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Data Broker Dao (DTX) Review – ICO Token News

DataBroker DAO: Analysis and Overview

This has been designed as the marketplace for data sensor of IOT. The platform is meant to connect data sensor owners with data sensor consumers without any hindrance in-between. And, they do it utilizing telecommunication infrastructure, who run sensor connectivity networks based on LoRa, GSM and SigFox. The creators and managers of the project are aiming to rise as the second marketplace for Internet of Things sensor data. Little do you know that DataBroker DAO is also referred to as Amazon and eBay for Internet of Things sensor data.

What was the idea behind creating DataBrokerDAO?

Today, IoT has a market of 600 billion USD worldwide, which includes buying, selling, installation and maintenance of sensor data. Well, there’s a substantial contribution of software packages that are acquired for interpretation and data enrichment. By the way, this investment generates data, which is then used by the sensor data owner for prima usage or it gets enhanced with value-added comprehension and re-traded. DataBroker DAO is actually the maiden attempt to bridge the gap between sensor data owners and potential consumers; and they do it making the most of telecommunication infrastructure, running all those sensor networks based on SigFox, LoRa and GSM.

How is DataBroker  project a good one?

Today, it’s Internet controlling even our conscience possibly. Data sensor taking over almost everything, today we have reached here to discuss how to enhance its industry and make data sensor business much feasible. Similar to other ICOs such as Repux, Dragon, iOlite, SafeHavenBunnyToken, the project is a marketplace enabled on blockchain platform for incorporating tokenization and decentralization into the system. The concept of the project is to enable incentivization of sensor data for Internet of Things, converting the drowning costs into a regular income stream.

Since the concept of new-age is smartening almost everything living around, we should also know how we get all those messages in a wink, on our device screens.  These devices collect data via sensors. Each device has very specified set of purpose, just Fitness Trackers won’t track your car, but heart beats, number of jumps, lazy hours and etc. This is why, data can be used only for single drive in a silo and not to be used for any other area or purpose. The authority of DataBroker DAO project wants to abridge the variety of sensor data owners and purchasers onto a single platform and also monetize their participation.

Note* Today, the beta version of this project is available online.

How is this project supposed to work?

The key goal of this project is to launch distributed marketplace for IoT sensor data, which will further abridge consumers and owners of sensor data onto a single platform. The entire system is supposed to be running in blockchain, involving sensors owners, network owners and data processors as well.

Today’s businesses are aiming for something more and advanced. Most of them basically want sensor data to enhance all their operations. The consequence is a single purpose data network. DataBroker DAO is simply aiming to allow everyone and anyone to access these data, including an individual, organizations and entrepreneurs at a low to lower cost. They project is aimed to bolster the mankind to a truly ‘smart living.’

Should you invest in this project, if so what’s the procedure?

Investment in any field with any purpose associates risk factors, so is in Crypto-market. However, this project is so taking care of the privacy of data distribution, which is why, they are planning on building a marketplace where respective data owners and consumers come together and participate on their own. Such as, if you are considering selling your fitness tracker data for Television Commercial, you will be absolutely free to do that. If you are considering buying smart device data from almost all types of owners, but living in one region, joining DataBRoker DAO makes the perfect choice.

In another bright example, let’s suppose there are farmers, wanting to buy sensor data to have a look at the weather forecast for a particular region. Farmers can make the most such information to help them plan a fruitful harvest. This eventually can bring higher revenue into a particular market. Little do you know that 9 billion IoT sensors are currently active worldwide. Out of this number, mostly are under full-swing utilization and they are worth 600 billion USD across the world market.

Industries that have ardent demands for sensor data are –

  • Agriculture
  • Academy
  • Environmental studies

Now, how can you invest in such promising project?

Every good project has to go through massive investment in order to roll into production initially. Same is the condition with DataBroker DAO. They too came LIVE with token-sale. Since their pre-ICO sale has been a great event, here’s how they have planned for their main token-sale phase –

  • Start date: 19th of March, 2018
  • End date: 26th of March, 2018
  • Token Symbol: DTX
  • Tokens distributed: 60%
  • Token rate: 1 ETH = 1000 DATA
  • Referral Bonus: 5% of sold tokens


The mains, who will be benefitting from this project include sensor owners, network operators, smart city initiative projects, academics, agricultural sector and sensor manufacturers.

They all will be allowed monetizing their data and convert any drowning money into revenue stream. Network owners are somehow will be allowed to pick up speed and scale in their business. Apart from these, smart city initiatives and agricultural sector will be able to restrict their upfront cost of a populous city with adequate sensors and also turn the spending into a profit-worthy investment. Speaking of agricultural sector, only 10% of farmers are tech-savvy. What they do is deploy sensors for temperature, humidity, wind and barometric pressure measurement. Lastly, and not the least of course, institutions will be able to get millions of sensors and purchase data straight from the owners. The cost is also cheaper on this blockchain-enabled marketplace.

Hence, if you are considering investing in an ICO, you can choose DataBroker DAO project. Not just the wise token allocation, but their purpose deserves to be supported. A smart city will contribute to building a smart earth.


