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Dether (DTH) ICO Review – ICO Token News

The Blockchain technology has disrupted the way many industries work today. Decentralization has always been a blockchain’s heart and soul. With bitcoins came the first-ever application of the blockchain technology; later, this technology was refined by Ethereum—an ecosystem built for creating unstoppable decentralized applications (DApps). However, despite its benefits, the Ethereum platform along with its digital currency is not been widely adopted by the masses.

The mass adoption has not happened for Ethereum because of many factors: buying cryptocurrencies is still a long and tedious process, financial institutions influence buying and selling of ether, and the presence of the credit-card barriers. These reasons are proving to be the biggest roadblock to adopting Ether and its ecosystem at a large scale. Enter Dether—the world’s first-ever P2P network that is powered by Ethereum’s smart contracts. Here, let us analyze why exactly does Dether matter in today’s crypto world.

Dether Analysis

What is Dether?

Dether is the first cutting-edge, user-friendly, decentralized mobile app that empowers users to trade tokens and Ether coins for cash. Dether simply breaks all the barriers prohibiting the users to adopt the blockchain technology on a large scale; in simple terms, this mobile app is a kind of decentralized bridge between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

This platform is building the first P2P ecosystem of crypto sellers, buyers, and physical shops that are willing to sell and buy Ether and other tokens for traditional currencies sans the middlemen. Having this mobile app, people get the most robust infrastructure for adopting the Ethereum technology and experiencing its wonders in their daily lives.

The best part is that Dether is available for smartphones, and no bank account is required to sell and buy Ether coins; not even a special form of plastic money is required for spending the Ether coins at different physical stores. In short, this mobile app brings a better solution that brings down the use of different financial institutions—and this unique ecosystem lowers the barriers to adopting Ethereum worldwide.

Dether innovation

Buying and selling Ether get simple with Dether 

Dether is a DApp that gives the owner of ETH coins the ultimate ability to buy and sell them for cash anytime, anywhere. The core development team behind this DApp knew from the get-go that Ethereum will not know mass adoption unless it has become easily accessible to everyone. Because of this factor alone, Dether was built to streamline Ethereum adoption and make the interaction with ETH’s blockchain quick worldwide. This game-changing DApp will simply eliminate the need of any bank account; so with this app, the user will simply need an internet-enabled smartphone to begin using ETH coins. 

Using Ether coins at any physical store nearby

With Dether, the users will easily discover all the physical stores that are accepting Ether coins. There are many other tokens,such as Volinex, Viso Global, TBIS, FintruX, SuperPay, MedTokens, Fabric Token, Luckbox which are also based on Ethereum. As Ethereum’s popularity is rising day by day worldwide, more businesses have started accepting Ether coins. For accelerating the mass adoption of ETH coins, Dether will allow the users to find out all those shops nearby that are: 

  • Accepting Ether coins as a medium to pay for products or services
  • Willing to sell or buy Ether for cash 

Expanding commercial opportunities for shop owners 

By listing on the Dether map, business owners can expand their commercial world by creating opportunities. These shop owners, through this DApp, can let the world know that they are accepting Ether coins. As the number of Ether buyers and sellers using the Dether app grows from strength to strength, such a business’s opportunities will grow as well.

Bringing security to the sellers and buyers 

Unlike other existing crypto solutions, this DApp has a complete tech roadmap that easily integrates with a number of key elements belonging to decentralization. In this ecosystem, there is absolutely no centralized entity having control over user conversations, funds, and accounts. Every piece of communication, which involves sellers and buyers, happening on this platform is completely decentralized. Having decentralization at its core, this revolutionary mobile app will reimagine security in every sense of the word. Also, the platform will never hold a user’s funds, and she/he will remain anonymous. This entire ecosystem is powered by Ethereum smart contracts; by using these smart contracts, this network has earned the reputation of being purely decentralized. Further, the buyers and sellers will have their own public reputation ratings that will be based on the number of transactions that are successfully processed.

Dether token price and sale

This DApp will introduce DTR tokens which will be ERC20 compliant. These ICO tokens will be at the center of the entire Dether network and will fuel the transactions happening with it.

Other ICO details

  • ÐTH token maximum supply: 100,000,000 ÐTH tokens are planned to be minted while the crowdsale is live.
  • The maximum cap on crowdsale is set at 15,000 ETH coins
  • Only ETH coins will be accepted to buy ÐTH tokens
  • Token sale’s opening date: February 7, 2018
  • Token sale’s closing date: March 7, 2018
  • Symbol: ÐTH


Apart from Dether, there are many other companies also launch their ICO like Thrive, ODEM, Requitix, Joinwell, Havven, Amon, TokenLend and many more.

Dether team

This DApp’s co-founders are Mehdi Amari and Hamid Benyahia. Benyahia is a blockchain consultant and serial entrepreneur; whereas Mehdi is an end-to-end Ethereum and JavaScript developer. The two of them met in France through their mutual connections in the Ethereum ecosystem. After their initial meetings, they started working on the blockchain’s proof of concepts; these concepts were meant for many companies present on the CAC 40. Apart from these two co-founders, the team includes developers, programmers, and other marketing specialists.

Summarizing Dether

As a mobile app, Dether plans to harness Ethereum’s raw power. With this app, the users can find all the local merchants who are accepting the Ether coins; also, this app will find a localized teller that will let you exchange traditional currencies for Ether coins. Further, this DApp will even let you be your own teller and post the rate at which you will be willingly trading the Ethereum cryptocurrency. All in all, this crypto project is definitely a unique concept aimed at improving the practicality and usability of Ethereum.

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