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DIW Token (DIW) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Sensitive data were traditionally saved on centralized software that may be easily accessed by its developers and hackers.

The DIW platform will ensure secure access and storage sensitive and private data by registered account holders by utilizing cutting-edge Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contracts.

DIW Token (DIW) Analysis

DIW Intro

What is DIW Token all about?

DIW Token seeks to systematically resolve the issues of security vulnerabilities of private and sensitive data such as login details, ID documentation, personal identification documents, etc. Smart contracts and Ethereum blockchain technology are used for development of this project by the development team behind this project.

This platform will enhance the use of cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment by building a check-out system that accepts ETH, BTC and other cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies for payment.

How DIW platform works?

By using the DIW healthcare module within the DIW platform, a holder of DIW tokens, whether he is a healthcare or a patient, will be able to store, transfer and update sensitive health records. The healthcare records are highly encrypted, privately stored, and secured within the blockchain technology.

Area of application

Healthcare, Paid Escrow, Global Directory, Payment Gateway, and Secure Digital Vault are some of the applications of this platform.

  1. Secure Digital Vault

Users will be able to store their digital data and personal information such as sensitive information, bank details, credit cards, identification documents, and passwords (key-locker).

  • Storage

The DIW network will be deployed on a peer-to-peer protocol for data distribution. This platform will be materialized utilizing DIW holders’ equipment both their processing power as well as storage. The platform will be able to maintain the network as well as transfer and store files while keeping them secured and encrypted. In addition, the key development team will provide the support of private servers that will assure availability and efficiency. Users who need a high volume of storage space will be able to purchase additional storage by using DIW tokens.

  • Data transfer

Within their digital identification wallet, users will be able to transfer or share their personal data in part or in whole.  “Smart contract technology” is utilized by the key member of the team to systematically execute the secure transfer of sensitive data of the users on their digital identification wallet. Users will be able to define a set of rules by using smart contracts.

Once the contract has been accepted by the recipient, the set of rules such as password generation, specific file access permission, a period of access, termination access policies as well as confidentiality agreement featuring acceptance policies will be automatically enforced.

  • Know Your Supplier (KYS) and Know Your Client (KYC)

All the necessary documents requested for KYC or KYS processes can be prepared, uploaded and maintained within the network by the DIW users. Updated records of the passport, tax reports, bank certificates, utility bills and clear criminal record certificates should be uploaded by the users in order to prepare and maintain the documents for KYC and KYS processes.

The users will be shared data with whoever necessary through secure transfer built-in system of this platform after the platform has collected and stored all the last record data. KYS/KYS module of this platform will allow the user to initiate a smart contract that is built on Ethereum blockchain technology. Period of access and confidentiality agreement will be ensured due to the cutting-edge blockchain technology.

  1. Payment gateway for fiat and cryptocurrency

E-commerce and other website owners using DIW single login decentralized platform would be able to accept fiat currency and cryptocurrency in a new, secure and exciting manner. The transaction fee will be less than 70% than traditional payment platforms such as PayPal and VISA. Website owners will the pay the transaction fees in DIW tokens.

A free integration plugin for Joomla and WordPress website will be included with the primary launch of this platform. Check-out services will be offered this platform and it will accept payments in any cryptocurrency.

The payment gateway will allow users to checkout without the need to provide any kind of information such as contact details, billing address, delivery address, etc. the payment will be automatically received by the website owners and it will be assured by the DIW network. The trust between both parties will be assured as the payment will be validated by the platform community.

  1. Global directory

This platform will have a rating system for all the users. It will systematically utilize a complex algorithm that will efficiently assess the data quality of the account holder. The trust between parties will be increased by assessing the history of transactions, review depth, and comments. The global directory rating of the users will be enhanced when more KYS/KYC related data will be shared among the community members.

Depending on the score of the recipient account, the rating score of the account holder will increase. Only trusted profiles will be featured within the global directory after having and analyzed KYC or KYS related data. Users will be able to list their products or services within the global directory after having been validated.

Users will be able to access the global directory through the DIW platform and its official website. Only the users of this platform will be able to really benefit from this global directory although the directory will be available and open to the public.

  1. Paid Escrow

The smart contract based escrow services are one of another feature of this platform.  This service will systematically safeguard transactions carried out among different parties within this platform. It is simple to use but at the same time smart and sophisticated. Before permitting the execution of the final contract, this feature will ensure that all the predefined terms will be met. The level of trust between different parties will increase due to paid escrow services for this platform.  Paid escrow services make this platform a safe place to do business on.

This service is ideal for the exchange of digital data where transactions will be fully controlled by blockchain and smart contracts.

DIW Bonus Structure

How DIW Token better than other solutions?

As compared to its competitors and other similar projects, the DIW token has a high level of value protection and level of security. Users will be able to carry out cryptocurrency transactions at a cost-effective rate while systematically preserving their financial and non-financial data.

What problem is this project solving?

  1. Growing online fraud

It has become extremely difficult to find trustworthy businesses and individuals to work online. A large number of businesses and individuals are being scammed every year scammed online. As per the recent global survey, it was revealed that more than 75 companies around the world have fallen victims of fraud and suffered financial loss. Businesses are left with substandard services, products or even worse nothing at all. The cases of fraud to individuals are even higher as they are less prepared.

