Strasser
    Alexei Strasser
    (Product Manager) - Alexei launched his first business in affiliate marketing at the age of 20 while he was studying business economics.
  • Elliott White
    Elliott White
    Elliott White
    (UX Designer) - Elliott has over 6 years of UX and design know-how working.
  • Artiom Rapinchuk
    Artiom Rapinchuk
    Artiom Rapinchuk
    (Smart Contract Developer) - Artiom has over 10 years of experience as a software engineer, having worked in multiple agencies, including VPI Systems, Angellab and Elinext Group.


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    (Q2 - Q4 2017)
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
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  • 8
  • 9
    (Q3 - Q$ 2018)
  • 10
    (Q4 2018 - Q1 2019)
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    (Q2 - Q3 2019)

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