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Fox Trading (FXT) Review – ICO Token News

Trading of cryptocurrencies around the world is growing at exponential rate. The cryptocurrency trading and exchange market is similar to that of the stock market where the interested investors can purchase and sell shares of a business enterprise, fiat currency, or commodity.  Trading duration, investing rules, stock trading regulations, and law principles of individuals are some of the limitation that are offered to investors by the stock market.  Large number of limitation offered by the share market makes it extremely hard for ordinary individual to gain access in the share market.  There will always be a 3rd party with high trading fee in between investors and the share market.

The cryptocurrency trading and exchange market on the other hand has no access restriction. It is open to investors irrespective of their language, region and country. Investors can take advantage of the volatility of cryptocurrencies market, which can vary from 5% to 30%, and make profit. Fox trading platform is decentralized trading signals service for cryptocurrency and Forex.  The ICO countdown has already begun for this token.

Fox Trading (FOXT) Analysis

What is Fox Trading (FOXT) all about?

Fox trading platform provides cryptocurrency and Forex trading service to new and current traders. The services will be limited and exclusive by using advanced Ethereum blockchain technology.  The development team ensure that the auto-trading algorithm of the robot is not used by many investors for maintaining a correct performance. Moreover, this platform also seeks to build a cryptocurrency for collecting funds of future development of this project using blockchain technology.

FOX Trading

1 – User dashboard and iOS/android mobile apps

Investors will be able to access the exclusive signal services for cryptocurrencies and Forex with the FOXT tokens. Users will be able to receive sent through the iOS/Android. When the traders of this platform place each order, the users will receive instant notification with all information about the signals.

Users will also see the global performance of the robot and profit generated in the dashboard by the trading pool from which they can recover ICO contribution.

2 – Algorithm trading

This platform has an algorithm based on two years of successful trading in Forex trading. Fox Trading platform will shows investors buy/selling cryptocurrency opportunities. This platform had provided services to more than 1500 users in more than two years with a working algorithm.

The automatic fox trading system means that the trader “teaches” the software what signals to search and how to interpret them. This platform will eliminate a psychological element that are challenging for many traders.

The blockchain-based platform makes use of automated algorithm that effectively generates trade signals. Automated algorithms are developed and built with MetaTrader using the MQL scripting language that enables signal trading generation and 100% automatic order placing.

3 – Trading pool

One of the primary benefits of participating in this ICO is the opportunity to contribute to the trading pool. When the platform generates profit, the investors will be able to recover their initial investment. Users simply receive no compensation while the trading pool has losses.

75% of the revenue generated by this algorithm will be used to return the initial investment made by the early ICO investors. Depending on number of investors and funds that the development team can allocate it, the profit earned will be paid as a monthly or quarterly fee in ETH to their assigned cryptocurrency wallet and also helps in knowing about how to invest in ICOs. The remaining 25% of the profit earned will be invested in the trading pool for the purpose of increasing the fund capital. It will consequently increase the next benefits that are generated on this platform.

Users are able to add funds to the trading pool of this platform when they want more benefits. It will increase their revenue significantly.  Users will receive 90% of the profit generated by their funds in this scenario.

4 – Lifetime membership for ICO investors

All participants in the crowdsale will have lifetime and free access to the trading signals service as long as they hold the FOXT tokens.  New users will have to purchase tokens to get access the service.

Benefits of using Fox Trading platform

  • The trading fee will be equal to 0% if trading volume is high in automatic trading of cryptocurrency.
  • Fox trading platform has greater profits than self-trading with a good algorithm and limited number of people using it.
  • Traders do not have to waste time watching their computer screen 24 hours a day with fox trading platform.
  • Built on Ethereum blockchain technology, fox trading platform is a stable trading system for profit.
  • By using advanced blockchain technology, there are no psychological factors that affect their cryptocurrency trades.
  • Everything on fox trading platform is automated, including stop loss.
  • Losses are being reduced to a minimum level giving the opportunity for gaining more profit than self-trading of cryptocurrencies.

Features of Fox Trading platform

1 – Security and low fees

Securities of cryptocurrency trading and low fees are guaranteed for this platform using Ethereum blockchain technology.

2 – Multiplatform Services

The Android/iOS app and web dashboard provide investors instant access to trading pool performance and trading signals.

