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Fire Lotto (FLOT) Review – ICO Token News

Today’s lottery sector holds a large share of the total gambling revenue, but it’s facing severe challenges with the evolution of the digital economy.

So, what if the lottery game was built right on top of the Ethereum blockchain? Well, that would be amazing as the game would become more transparent and fairer than before.

That’s exactly what Fire Lotto is doing.

Fire Lotto analysis

Economic growth and globalization are the catalyst for developing the world of gambling—but, unfortunately, the lottery sector hasn’t been able to keep up with the dynamics of the IT landscape. As the world of global lottery is moving toward high-tech, cross-border transactions, the blockchain technology can be used to make the game’s outcome fairer.

That’s what Fire Lotto is all about—this ecosystem is operating as an end-to-end global blockchain protocol that can be used by different governments to resolve a range of problems, while ensuring a completely fair lottery game. Making the game absolutely unbiased, this ecosystem’s key objective is to simplify any form of online lottery. In total, the platform will provide four lottery games, out of which one will be an instant lottery.

The work to streamline the game and make it impartial will begin by designing and deploying a sturdy platform. This platform will make one-click buying of lotteries a possibility. This platform will be secure and fast. The core development team behind this ecosystem has promised it to be user friendly even for a novice.

Lastly, the platform will uphold the highest levels of transparency by designing blockchain-based algorithms that’ll make sure the gameplay is fair.

Fire Lotto innovation

Like every successful ICO such as CoinMetro, CoinStarter, BunnyToken, KahnChat, and TrustaBit, this crypto project’s innovation has the potential to revolutionize the world of lottery gaming.

Here are a couple of highlights of the platform:

  • Making lottery games fairer with blockchains: This is a fully transparent, decentralized platform for organizing and executing a lottery. For that purpose, the network leverages smart contracts and blockchain technology. By using these revolutionary pieces of technology, the processes of collecting and distributing the funds, drawing a winning number, and paying the lottery ticket sales to all token holders become fairer and quicker.
  • Ease of use is guaranteed at every step: Many blockchain lottery platforms have hard-to-understand interfaces; however, that’s where this ecosystem makes the difference. Fire Lotto is designed to make lottery gaming simple, quick, secure, and fun. The product can be used by all those who have basic computer literacy. Also, the one-click buying mechanism is not only convenient and fast, but also highly secure.

Fire Lotto token sale

This ecosystem has introduced its native tokens that’ll be available just a month after the ICO is finished. The best part is that the token holders will be given a specific commission for every single ticket sold during every drawing.

ICO details

  • Ticker : FLOT
  • Pre-ICO sale : January 15, 2018 to February 15, 2018
  • Crowd sale : March 15, 2018 to April 15, 2018
  • Price : 1 FLOT = USD0.35
  • Token limit : 100 million FLOT tokens
  • Token allocated for the ICO: 77 million FLOT tokens
  • Accepted currency : ETH coins
  • Soft cap : USD2,000,000
  • Hard cap : USD15,000,000
  • Restricted areas : USA

Summarizing Fire Lotto

Behind this lottery-gaming platform stands a team of talented Fintech entrepreneurs. These people have rich experience in working with blockchains and other sophisticated e-gaming technologies. Fire Lotto will even launch a number of rewards in due course. Will all this in mind, this project looks promising enough to transform the lottery-gaming world once and for all.



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