  1. Advancing Data Breaches

The amount of sensitive and important data being stolen or intercepted around the world has increased at an exponential rate over the last few years. The data breaches have affected individuals and businesses alike and can have unimaginable consequences both offline and online.

  1. Utilising cryptocurrency

The total market cap of all the cryptocurrencies has seen a significant increase in a period of just 12 months. Cryptocurrencies are solely used within the online exchanges and investor community.

Solutions provided by this platform

The platform plans to bridge and solve all these problems and issues with the introduction of its global, decentralized, blockchain-based network, complete with its own cryptocurrency and ecosystem.

DIW Token Information

Why is DIW Token a good project?

People find it difficult to assess which businesses or individuals are truthful in the way they claim online in today’s internet dependent society.  It is hard for businesses and individuals to spot scammers.  People around the world are more and more reluctant to proceed with online transactions due to lack of the trust. The global directory of the DIW aims to resolve such issues and establishes trust between different parties by using smart contracts and blockchain technology.

Benefits of the Global Directory of this platform

Blockchain technology is used to ensure complete transparency in the global directory of this platform. Based on the minimum rating score of DIW holders, the website owners will be able to pre-select whether or not they will accept crypto or fiat currency transactions. Based on their rating score, the users of this platform will be able to sort registered businesses listed on this platform within the global directory. For added reassurance whilst initiating a transaction on this platform, DIW account holders will be able to the additional option of utilizing the DIW escrow services.

What is DIW Token new innovation?

The core development team will develop and supply its own hardware wallet that will ensure maximum security to demanding premium members. Unprecedented levels of protection and security of sensitive data on this platform will be attained due to use of Ethereum blockchain technology.

The development team plans to introduce its own cryptocurrency tokens, which are known as DIW tokens. This token will be used by the registered account holders to transact with other businesses and individual account holders.

The ER-20 token compatible DIW tokens will act as a “collect on delivery” service. With or without 3rd party intermediaries monitoring the transaction, DIW holders will be able to initiate a transaction based on pre-specified terms.

The DIW payment gateway will also be introduced by the development team associated with the project. This gateway will provide an excellent opportunity for individuals and businesses to pay or to be paid with validated DIW community members sharing their contact details securely along the way.

DIW Token Price and Token Sale

DIW token is distributed on the Ethereum blockchain and are ERC-20 compliant just like other ICO tokens such as Rate Date, BunnyToken, Global Spy, Darico, Bountie, Fintechbit, FRIENDZ, Ponder. The DIW tokens can be privately traded after having been distributed at the end of the ICO. In addition, it can be used for services with the DIW network. Additional tokens can be purchased or sold on cryptocurrency exchanges.

DIW ICO detail:

  • Token: DIW.
  • Price: 8000 DIW= 1 ETH.
  • Pre-ICO will start on 6th March 2018 and will end on 20th March 2018.
  • ICO start date: 27th march 2018
  • ICO end date: 10th April 2018
  • Platform: Ethereum.
  • Total number of tokens to be ever created: 1 billion.
  • Bitcoin (BTC) is accepted as an exception for large amount for pre-ICO.
  • Minimum contribution amount during the pre-ICO: 0.5 ETH
  • Minimum contribution amount during the ICO sale: 0.05 ETH
  • Decimals: 18
  • Bonuses: up to 40%
  • At the end of the ICO sale, all the unsold tokens will be burned.
  • No additional tokens will be created after the token sale.
  • Payment accepted: ETH.
  • Restricted areas: USA, China and Singapore.
  • Hard cap: 28, 000, 000 USD.

How to participate in the ICO token sale?

Interested participants will require the visit the official website of this project and click onto the “GET DIW token”. As per the instruction provided of the official website, participants will have to register their contribution.

DIW Token Distribution

Token distribution

  • 2% will be allocated as bounty rewards.
  • 5% will be allocated for partners and advisors.
  • 8% will be allocated for future partners.
  • 15% will be allocated as founders tokens.
  • 70% will be released for sale during the ICO sale.

Use of funds

  • 5% of the funds will be used as the redundancy funds.
  • 5% of the funds collected will be used for legal consultation and expenses.
  • 5% of the funds will be used for carrying out administrative expenses.
  • 10% of the funds will be used for operational cost including servers, office rental, equipment, etc.
  • 15% of the funds will be used for community management, sales, and marketing of the project.
  • 60% of the funds will be used for design and development of the project.


Just like other ICO tokens, DIW also rely on a team of experienced development team and experts. The key member associated with this project consists of Stephanos Constantinou (CEO and Co-Founder), Christopher Zenios (COO and Co-Founder), and Simon Zenios (Chief Legal Officer).

DIW advisors


Built on Ethereum blockchain (similar to XYO, Upline, DenCity, BitRewards, COTI, BeEasy, Ice Rock Mining, SmartGenie) technology and smart contracts, this platform will introduce the highest levels of safety and security of the stored data such as personal identification documents, financial documentation, login details, health care record, wills, and other much private and sensitive data. Put simply, DIW token is the future of ways in which people will exchange, store and transfer private and sensitive data around the world—and that is why any ICO token investor should consider joining the sale of DIW ICO token.

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