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Dimensions Network (STC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Dimensions Network (STC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is Dimensions Network?

The approach of Dimensions Network towards the cryptocurrency ecosystem is both operative and business-centric and focuses on innovation and research. The company says that it learns important lessons and creates knowledge while providing solutions to real-world problems, and makes use of this to take advantage of its existing position within the market.

The trading engine has built a centralized Derivative Trading Platform that allows support for coin pair trading, options’ contracts, and future contracts.

It expects a great interest for these new derivatives network which provides its users cryptographically protected derivative trading.

Dimensions Network has taken advantage of its industry knowledge and customer base to create a real-time transactional currency. It is determined to introduce solutions and concentrate on launches in geographical areas where there is significant friction in the current banking system.

In addition, the company wants to share its success story with those who hold their tokens by reserving of 15% of the platform’s trading fees for its Ethereum addresses. The token holders will also be provided with an equivalent share of the new tokens created for their real-time currency.
Dimention Network

Dimensions Network solutions

Similar to other ICOs like CoinLion, CoinStarter, InsurePal, PocketInns, Serenity, Lendoit available in the cryptoworld these days, Dimensions Network intends to offer a large variety of trading products in addition to an ordinary cryptocurrency exchange. Below are set out the solutions the company has decided to make available through its platform:

Multiple trading products

1 – Advanced derivative trading products comprising normal trading, shorting, regular trading, margin trading, options trading, and futures trading.

Exchange aggregator

1 – This allows users to obtain the best price from any exchange.

2 – Users need not buy at a high price, as compared to someone else, as they do not have an account on the cheapest exchange.

3 – The company intends to create an exchange liquidity aggregator (ELA) that will enable you to sell or buy at the best possible price, from the best possible exchange, making via the Dimensions Network.

4 – The ELA will enable you to do trading on other exchanges using the platform, thus saving you effort and time.
Dimention Network_features

Maximum availability and scalability

1 – Dimensions Network’s trading engine is scripted in Erlang, a programming language, providing maximum scalability and nonstop availability.

2 – Erlang’s runtime system comes with built-in support for coincurrency, distribution and fault tolerance.

Centralized and decentralized

1 – The system is essentially “centralized decentralized liquidity sharing”.

2 – This denotes that you will be provided with lighting fast trading on the centralized platform, alongside liquidity sharing into the cryptographically guaranteed decentralized exchange platform.

3 – It is an amalgamation of a traditional centralized exchange in addition to the advantages of a decentralized liquidity pool.

Multi-blockchain asset support

1 – The company offers support for blockchain assets through multiple blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT for coin pair trading, options, and futures.

2 – In the upcoming months, it has plans to offer support for the top 10 cryptocurrencies and then it plans to shift to ERC20 tokens and altcoins.

Fiat funding and withdrawal

1 – Dimensions Network also plans to acquire a banking license that will allow it to send and accept fiat transfers (EUR, USD, KRW, SGD, and JPY) without any problems.

2 – The company says that it will accept their funds and take advantage of the liquidity on its exchange, and the other exchanges it is connected to, with a view to sourcing the required quantity of coins with the least possible impact on the market price on any one exchange

3 – The company also plans to exploit the Forex markets to complement its clients’ currency with the acquired currency on the pertinent exchange.

Multi-platform support

1 – Users will also be able to access the Dimensions Network platform over their web browser, mobile device, and API (REST API and JSON data feeds).

Options’ contract & Futures’ contract

Options’ Contract

The options’ contract allows the buyer (be it the option holder or the owner) to sell and buy an essential instrument or asset at a specific Strike Price on a set date, relying upon the category of the option.

Its feature of ‘Call Option’ provides the owners with the right to make a purchase at a certain price for a certain duration. On the other hand, its feature of ‘Put Option’ allows the seller to sell at a certain price for a certain duration. The Options’ Contract can generally be used for leverage and hedging.

Futures’ Contract

A Futures’ Contract is an implied agreement made between two parties – a seller and a buyer – wherein the latter agrees to buy from the former. The agreement involves a set amount of cryptocurrency, at a certain time in the future, for a pre-defined price. Both the parties agree on these details at the time of the transaction. You can freely trade futures’ contracts on exchanges because they are standardized in terms of contract sizes and expiry dates.

A buyer cannot identify the seller, and neither can a seller identify the buyer. Unlike options’ contracts, both parties are under obligation to carry out the transaction at the suitable time.

What is Strike Token (STC)?

Just as other ICOs like CrowdWiz, Mirocana, Requitix, ODEM, Luckbox  Dimensions Network also dubs its ICO as Strike Coin (STC). This token helps in carrying out a number of functions. This is a business ICO. To begin with, the company wishes to use it to distribute rewards to its token holders. Then it will share the generated trading fees with its token holders as a ‘reward’. The token type is ERC 20, whereas its issuance price is set at 1 ETH = 2,400 STC. The company aims to raise 50,000 ETH, and the maximum possible issuance of the token is 240,000,000.


