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Envilope (LOCK) ICO Review – ICO Token News



Envilope is a virtual envelope in which you can lock emails, digital files, or secure messages containing text, images, audio, video – anything that can be sent online. Envilope gives senders unprecedented privacy and control over their content, including who views it, when, and where. Only the intended recipient can open an Envilope, and only after accepting the sender’s terms and conditions. If you ever suspect a breach, you can entirely vaporize your content at will, regardless of how many times it has been shared or forwarded. You also have the ability to fully restore that vaporized content should you see fit. The sender of an Envilope is in total control of their information from end-to-end.

What goes in an Envilope? Everything.

Any form of digital content – music, movies, business proposals, document bundles and multimedia elements, anything that can be sent digitally – can be sent via Envilope. Envilope products are honed, tested, fully operational, and ready to change the way the world communicates electronically. Envilope is a public, cloud-based service. This enables users to upload files to Envilope, which then ships, tracks, and controls each sender’s content. Users have the option to deliver their shipments via email, or send and receive content through the Envilope app and website; how senders use Envilope is as much under their control as the Envilopes they send.

What Powers Envilope?

Envilope is currently a centralized system (decentralized in development) and uses the traditional SaaS model, whereby there is one central server that acts as the distribution hub to deliver virtual Envilopes between users. Envilope gives users the ability to create virtual Envilopes via a full GUI interface in SaaS, iOS, and Android apps, as well as MacOS and Windows Desktop versions. Envilope is a UK Government-Approved Crown Supplier with military-grade encryption in transit and at rest, continually tracking, controlling, and securing every user’s content.

The Envilope Token Sale

Envilope will be enhancing their existing, market-ready product by leveraging blockchain technology. Envilope will create its own token that will be accepted in exchange for Envilope’s existing services. Funds will be raised via a Token Sale. Funds raised will go towards programming the blockchain integrations, additional development and business expansion. Voucher tokens will be identified as LOK. These voucher tokens do not have any complex smart contract functions and will only act as redeemable vouchers.

LOK voucher tokens will be accepted at a 1-to-1 exchange rate for LOCK tokens on the Envilope website soon after the Token Sale is completed. During the Token Sale, Envilope will be selling pre-order voucher tokens. The voucher tokens will be redeemable for fully programmed tokens that will be spendable on the Envilope platform as soon as the blockchain integrations are complete. The purpose of using a voucher token is to allow time for developers to code the smart contract, integrate with the existing Envilope system, perform adequate testing and acquire trusted third-party auditors to review code  prior to release.

Since the Envilope team values the trust of their current, new, and future clients, they do not want to risk the security that they are known for by rushing  blockchain integrations to market without performing thorough due diligence. LOCK tokens will have an ERC-20 smart contract that will be integrated with the existing Envilope system in order to further improve and maximize the security of the Envilope system. These tokens will be the power source of the entire Envilope ecosystem. Not only will users be able to utilize LOCK to pay for Envilope’s existing services (subscriptions, sending Envilopes, notifications, BlockStamping and much more), but Envilope will also utilize LOCK to motivate and reward users in many ways that will stimulate enormous benefits for the Envilope community.

Post Token Sale Goals

A major goal once the token sale is finalized is to complete the blockchain development necessary to launch a beta version of the blockchain integrations on the Envilope platform. Simultaneously, the 1-to-1 token swap from the voucher LOK tokens to the fully-integrated LOCK tokens will take place in order to allow users to participate as primary backers of the blockchain integrations on the Envilope platform. Additionally, Envilope plans to continually grow the Envilope community through consistent marketing efforts, as well as through the embedded user incentivization model within the platform that will reward users with LOCK tokens.

Why Participate in LOCK?

LOCK will be integral to the Envilope experience, powering the system and incentivizing users through LOCK token rewards. Chief among those is the rewards structure: every time a user sends an Envilope, the recipient becomes an Envilope user, at which point the sender is rewarded with a small amount of LOCK. If the Envilope recipient subsequently becomes a paying user, the sender receives an even greater LOCK reward. The more paid users that are introduced, the more LOCK is awarded.

  • Envilope already exists as a government-approved, fully-working product
  • Technical Proof-of-Concept has already been completed on the BlockStamping mechanism
  • A highly-skilled and proven team is in place to move the project forward
  • The ICO Token Sale funding aims to strengthen the team and allow Envilope to fulfill its potential in a timely fashion
  • LOCK will power the Envilope ecosystem

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  • Mark Allardyce
    Mark Allardyce
    Mark Allardyce
    Founder & Group Chairman
  • Jeremy Sims
    Jeremy Sims
    Jeremy Sims
    Group Chief Technical Officer
  • Colin Shave
    Colin Shave
    Colin Shave
    Group Director of Business Development
  • Sam Barouch
    Sam Barouch
    Sam Barouch
    US Healthcare President
  • Paul Bender
    Paul Bender
    Paul Bender
    Director of US Healthcare Sales
  • Tony Ferrier
    Tony Ferrier
    Tony Ferrier
    Director of UK Government (Team)
  • Bill Bender
    Bill Bender
    Bill Bender
    Director of US Government (Team)
  • Scott Turnbull
    Scott Turnbull
    Scott Turnbull
    Director of Media and Advertising (Team)
  • Mark Holleran
    Mark Holleran
    Mark Holleran
    Group General Legal Counsel
  • Darren Allardyce
    Darren Allardyce
    Darren Allardyce
    Group Chief Operating Officer
  • Donna Zerbo
    Donna Zerbo
    Donna Zerbo
    US Legal Counsel and President
  • Mel Storer
    Mel Storer
    Mel Storer
    Group Chief Financial Officer


  • 1
    Working Centralized Service
  • 2
    Token Sale Pre-Sale
  • 3
    Token Sale Launch
  • 4
    Alpha Launch: Blockchain Recorded Deliveries
    Alpha Launched API & StampX
  • 5
    Launch of Sharded & Decentralized Service

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