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Energy Premier (EPC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Brief Overview of European and USA Markets

Electricity is growing faster than any other source of energy. Liberalization of the electricity markets is taking sweeps in all continents with state-ownership varying significantly and developing countries opening the markets to private ownership. Market concentration varies as per the country, more suppliers and low market concentrations are the key indicators of the competitive markets. Value pools are expected to increase by 30% within a decade. The utility retail market is reaching its tripping point with external dynamics threatening B2C in energy retail. Here are the three overall trends that are creating an industry revolution across the globe.

  • Global societal pressure for environment friendly energy
  • Regulations that encourage competition and market opening
  • Technical progress at both demand and supply sides

New players are entering and developing the new energy ecosystem, increasing the competition in the energy marketing by fulfilling specific customer needs.

Energy Premier

How Energy Premier Works?

The platform provides a highly streamlined and structured process utilizing blockchain and tokens. It creates a low-cost and fast end-to-end process for all users utilizing blockchain (similar to Celsius, SkyChain, Altair, Lendo, ABYSS) and tokens. A company or individual can create a request for offer. One can choose how they will use EPC tokens to streamline the next energy contract. All suppliers get the same request and can choose to apply or not. Users will see which supplier offered exactly what price and also know the best price. Two minutes after the last offered offer, a decision is generated with details of the request, list of suppliers and best price of the supplier. Using smart contract feature, one can choose to sign a particular offer.

The Problems Solved by Energy Premier

The platform solves the below problems for the users:

Time Saving

The companies have to spend lot of time to write specifications for the consumption of electricity, which may result in the consumption of few hours per day per employees. The platform cuts down this time to half an hour. Other time losses are also cut due to the use of smart contracts.

Checking the Imbalances

The calculation of the risk of imbalances in the final price of electricity could be quite high for the suppliers. Energy Premier calculates all new requests with current energy portfolio pool of the suppliers. This way, they get the opportunity to calculate the lowest percentage of imbalances in the final price.

Energy Premier  Prevention of Corruption

Purchase of the electricity is marred with high risk of corruption. Energy Premier platform utilizes smart contracts and blockchain that do not allow for double-versioned information and thus provide transparency to the process.

Energy Premier  Cutting Out Middle-Men

The platform allows the electricity supplies to participate on retail markets without having own employees, thus cutting the need of middle-men altogether.

About Energy Premier

Requests by Groups

The platform allows the consumers to create group requests and get the best possible price from the suppliers.

Energy Premier Benefits for Suppliers

  • Suppliers can access a large number of consumers who have already expressed willingness to buy.
  • Suppliers have authorization power to give access and control their agents and traders.
  • They can use different criteria to find requests for offers and bids.
  • One can choose to bid automatically for the bids that satisfy criteria.
  • A supplier can automatically generate the offer though standardized inputs.
  • They can create separate products like payment conditions, token-based bids etc. offer through Energy Premier bids.
  • Report that show not only the performance of the supplier on the platform but also offer invaluable market insights and benchmarks.

Benefits for Consumers

  • Access to a large pool of suppliers with few clicks.
  • Consumers can determine conditions and parameters to receive offers.
  • Consumers are saved from the orders of unregistered suppliers.
  • They gain the ability to determine the date when best offer should be received.
  • The platform offers cheapest price to consumers and opportunity to trade through blockchain.
  • The consumers can set parameters for the automatic creation of requests.
  • The platform prevents corruption by freeing up the process from the arms-length dealing.
  • The platform minimizes possibility that the customer risks or overpays for the supply.
  • The platform opens up blockchain to the consumers and provides them opportunity to purchase the products through ecommerce and pay in EMIs.

Energy Premier Token Sale

  • EPC token sale starts on 16th of May 2018 and ends on 15th of June 2018, or till the maximum cap is reached, whichever is earlier.
  • Accepted currencies will be ETH and BTC.
  • A total of 200 billion EPC tokens will ever be created.
  • Out of these 200 billion tokens, 120 billion of 60% tokens will be distributed among the crowdsale supporters.
  • Initial token amount will be 1EPC = $0.0003
  • Hard cap will be of USD 34,050,000.

