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FintruX ICO Review- ICO Token News

What is FintruX?

FintruX is a blockchain-enabled platform providing a peer-to-peer (P2P) network for marketplace lending. The project is of benefit to both lenders and borrowers. Using this lending and borrowing platform, the lenders, borrowers, and serving agents can connect with each other and create each borrower contract in real-time. This innovative concept looks unreal in view of today’s lending marketplaces.

The company’s mission is the following:

1 – Generate trust among lenders and borrowers, and make trustless financing a no-barrier for both of them.

2 – Construct an ecosystem where financing liquidity will become maximized and all participants will be winners. 

History: How this concept turned into reality

Nelson Lin had to struggle a lot with this revolutionary idea until the right opportunity and technology arrived. When the decentralized blockchain surfaced around the globe, he decided to adopt it and implement it. He knew and understood how this innovation in the financial sector allowed for the generation of smart contracts with the help of a no-code development platform.


However, when he encountered Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) in early 2017, time and luck did not favor him. Eventually, he engaged with clients who encouraged him to move ahead with the project and explore how this platform had the capacity to improve and augment security, administration, and cost in the financing sector.

The benefits of FintruX

Securing a loan requires many formalities and includes a hectic process. There are heavy interest fees to pay, meetings with intermediaries, and a lot of paperwork.

In spite of fulfilling all these formalities and following the correct process, it is not guaranteed that your loan will be approved. However, when you connect with this blockchain-based platform, you get many benefits that include the following:

Borrower benefits

  • Lowered transaction fees.
  • Fairness and transparency.
  • Efficient and fast funding.

Lenders Benefits

  • Fully automated for smooth and efficient lending process.
  • No upfront cost to lenders.
  • Risk-reduced investing.

What are the current market problems?

1 – The existence and involvement of a number of intermediaries who charge higher lending costs.

2 – Some banks and other financial institutions say a big NO to those who run a small-sized business and may have very small figures to show in terms of their earnings and revenue.

With the inception of marketplace lending, the company has made a considerable improvement in all these areas, but they are still not free from flaws.

The solutions that FinTruX provide

This new and novel blockchain platform facilitates marketplace lending in an honest peer-to-peer network.

1 – With the provision of credit enhancement, it helps in improving and neutralizing credit worthiness of the borrowers.

2 – It reassures the lender that the borrower is determined to abide by the obligation through additional collateral, insurance, and a 3rd-party guarantor.

3 – The credit enhancement helps in reducing default/credit risk of a debt, thus growing the total credit rating and at the same time reducing interest rates.

Three key solutions

With this revolutionary platform in the investment sector, the company aims to solve three key challenges for small-sized businesses, particularly startups, to take loans from accredited investors:

  1. With credit enhancements, the company relieves a lender by neutralizing his/her credit risk. If a borrower defaults, it facilitates the cascading levels of insurance to cover the loss.
  2. The platform also generates and deploys a distinctive smart contract for each person, taking loans in real time to give immutable, unambiguous, and censorship-proof records where no arbitration is needed.
  3. Aside from making the loan application procedure hassle-free through the instant matching system, this lending and borrowing platform also makes available the options of post-funding, self-serve administration like prepayment and refinance.

The company intends to improve credit enhancements by providing cascading levels that are as follows:

  • A local third-party guarantor.
  • Ultimate protection reserve.
  • Cross-collateralization.
  • Additional collateral.

How does the FintruX platform work?

The following examples show how the platform works for lenders and borrowers respectively:


Scott has an extra saving of $500,000 that he doesn’t want to spend for a certain period of time. He decides to invest it in a P2P loan, so he comes to FintruX and signs up as a lender.


After signing up as a lender, he, under his name, releases (wires) the $500,000 into the Network.

1 – He selects two separate credit decision packages (these differ in interest rates, risk levels etc.) of varied risk profiles to break up (split up) his funds. The packages also provide the recommended reputable fraud, identity, and credit scoring agents.

2 – He pays the equivalent of $20 in FTX for each package.

3 – He signs the power of attorney for FintruX Network so that the lending transactions can be executed on his behalf, according to the terms of the packages.

Scott is now free to automatically match himself with borrowers through the system. For each successful match, he will be required to pay a small fee in FTX tokens to FintruX Network.


Suppose you own an ABC Ltd company, based in New York. You need to borrow $20,000 so you can pay for an unbudgeted marketing campaign. You make a request, seeking an unsecured loan from

1 – Knowing that there is a 10% holdback as over-collateralization, instead, you make a request for $22,000.

2 – You read the company’s parameters, which inform you about the interest rates, the instalment process, and in how many instalments you can repay the entire borrowed amount.

