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FinTab (FNT) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Today, the cryptocurrency market has become very chaotic. According to a leading crypto website, there are more than 1,300 digital coins and innumerable ICO tokens being traded on nearly 300 exchanges. Furthermore, these cryptocoins are stored in different wallets. As a result, the crypto landscape has become overwhelming and the process of managing and making sense of the crypto portfolios has become daunting.

Many investors have included a variety of cryptocurrencies, which are listed on different exchanges, in their portfolios. However, these speculators find it difficult to know the total yield delivered by their crypto portfolios; in short, they can experience a lot of challenges while managing these portfolios. When it comes to analyzing and accounting complex crypto portfolios, it comes down to FinTab.

What is FinTab

Digital coins have attracted many traders and investors. However, not every cryptocurrency is on the same exchange—their rates can vary significantly, too. This leads to the major problem of accounting and managing these crypto portfolios.

Investors face a lot of issues when they have to assess the existing financial state of the entire portfolio or the yield of a specific cryptocurrency. Because of these challenges, a team of core developers and crypto specialists thought of creating a system that could simply assess even the trickiest crypto portfolios with currencies listed on different exchanges and several e-wallets. And that is how FinTab was developed.

Fintab1Initially, the team planned on exclusively developing the SaaS platform for itself. The core development team wanted to make crypto portfolio assessment and management simpler and quicker. However, while developing the project, the team decided to deploy the system for all traders and trusts that find it challenging to manage such portfolios. That is how the team came up with the idea of developing this project on a large scale.

FinTab analysis

What is FinTab all about?

FinTab, a SaaS, is an accounting system that manages crypto portfolios. With this system, crypto investors can easily keep tabs on the existing state of their funds stored in a variety of e-wallets and purchased from different exchanges. Additionally, there is already a beta version of the SaaS available.

An analytical system founded on the principles of financial accounting, the FinTab ecosystem has paid services. The cost of each service—the “Manage” and “Pro” accounts—is fixed in USD, but the payment is done in the form of FinTab tokens (FNT). This ecosystem also supports other interaction models that perfectly complement it—these interactions, in addition to cryptocurrency accounting, are making the system reimagine innovation in the crypto landscape.

FinTab innovation

The ecosystem’s innovation lies in its additional features. FinTab’s features go far beyond being a traditional crypto accounting system. Here is a rundown on the extra set of features that any user of FinTab can experience.

A network of analytics

 The platform’s core development team is already creating a robust database of different transactions that take place on different exchanges; the database will also hold the historical rates of these exchanges. Additionally, the team will create a foolproof tracking algorithm for every coin; this algorithm will be evaluated by a specific group of indicators. The result of this algorithm will be the recommendations and signals generated for the investors who are interested in a particular coin. Every user of the system will be eligible to access the network of analytics, but deeper analyses, and recommendations will be made available for FNT tokens. In the near future, this network will be engineered to get AI capabilities as well.

Advertising platforms:

On this platform, the advertisement display and placement will be done in a decentralized manner. An advertiser can buy advertisement space on the platform’s website by giving a specific amount of FNT tokens. Any user can easily enable or disable the advertising displays. Once the advertising space is bought, an advertiser account will be developed to create new advertisements and track their returns or effectiveness. The advertising will be created as per the classic ad auction with cost per click or cost per view. To view these ads, the viewers will receive tokens from the advertisers. In this case, FinTab becomes a complete advertising platform and even the guarantor of premium advertising. Furthermore, the developers are taking all the necessary steps to protect this platform against views cheating and click fraud. The team’s ultimate goal is to build a sturdy platform where advertisers will get quality traffic with high transparency and matchless efficiency.

P2P interaction:

The team behind this platform does not want the interaction to just remain between the developers and users. The reason for this is simple: information is a valuable resource that must be shared. That is why the ecosystem enables the traders to sell the information on their crypto portfolios. Under the circumstances, FinTab becomes a robust communication platform. In the future, the team will launch a powerful evaluation system forming a trader’s ratings so that the users know where they can lay their hands on the most useful or authentic information or cryptocurrency portfolio.

Why is FinTab different from others?

The search for a proper crypto portfolio accounting service ends at FinTab. This ecosystem has set the bar very high by becoming a reliable multiplatform financial accounting ecosystem for analyzing and managing intricate cryptocurrency portfolios.

The project’s team has been clear in its vision from the word go; it wants to build a comprehensive accounting platform for combining user-friendly functionality and design that will benefit the users. When compared with other Fintech projects, this system has already rolled out its SaaS’s beta version that can be downloaded from

  • Before downloading the beta version, you must register on the FinTab platform first.
  • This system plans to address all the weaknesses commonly found in other cryptocurrency portfolio platforms.
  • FinTab is different from its competitors because the system has an easy-to-use application for both desktops and mobiles.
  • Furthermore, the system keeps all the ICO token records that are to be issued in the future.
  • With the help of this ecosystem, users can easily manage a record of all the currencies purchased and the rate at which they were bought.

