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Dentix (DNTX) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Dentix aims to create a user-centric, globally distributed, decentralized, open-source dental electronic health record platform by using smart contracts and blockchain technology. This platform will give complete access to the patient to dentists and in-network professionals in a secure and transparent way.

Dentix (DNTX) Analysis

What is Dentix (DNTX) all about?

This platform will allow a secure interchange of medical records between dentists and their patients. The user-centric platform will include a feedback mechanism, known as “True View”, which offers users the possibility of creating a catalogue of verified and unbiased reviews of provided services.


Features such as a doctor-patient message system and DNTX payments will also be integrated into this platform by the core development team. This project is a result of a collaboration between patients, dentists, blockchain engineers, health professionals, and business advisors.

What does Dentix (DNTX) aim to be?

The primary goal of this project is to develop a decentralized and user-centric electronic health record (EHR) system that uses Ethereum blockchain technology as an effective way for recording, storing, and transferring dental records. This platform could be the solution to the issues and problems that current her system experiences.

What is Dentix’s (DNTX) new innovation?

THe EHR system is an electronic version of the medical history of patients, which is systematically maintained by this platform over a period of time. The EHR system may include essential administrative clinical data of the patient that are relevant to their personal care.

Secured with Ethereum blockchain technology

  1. This platform is resistant to hacking as it makes use of the state-of-the-art Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contracts for its development.
  2. The users’ confidential information will be stored in a tamper-proof place where critical records of the patient cannot be removed or changed.
  3. It means that patients have easy access to their records anytime, anywhere.
  4. Patients have complete control over their health records on this platform.
  5. The use of advanced blockchain technology offers an anonymous place for patients to submit reviews on medical procedures that were performed on them.

Smart contracts for dental health

  1. Smart contracts build on Ethereum blockchain technology are considered to be a reliable way to record an agreement on a set of records, data, or business transactions.
  2. The use of secured smart contracts allows an efficient way to eliminate the trust factor related to dentists systematically securing the patient’s sensitive information .
  3. Using cutting-edge smart contracts, the software solution of the project validates the patients’ records.
  4. The records are then permanently stored in a well-distributed database.
  5. As the blockchain is supported publically, anybody, including patients will be able to see their records.
  6. The records stored on this platform will be secured using advanced cryptography so that the identities of the patient stay anonymous.
  7. While ensuring the safety of private records, this user-centric platform will create a trustless interoperable database.


Solution to health record interoperability

  1. Each dentist is expected to create, hold, and transfer accurate and complete dental records of the patients.
  2. The secure transfer of the patient charts, within the network or any other dental clinics on this platform, is enabled through this decentralized platform.

Modular content delivery network (CDN) and DNTX payment system

  1. This platform is fully equipped with a modular CDN that enables clinics to effectively upgrade to a new custom scheduling system.
  2. It will also enable clinics to systematically integrate their existing system into the CDN.
  3. This project will also introduce a brand-new cryptocurrency (DNTX) that can be earned, spent, and traded to pay for dental services on this platform.

Secure messaging platform for the doctor and patient conversion

  1. It will provide a secure messaging platform for the doctor-patient messaging system using mobile apps and desktops as its own messaging server.
  2. In order to enable a secure patient-to-provider communication, this platform uses true end-to-end encryption.

DNTX token price and token sale

The total number of tokens issued during the ICO sale will be 300,000,000 DNTX tokens. The value of the token from the exchange is Ether since DNTX is ERC20 compatible just like other ICO tokens such as ODEM, Requitix, Shping, TV-TWO, BunnyToken, Gamblica, LocalCoinSwap. The ICO sale of this token will allow interested investors to purchase Dentix tokens early as well as contribute and support the development of this project.

DNTX token details

  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token name: DNTX
  • ICO start date: March 1, 2018.
  • ICO end date: 30 days with a possibility of an early completion if a hard cap is reached.
  • Price: 0.001 ETH / DNTX.
  • Hard cap: USD28,000,000
  • Bonus: Participants will receive a bonus from 5% to 20% during the ICO sale.
  • Additional token sale (pending approval): March 1, 2019.

Dentix token participation

How to participant in the token sale?

Once the ICO sale is launched, interested investors must send the desired amount of ETH for purchasing DNTX tokens to the smart contract address published on the token purchase page.

Distribution of tokens

  • 3% of the tokens will be reserved for the bounty campaign team.
  • 3% of the tokens will be reserved for ICO partner advisors.
  • 9% of the tokens will be reserved for founders and management of the ICO.
  • 15% of the tokens will be reserved for marketing.
  • 70% of the tokens will be distributed to the community.

Funds allocation

  • The funds collected during the pre-ICO sale will be used for the continuous development of the Dentix platform.
  • They will also be used for increasing the Dentix market awareness, the development of Dentix True View (™) module and the development of Mobile Applications for both patient and provider.

The team behind Dentix

The core development team associated with this project consists of:

  • Daniel V Markelov, Founder, CEO.
  • Kellie Clemmer, Co-Founder, Business Development.
  • Pavel Rubin, Blockchain, Cryptography Lead.

Just like popular ICO tokens sucha as Cibus, THEKEYTrustaBit, MedTokens, Play2LiveApollo, AQwire, Dentix solutions rely on a team of qualified and experienced professionals.


Dentix could systematically reduce operating expenses, resulting in the growth of dental businesses and the economy. Clinics around the world will be able to improve their services offered to lower income segment by reducing operating costs. Dentix offers a solution to the problems of the dental industry. The value of cryptocurrency will rise as the Dentix coin become a naturally accepted coin within the Dentix ecosystem. It will also empower the community to grow exponentially.

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