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Etherniton (ENN) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is Etherniton?

Etherniton pronounced as “ether-nee-taun” and abbreviated to ENN, is a blockchain-powered ERC20 compliant token, which works through smart contracts. Secured by the Ethereum network, you can use the ENN token for secure transactions similar to other cryptocurrencies available in the crypto market today, for example; Celsius, SkyChain, Altair, Lendo, ABYSS, etc.


Some of the key features of Etherniton ENN token are as follows:

  • Instant peer to peer transfer.
  • Transactions are anonymous.
  • Number of coins is limited.
  • Transfer fee is negligible.

Current problems

The following three core issues currently exist within the communications industry:

  • Consumers are in need of an ad free platform for a smoother experience.
  • Developers of such platforms are in need of revenue
  • Advertisers are required to promote themselves.

Etherniton’s solutions

  • Etherniton aims to expand messaging services to larger businesses with additional feature such as analytics.
  • Its strategically designed unique marketing platform (UMP) helps in providing a sustainable revenue model aside from offering appropriate rewards to consumers, developers, and advertisers.

How does Etherniton work?

  • Etherniton facilitates a handsome opportunity to earn from something that you never knew.
  • It lets you earn money using its strategically designed (UMP) unique marketing platform.
  • The UMP interacts with a variety of apps, messengers, and service providers through its API.
  • First, it collects data for analytics from the app users who are involved in communication and then pays both of them (users and app developers) according to its pre-defined parameters.
  • Moreover, the payments you receive from Etherniton come in the form of the ENN token.
  • All you need to do to receive payments from Etherniton, is simply enter your respective wallet addresses in account settings and start receiving ENN.

Etherniton ICO

With the addition of this analytical feature, Etherniton will charge a usage fee in terms of ENN, therefore generating a revenue model. This also aims to increase subscriber connects, which can be leveraged for future monetization of the company’s other services.

  • As a user, will be able to earn on day-to-day communication.
  • As a developer, you will be rewarded with a strong revenue generation model.
  • As an advertiser, you will be able to obtain the targeted audience.

As a result, according to the Etherniton revenue model, everyone will be able to earn, with increasing demand and sustained growth.

What is the Etherniton ENN token?

Just as other currently existing ICO platforms are made possible with the support of a community, likewise Etherniton requires a community for financial support and which can help in increasing its growth and interaction.

Etherniton’s ICO sale (both presale and crowd sale) aims to raise funds with the support of those potential investors who want to contribute financially and help in setting up a variety of successful projects and platform. At the same time, it allows the potential investors to exponentially multiply their investment within a short space of time.

Etherniton ENN token details

  • Etherniton will issue a maximum supply of  ENN tokens.
  • 9,000,000 ENN tokens are allocated to the ICO crowd sale,
  • 900,000 ENN are reserved for the ICO crowd sale referral bonus (10%).
  • 10,000,000 ENN tokens are reserved for the ICO.

ENN token distribution

The specific areas where Etherniton will be distributing its ENN token are as follows:

  • 10% for team and partners (These tokens will be unlocked after 8 months).
  • 55% for the ICO crowd sale (These tokens will be unlocked immediately after
  • completion of the ICO).
  • 35% for advertisers’ platform (These tokens will be distributed over time after the launch of the advertisers’ platform in 2019).
  • It is to be noted that in case all phases until phase 3 are completely sold out and Etherniton receives more requests for extending the ICO, then Phase 4 will be conducted with the coins held for bounty programs, rewards and other bonuses.
  • 1 million tokens is held for a leaders’ program and are to be distributed amongst top leaders and promoters. Check out the image below to know more about the token distribution phase 4 hard cap:

Etherniton sale

How to participate in the ICO crowd sale?

Register/sign up

  • Register through or your sponsor’s affiliate link.

Deposit Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH)

  • Deposit Bitcoin and/or Ethereum into the respective addresses. Do not forget to select the address correctly, as no refunds will be made for wrong deposits.


  • Keep an eye on the timer and buy ENN with deposits conducted when the ICO gets started.

How to earn with Etherniton?

Etherniton allows the following three ways in addition to coin appreciation in future:

Affiliate bonus

Here are the 4 deep downline levels, according to which Etherniton will be offering commission to potential investors:

  • Level 1 downline: 8%, when you make a direct purchase of an ENN token, for example, if you purchase 100 ENN, it will be equivalent to 8 ENN commission
  • Level 2 downline: 1% when you make a direct purchase of ENN, for example, if you purchase 100 ENN, you will get 1 ENN commission.
  • Level 3 downline: 0.5%, when you directly purchase ENN, for example, if you purchase 100 ENN, you will be rewarded with 0.5 ENN commission.
  • Level 4 downline: 0.5%, when you make a direct purchase of ENN, for example, if you buy 100 ENN, you will receive 0.5 ENN commission.

Final remarks

Dissimilar to other ICOs projects, such as ODEM, BunnyToken, Shping, TV-TWO, Signals, etc., Etherniton allows its users to earn in three ways; lending, staking, and trading. Although there are already several projects that let its users earn money through their platforms, there are hardly any which offer moneymaking opportunities like Etherniton.

Overall, it can be said that the project has the potential to grow in the future, and if everything goes as planned and anticipated, it will work well for the potential investors.

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  • 1
    Initial Coin Offering, Pre Sale & Remaining
    Phase Of ICO
  • 2
    Lending Platform Launch
  • 3
    Internal Exchange Launch
  • 4
    Staking Begins
  • 5
    Windows Wallet Launch & Application To Various Exchange For Listing
  • 6
    Listing On CoinMarket Cap
  • 7
    Android Wallet Launch
  • 8
    Web Wallet & Mobile Wallet Improvement & UMP API
  • 9
    Marketing Campaign
  • 10
    IOS Wallet Launch & Developers Meet
  • 11
    Annual Observance

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