3 – Smart Trading

Autotrading system of the fox trading platform systematically eliminates the psychological effect   to the cryptocurrency and Forex trades. Investors can also create time for their hobbies instead of following signals all days.

4 – Exclusivity

Exclusivity is one of the key factors responsible for the success of automated trading platform. The automated trading service is only given to a limited number of investors or traders for avoiding losing performance.

What Fox Trading (FOXT) aim to be?

The primary goal is to provide users (cryptocurrency traders) an autotrading platform to be able to carrying out profitable trades in 100% automatic and legit manner way. Users will be carried out trading of cryptocurrency in profitable manner without to be sitting looking all day on in front of their computer. The cryptocurrency traders don’t have the limitation of capital in this cryptocurrency marketplace. In addition, they will not have the disadvantages that binary option has.

The core development team behind this project are seeking to build an auto-trading tool to be able to generate significant profit using the algorithms that offer the most important exchanges or trading of cryptocurrencies on different exchange platforms.  Users will be able to gain profit on exchanges of cryptocurrencies on reliable platforms while enjoying their free time or sleeping. The decentralized system will be off course will be compatible with the MetaTrader platform by offering trading signals for Forex exchange. The Forex brokers have also added the possibility to trade or exchange with some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. It will offer trade pairs like ETH/USD or BTC.

Why Fox Trading (FOXT) is a good project?

Lifetime and exclusive access

Cryptocurrency traders and investors will have free and complete access to the decentralized, blockchain-based and user-friendly fox trading platform as long as they hold the FOXT tokens. In order to earn profit from their investment, the cryptocurrency investors and traders will receive trading signals and trading pool profits from their investments, marketing and the autotrading. The auto-trading service will have a limited number of traders for the purpose of maximizing the performance of auto-trading robot and profits.

Increased FOXT token demand

Due to the profitability of the traders associated with this platform, the interest in this decentralized and auto-trading algorithm has increased significantly in last two years. The demand of the FOXT tokens will be increased in the future as new and current users of this platform need to purchase tokens for availing all the services rendered on this platform. Increased demand of the tokens will systematically drive up the price of the FOXT tokens.

Deflationary token

A small amount of the FOXT token will be burned after every payment of FOXT tokens made on the fox trading platform by new users. It will make the fox trading token a deflationary currency. This mechanism ensures the growth of token value that will systematically incentivize long-term holding of the cryptocurrencies by investors.

What is technology used in development of Fox Trading (FOXT)?

Fox trading system is built by skilled programmers and developers on one algorithm that has been renewed and adapted to cryptocurrency and Forex trading. The algorithm used in the development of this platform is programmed in MQL4 and is based on MetaTrader4 that is main Forex trading platform.

The trading algorithm provides the traders with profitable trading and exchange opportunities. The algorithm validates and executes the trading orders and sends signals to the users after execution. The service is provided to only a limited number of customers for completely avoiding losing performance on the algorithm. The algorithm used in development of this platform will also work with an amount destined to the trading pool.

The investors will receive premium membership with initial investment in the ICO sale.  Investors are able to earn money combining the different options once they have the special membership. ICO investors are not required to invest additional funds with FOX trading because they can efficiently recover their initial investments with the benefits of the algorithm.

FOXT Token Price and Token Sale

FOXT is a utility token based on Ethereum blockchain technology just like other popular ICO tokens such as EtherJackGlobal SpyBunnytoken. This token is built using standard ERC-20 contracts. The utility token will be required to access to the service and purchase products such as indicators, robots, guides, etc. on the platform.  ICO Ratings are also crucial as investors will get an overview and will be able to know about the best ICOs to invest.


fox trading tokens


FOXT ICO details:

  • ICO symbol: FOXT
  • ICO start date: 12th March 2018
  • Price: $0.68
  • Accepted currency: ETH
  • Minimum transaction amount in Ethereum is 0.1 ETH
  • Soft cap: $500,000
  • Country: Spain
  • Whitelist/KYC: KYC & Whitelist
  • Restricted areas: USA
  • Hard cap: $4,500,000
  • Unsold FOXT tokens will be burned

Allocations of FOXT

  • Total supply of FOXT tokens: 10,000,000
  • 70% of the total tokens will be issued for presale and ICO sale.
  • 15% of the total FOXT tokens will be issued as the company’ reserve for further development of the project.
  • 10% of the total FOXT tokens will be issued to partners and consultants working on this project.
  • 5% of the total FOXT tokens will be issued for bounty rewards as a marketing initiative rewards, advertisements, and bug reports.