  • Matthew van Niekerk
    Matthew van Niekerk
    Matthew van Niekerk
    (Co-Founder & CEO) - Founded and exited two companies in Japan, then got his MBA in Belgium, after which he joined a large financial institution, performing a variety of roles ranging from COO of the consumer finance business line to head of platform innovation for the brokerage and crowdfunding platform.
  • Roderik van der Veer
    Roderik van der Veer
    Roderik van der Veer
    (Co-Founder & CTO) - After Roderik built one of the largest ecommerce computer store sites in Belgium in 1999, he worked in the IT development sector and as CTO grew a traditional marcom agency into a digital powerhouse.
  • Frank Van Geertruyden
    Frank Van Geertruyden
    Frank Van Geertruyden
    (MarCom Director) -
    As a marketing and communication professional with almost 20 years experience in advertising, publishing, sales, automotive, FMCG and ICT, Frank worked on both agency and advertising site before getting on-board at DataBroker DAO.
  • Els Meyvaert
    Els Meyvaert
    Els Meyvaert
    (Project Manager) -
    Els worked as account manager in various financial institutions until she moved back to her first love, communication.
  • Cassandre Vandeputte
    Cassandre Vandeputte
    Cassandre Vandeputte
    (Solution Analyst) -
    Cassandre has earned her stripes in the blockchain innovation labs at Accenture before joining SettleMint this year.
  • Tom De Block
    Tom De Block
    Tom De Block
    (Blockchain Architect) - A serial entrepreneur with active companies in Belgium, Spain and eastern Europe and a strong background in quality assurance in large financial institutions across Europe.
  • Veronica Murguia
    Veronica Murguia
    Veronica Murguia
    (Investment Advisor) - Experienced Venture Development Consultant with a demonstrated history and track record of working in the early stage investment services and entrepreneurship industry.
  • Silke Van den Broeck
    Silke Van den Broeck
    Silke Van den Broeck
    (Blockchain Developer) - After working with cutting edge web and mobile technologies in multiple Belgian startups, Silke decided to use her experience as a full-stack developer to help lift the SettleMint tech to a higher level.
  • Rutger Bevers
    Rutger Bevers
    Rutger Bevers
    (Full Stack Engineer) -
    Rutger is passionate about building digital products that are deeply innovative and benefit society.
  • Magomet Tsanajev
    Magomet Tsanajev
    Magomet Tsanajev
    (Content Creator) -
    During his studies in Marketing and Communications, Mago discovered his passion for the Blockchain technology.
  • Charles de Bergeyck
    Charles de Bergeyck
    Charles de Bergeyck
    (CFO) - Finance professional with a 20 years demonstrated experience and track record of working in small companies to large corporations in the US and Sweden, along with with entrepreneurial start-up experience.
  • Astrid Janssens
    Astrid Janssens
    Astrid Janssens
    (Management Assistant) - Always seeking to find the best administrative solution and on a mission to get things organised. Passionate problem solver and always willing to lend a hand or give support.
  • Peter-Jan Brone
    Peter-Jan Brone
    Peter-Jan Brone
    (Blockchain Developer) -
    Passionate coder, with an emphasis on queueing, caching and performance of distributed systems
  • Ridah El Awad
    Ridah El Awad
    Ridah El Awad
    (Blockchain Consultant) - People management experience, synthesizing conflicting information quickly, and pivoting with new learnings.


  • 1
    The presale phase of this token sale event starts on March 5th, 2018 at 4PM CET. During this presale a 50% token bonus applies (6000 DTX/ETH) and the minimum purchase amount during this period is 10 ETH.
  • 2
    The main sale will start April 26th, 2018 at 4PM CET. The sale will run for 4 week. The first day a 10% bonus will be awarded.
  • 3
    The tokens will not be tradeable until 1 week after the sale ends (May 30th, 2018). At this point in time we have a commitment to list the DTX token on at that time and are identifying one or two more exchanges to list it on, by that time
  • 4
    With the availability and the ability to trade the DTX token, the platform can move to the mainnet.
  • 5
    One of the larger challenges for DataBroker DAO will be scaling the team fast enough to cope with market demands. Onboarding a new sales team and additional developers is a daunting task. Since September this has been an active focus and this will be the case for the years to come.
  • 6
    The main road to mass adoption is integrating with gateway operators that enable the onboarding of millions of sensors in one go. The DataBroker DAO platform will be integrated with the gateways of these gateway operators. We will be working on both common standards and libraries to ease integration, and perform the initial integrations for the first operators in the DataBroker DAO Alliance.
  • 7
    On the one hand is the focus of DataBroker DAO mostly on the dAPI. This is where the data streams will flow over, and combined with the smart contracts the core value of the platform. We expect quite a few gateway operators to use the dAPI to build a marketplace in their existing platforms. There will however be quite a few that do not have an integrated approach, or no existing systems to integrate with. That is the reason we will build a DataBroker DAO marketplace frontend and offer this frontend in a white labeled form to gateway operators. When first launching the platform this interface will be a basic one, and will require a diverse set of skills (information architecture, design, web and mobile development) over in the first two years to build a tier one frontend. This will be a heavy focus for Q3 of 2018 to reach the next guideline.
  • 8
    Working with our alliance members has taught us a lot. Including the fact that there is a large set of data in the market that companies want to sell to either anyone except a competitor, or to just a whitelisted group of companies. As such this capability will be integrated in the smart contracts from the start, and work in the frontend side will continue into Q4 2018.
  • 9
    Having easy access to large amounts of data opens up a wealth of options for many startups across the globe. Enhancement and aggregation will provide even more valuable data than the raw data itself. The team will look for, and work with partners in the Alliance to provide valuable services based on the raw data by providing libraries and integrations for commonly used tools. Integration with AI tools (like provided by the large cloud providers, or Tensorflow) come to mind. Initial integrations will be made with the dataprocessors in our Alliance in Q1 2019

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