Note: If you are a citizen, resident (tax or otherwise) or green card holder of the United States of America you cannot participate in the Dimensions Network Initial Token Sale, nor can you buy any STC tokens.

The Dimensions Network ICO token sale will start from 24 Jan 2018 06:00 (UTC) (UTC), and finish on 24 Feb 2018 06:00 (UTC).

STC token sale distribution

The company has decided to reserve

  • 60% for the token sale.
  • 20% for business partnerships and advisors.
  • 10% for founders (tokens locked up for two years).
  • 10% for employee incentives.

Dimention Network token distribution

STC token rewards

The company has decided to issue a 15% share of all trading fees to its token holders as a reward.

At first, the company will distribute these rewards every three months in Ethereum tokens, to all of its token holders. The duration between issuance of rewards will come down as the volume of rewards goes higher. Over the period, the company anticipates to move to weekly, daily, and monthly rewards to its token holders.

1 – In order to ensure that all token holders receive the rewards, the company strongly advises token holders to keep their tokens in a wallet from where it will be easy for them to keep a control over the private key such as MyEtherWallet.

2 – Alternatively, they can keep their tokens in its platform wallet. It is noted that only the tokens that are kept on exchanges will be able to receive the rewards if the exchange allocates the rewards to its token holders.

3 – Transparency holds utmost importance when it comes to bringing trust to a system. Dimensions Network plans to execute cryptographic proof of trading volumes and reserve systems. 

Dimensions Network roadmap

The company already launched its demo platform in Q4 of 2017.

1 – Q1, 2018: it aims to launch its web-based trading platform, token sale, and then apply for multiple banking licenses. In the same quarter, it aims to develop an exchange aggregator service.

2 -Q2, 2018: it has plans to develop the decentralized platform, and then start the process of Fiat banking block-end development. In the same quarter, it wants to launch its iOS and Android applications, and also build proof of concepts for real-time currency.

3 – Q4, 2018: the company aims to roll out its decentralized platform, and then launch the exchange aggregator. In the very same quarter, its real-time currency private beta is slated to be rolled out.

4 – Q1, 2019: the company has plans to expand the geographical areas of its real-time currency by making its country specific launch with business partners.

Dimention Network Umbrella PlanDimensions Network competitors

Nowadays, the significant part of cryptocurrency trading activity involves the selling and buying of major cryptocurrencies. However, there has been very little development in offering derivative products, excluding Bitcoin, where only ‘approved’ investors can avail of the new platforms.

It becomes too difficult to access the renowned exchanges when there is price volatility, their services are either inaccessible due to malicious attacks, or are overloaded by users.

This deficiency of real-time system availability frustrates users, and leads to considerable losses as a result.

Today’s fiat markets manage large trading volumes, and Dimensions Network is exploiting these methodologies and lessons to set up its own platform.

There are many newly funded projects that comprise derivative trading and exchange platforms in their roadmap. Yet, most of them focus on establishing decentralized networks on untried and untested technologies, which consumes a substantial amount of time, and may not be as efficient as a centralized platform.

The trading engine may therefore competition from these newly funded projects, for example; Jibrel Network, Asteroid. In addition, it considers LedgerX and Deribit as its direct competitors in the derivatives market.

Dimensions Networks fund allocation

The company aims to fund all of its platform-associated developments from the collected token sale funds.

It intends to fund the development and launch of the real-time currency from profits that it will obtain through the platform.

  • It has allocated 45% for its development fund.
  • it has reserved 15% for its marketing and sales process.
  • The company also reserves 15% for compliance and regulation.
  • For admin and operations it has held 10%.
  • It also reserves 5% for exchange liquidity.
  • 5% for legal.
  • 5% for bug bounty.

Dimensions Network team

Stephen Mullens (CEO): The CEO and founder of Dimensions Network is a corporate manager from the energy sector, and has expertise in corporate governance, risk management, research, and remote operations as well as C, Java Script, Visual Basic, Python, PHP, SQL, and HTML.

Rin Chwe Me (Head of Operations): She is an entrepreneur, and director at Snovits.

Manu Datta (CTO): He is a technologist, project manager, and senior developer for leading international banks, comprising Barclays, Standard Chartered, Morgan Stanley, CLSA, and Lehman Brothers.


While Dimensions Network is yet to come up with its trading platform, the concept of a hybrid solution sounds impressive and interesting.

The final success of this platform will surely rely upon the funds accumulated during the ICO. So far, the company’s social channels do not hint at high levels of investor interest.

However, if the optimistic financial projections of the STC turn out as anticipated, then the token holders will benefit from an attractive commission program, which ought to convert into increased popularity for the new cryptocurrency asset.

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