Prospective FinTab users

The solution is aimed at low-engagement audiences; a rundown on each one of them is given below.

  1. Private investors: The solution is apt for those users who buy cryptos for long-term and medium positions and who are not involved in active trade. These users completely rely on an exchange rate’s growth.
  2. Traders: The ecosystem is ideal for all those active users who deal with both long and short positions. They are responsible for carrying a number of active portfolios. Furthermore, the solution is even ideal for all those investment management companies that take and manage third-party finances and have different clients.
  3. Funds: This is a separate category that is distinguished by a large range of clients and a massive flow of operations.

FinTab token price and sale

The FNT tokens are generated from the block, and they can be purchased for ETH, BTC, or any other cryptocoin. The process of selling these tokens will be completely protected via the private office of the investor; this, implies complete security for every participant. In this system, the FNT tokens are used for paying for different services.


Issue FNT tokens

  • FNT tokens are issued on a blockchain that is based on the ERC20 Token Standard (Ethereum code).
  • The tokens can be bought for ETH or BTC.
  • The procedure for selling the tokens is protected by a tokenholder’s private back office.

The role the FNT tokens play

The FNT tokens are issued for the ICO sale and provide the following options:

  • The investors will become eligible to receive FNTB tokens.
  • They can access the entire notification system as well.

Why are FNTB tokens important?

By using FNTB tokens, the users of the system can pay for the following services:

  • Accessing the notification system present in this SaaS.
  • Paying for the “Pro” account of the system.
  • Buying the “Manage” account present in the system.

Burning the FNTB tokens

In this ecosystem, the tokens — which have already been entered in FinTab — are burned during the following scenarios.

  • While paying for the service 10 percent of the FNTB tokens will be passed to the project team.
  • The rest of the tokens (90 percent) will be burned.


  • Whenever using the ecosystem as a P2P platform or as an advertising model, the tokens will not be burned.

Here are some of the key details on the FNT token’s price and its sales schedule.

Token Sale Structure

  • Start date: December 14, 2017 12:00 UTC.
  • End date: January 14, 2018 12:00 UTC.
  • Exchange rate: 1 FNT = USD 0.4.
  • Token distribution: The smart contract will simply distribute tokens immediately once the soft cap is met.
  • Min goal (soft cap): Already met in pre–ICO.
  • Max goal (hard cap): None listed.
  • Category: Accounting and portfolio.
  • Platform: Ethereum.
  • Type: Token.
  • Total supply: 16,500,000 FNT.
  • Currencies accepted for trading: ETH and BTC.


  • First 48 hours: +30% tokens.
  • Next 5 days: +20% tokens.
  • 2nd week: +10% tokens.
  • 3rd week: +5% tokens.

Fund usage

  • Campaign on Facebook: 180,000 FNT
  • Campaign on VK: 50,000 FNT
  • Campaign on Twitter: 150,000 FNT
  • Media effort: 250,000 FNT
  • Telegram campaign: 100,000 FNT
  • Content translation: 70,000 FNT
  • Signatures and avatars: 200,000 FNT
  • *1 million FNT tokens = USD 400,000 (in ICO costs)

FNT distribution and the roadmap

Token distribution

  • Pre–ICO stage will consume 12.1% tokens. (2,000,000 FNT tokens).
  • The ICO stage, however, will take 72.7% tokens. (12,000,000 FNT tokens).
  • The development team behind the platform will take 9.1% tokens. (1,501,000 FNT tokens).
  • The team will take 6.1% tokens. (1,006,500 FNT tokens).



All the proceeds from selling the FNT tokens will chiefly go toward developing the system’s infrastructural components; these proceeds will even be used for integrating a range of crypto exchanges. This integration will let the ecosystem obtain the updated data on different exchange rates supporting digital coins and tokens. Additionally, part of the received funds will even be invested to perform different marketing activities and develop the payroll team.

Why should investors participate in the FNT ICO?

The project has a transparent business model whose economy is FNT tokens. The chief purpose of the token is to pay for all the services provided within the ecosystem. Estimating the potential number of users by this year’s third quarter, the team behind the project calculated the number of tokens that should be released.

Once the final stage of this ICO is finished, the FNT tokens will be traded on the exchanges freely; the token’s value will be simply regulated by the overall market and will depend on different users. Now, here are all the different factors that attribute the token price growth.

  • The demand of the service will rise because of crypto investors need it.
  • The turnover of the FNT tokens will increase because of the advertising functionality.
  • Because the tokens are burnt, there will be a balance between their demand and supply values.
  • The implementation of paid accounts will boost the token’s value.

FinTab summary

All in all, this ecosystem is a reliable solution for managing and analyzing a crypto portfolio. This system allows the investors to promptly evaluate the portfolio’s existing financial state and determine the profitability of different digital currencies. The system is even used for managing and evaluating personal portfolios and big-ticket investments. Because of all these factors, the value of FinTab and its tokens is all set to rise in the near future.

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