3 – After answering a few questions, you are pre-approved. When you are satisfied with the optimal interest rates, you complete a credit check with a scoring agent designated by the package you have chosen.

4 – You pay the equivalent of $1 in FTX transfers to the identity and fraud agent, and the equivalent of $2 in FTX transfers to the scoring agent.

5 – You finalize your decision by selecting your preferred lender.

6 – The identity and fraud agent collect some relevant information and complete the process of due diligence as well as documentation.

7 – An open-source smart contract is automatically generated.

8 – You read it and satisfy yourself with its deployment along with the terms and conditions.

9 – The borrower then confirms the loan and transfers the borrowed amount (here $22,000) within the specified time.

You are now indebted to repay the borrowed $22,000 in 24 monthly installments of $989.07. $20,000 is transferred to your online bank account, while $2,000 is sent to the suitable cross-collateralization pool so the default/credit losses can be covered.

Remember, if you repay your loan amount within the specified time, you will be entitled to get the held $2000 back.

Name and type of Fintrux Token

FintruX has named their ICO token FTX. It is a utility token, which means that you cannot use this financing platform without it. Moreover, it is necessary to pay the transaction fees and other costs in FTX tokens.

Pre-Sale & Token Sale Details


Pre-ICO-token sale

  • Start date: January 7, 2018 (17:00 UTC).
  • Close date: January 21, 2018 (17:00 UTC).
  • It has decided to offer a bonus of 10%.
  • Hard cap: 75,000,000 FTX (75% of the total tokens).

As it follows the token sale bonus model, the cap in USD terms will differ. However, if you are conservative and make use of the price without any bonus, it may be a hard cap of 50,000 ETH.

The platform followed a unique bonus tier system for its Pre-ICO and ICO token sale with reducing bonuses per contribution tier.

  • FTX ICO Token price of is 1 ETH = 1650 FTX.
  • Minimum transaction amount is 0.1 ETH.

ICO token sale

  • Opening date: February 7, 2018 (17:00 UTC).
  • Closing date: February 28, 2018 (17:00 UTC).
  • Token price: 1 ETH = 1500 FTX.


The company has sold a whopping 75% to the public.  The remaining 25% is reserved and split between the team: 10% and held for 12 months, while 5% is reserved for collateralization and 10% for FintruX. The company has decided to use its part to reward advisors, bounty programs and early adopters, and to provide liquidity if necessary.

Below you can The company has sold a find a visual of the breakdown with details of each category.


The company has decided to allocate the funds in the following manner:

  • 40% for core development.
  • 25% for the operational purposes.
  • 25% for marketing.
  • 10% for legal.

Take a look at the following visual of the detailed breakdown of each category.

The team behind FintruX

The team is made up of six key people who are highly experienced, with a proven record of their successful accomplishments including:

Nelson Lin (Co-Founder, CEO): Nelson boasts more than 30 years of wide experience in delivering financing solutions in the financial arena, comprising custom enterprise applications to organizations like AT&T Capital and J.P. Morgan. He also piloted online credit adjudication for the asset-based finance and leasing industry in Canada.

Conrad Lin: (Co-founder, CMO). Conrad is also the Director of Business Development at Robocoder Corporation though earlier he worked as a Web/Database Application Developer & Marketing Advisor for NeighbourLink North York.

Gary Ng (CTO): Gary is a seasoned architect, who has worked in the financial sector for around 25 years.  Gary is superbly talented and has excellent skills in all key computing platforms and programming languages. He primarily focuses on security and scalability and claims to deliver cost-effective solutions.

The advisory committee of the company consists of six more people who also play a lead role when it comes to decision-making in the existing project.

A few of the key partners the company presently has in its arsenal comprise Microsoft, Robocoder Corporation, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and Cynopsis Solutions.  


With the introduction of a marketplace lending and an automated administration platform, this FintruX not only provides a solution for the borrowers, but also relieves the lenders from the heavy losses that they have to be bear when a borrower defaults. On the other hand, this blockchain-based platform is also anticipated to work wonders for the small-scale borrowers who are unable to get a loan due to their bad credit score.

FintruX is set to completely disrupt the way financing is being secured, by making lending and borrowing a no-brainer for both investors and borrowers.

Although this looks to be an ambitious project, if it is implemented as planned and designed, it will certainly give you a good return on your investment. It could also prove to be lucrative market for the prospective investors who are looking forward to invest in it because it is a new concept with new objectives and innovations that could potentially revolutionize the financing sector.

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Links to FintruX social media:

  • Website:
  • Twitter:
  • Telegram:
  • Facebook:
  • Reddit:

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