Distribution of Funds

Funds will be distributed as follows:

  • Sales, customer relations and marketing: 30%
  • Business expansion: 25%
  • Further product development: 15%
  • Software maintenance and development: 10%
  • Market research, consulting and expert advice:7%
  • Team and salary expenses: 5%
  • Outsourcing costs: 5%
  • Legal services and licensing: 3%

Energy Premier work

Token Distribution

EPC Token Distribution will be done as follows:

  • Crowdsale: 60%
  • Team: 20%
  • Bonus for Platform users: 8%
  • Advisors: 7%
  • Initial Investors: 5%


PhD Milos Pantos

Expertise: Development of algorithms, tools and methods in power system operation and planning

Viktor Delov

Expertise: Development of electric power trading, excellence in power trading operations

Kevin Carl Castlunger

Expertise: Expansion across geographies, formation of key market partnerships

Luka Prelevic

Expertise: Strategic positioning of Energy Premier, market partnerships and business model innovation.

Blagoja Petrusev

Expertise: General management of software development, platform stability and compliance technologies


Energy Premier is a blockchain (like ODEM, Requitix, BunnyToken, TV-TWO, Signals) and cloud based electricity retail bidding platform. It allows the energy suppliers direct and fair access to the energy retail market utilizing blockchain. The electricity retail bidding platform allows the energy suppliers to bid the price for consumers, based on their energy profile. It offers transparent pricing and direct market access to cheaper electricity to all users. The next gen platform allows energy suppliers to bid the prices for consumers and consumers to get offers. It also allows for trading of electricity on EPC tokens.

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  • Viktor Delov
    Viktor Delov
    Viktor Delov
    Development of electric power trading. Excellence in power trading operations
  • Kevin Karl Castlunger
    Kevin Karl Castlunger
    Kevin Karl Castlunger
    Expansion across geographies. Formation of key market partnerships
  • Luka Prelevic
    Luka Prelevic
    Luka Prelevic
    Strategic positioning of Energy Premier. Market partnerships. Business model innovation
  • Blagoja Petrushev
    Blagoja Petrushev
    Blagoja Petrushev
    General Management of software development. Platform stability and compliance. Tech innovation
  • Thor Morten Wangen
    Thor Morten Wangen
    Thor Morten Wangen
    Promotion of the Energy Premier story. Communication to consumers. Scaling of user base
  • Ankit Chawla
    Ankit Chawla
    Ankit Chawla
    Innovation on the product. Design of new features. Implementation of customer feedback
  • Jovan Lazarevic
    Jovan Lazarevic
    Jovan Lazarevic
    Expansion of Energy Premier and EPC token into gas and other commodities trading and bidding
  • Stefan Spasovski
    Stefan Spasovski
    Stefan Spasovski
    Development of UI & UX platform aspects. Excellence in customer journeys and retention
  • Vojislav Boskovski
    Vojislav Boskovski
    Vojislav Boskovski
    Development of machine learning algorithms for time-series analysis and prediction
  • Dragana Mladenovic
    Dragana Mladenovic
    Dragana Mladenovic
    Social Media Manager
  • Giulia Cian Seren
    Giulia Cian Seren
    Giulia Cian Seren
    Chief Marketing Officer


  • 1
    APR-DEC, 2016
    Development pf the platform.
  • 2
    JAN-APR, 2017
    Testing of the platform.
  • 3
    APR-OCT, 2017
    Preparation for Crowdsale.
  • 4
    NOV-JAN, 2017
    Open invitation to community members for crowdsale.
  • 5
    MAR-APR, 2018
  • 6
    APR, 2018
    Distribution of the tokens.
  • 7
    APR-MAY, 2018
    Incorporation. Start of promotion.
  • 8
    MAY-SEP, 2018
    Incorporation and Business launch.

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