Distribution of funds

The funds collected from the pre-ICO sale and ICO sale will be efficiently used for funding product launch, user acquisition, and ongoing platform development.

  • 5% of the funds collected from the ICO campaign will be used for legal and compliance fees.
  • 15% of the funds generated from the crowdsale will be used for generating profit with the fox trading algorithm for returning contribution to ICO investors.
  • 15% of the funds will be used as marketing expenses with ad campaigns, presentations and road shows.
  • 25% of the funds will be used for operational costs, cryptocurrency trader advisors, study new strategies, and algorithm improvements.
  • 40% of the funds collected through the crowdsale campaign will be used for carrying out the research and development work.

The R&D team includes about 7-12 engineers and programmers. The core development team proceeds with the research and development work through web dashboard development, robot algorithm improvement, robot funding, iOS/android applications, and development of the trade pool.


Fox trading platform aims to systematically improve and efficiently modernize the automatic trading platforms for exchange and trading of Cryptocurrencies and Forex by a team of experienced programmers who make use of Ethereum blockchain technology. At the same time, this platform will share benefits with the community.

Just like other DoradoMidexCellblocks, this project relies on a team of skilled programmers and developers. Investors can access the exclusive signal service for Forex and Cryptocurrencies with the FOXT tokens. The access will be efficiently, send through the web dashboard and smartphone (iOS/android) apps.

The ability to capture all types of investors offering different possibilities to generate significant revenue is one of the great appeals of this project. Fox trading platform is the future of the cryptocurrency and Forex trading, and that is why any new investor should consider joining Fox Trading’s ICO sale.

Users in the dashboard will also see the global performance of the robot and the revenue generated by the Trading Pool that they will receive monthly or quarterly.


  • Sergi Fernandez
    Sergi Fernandez
    Sergi Fernandez
    CEO and Founder
    Sergi was trading for years in Forex markets and finally started developing the core of the Fox Trading algorithm using his experience on programming embedded software. Right now, as the CEO of Fox Binary Signals, he has created the project and can drive it to success managing the teams in product development, marketing and finance. He is open minded, a perfectionist and business oriented.
  • Jaume Pina
    Jaume Pina
    Jaume Pina
    Forex and Stocks Trading Expert
    Jaume has managed funds for 3 years, during which time he worked with experienced traders. After developing and fine tuning his method, he decided to work on his own. He is in charge of the trading algorithm implementation, analysis of results, and improvements. He and his team always take the final decisions on executing the trading orders and sending signals to customers.
  • Marc Garcia
    Marc Garcia
    Marc Garcia
    Developer Manager
    Marc is an Industrial and Automatic Electronic Engineer with experience in website development. He believes in Bitcoin ever since it was created. He is an expert on Blockchain, specifically ECR20 tokens, and is now in charge of Blockchain and security implementation of the project. He also works on front-end development.
  • Zenos Pavlakou
    Zenos Pavlakou
    Zenos Pavlakou
    Smart Contract Developer
    Zenos is a cryptocurrency expert, smart contract developer and software engineer with a BSc(Hons) in Computer Science. He has developed various distributed applications for blockchain startups, which include but are not limited to ICOs and ERC20 tokens using the Solidity programming language. Zenos is the lead smart contract developer of Fox Trading.

  • Gerard Sole
    Gerard Sole
    Gerard Sole
    Applications Developer
    Gerard has worked in the automation sector producing applications. Now he is in charge of the Autotrading robot implementation, stability and improvements. He also developed the service structure and functionality currently used to send and copy signals on Fox Binary Signals.
  • Mónica Mollà
    Mónica Mollà
    Mónica Mollà
    Marketing and Communication
    Monica is an expert in market communication and influencer, she speaks Spanish, Italian, French and German, she is our Public Relations on European market. She has replaced Lorena and is now in charge of the social media and marketing campaigns.
  • Daniil Morozov
    Daniil Morozov
    Daniil Morozov
    Co-Founder Node
    Over 10 years in financial consulting, winner of "100 best products of Russia", "Financial Russia 2007", "Financial Russia 2008". Business Angel, 15 startups in the portfolio. Daniil is the Co-Founder of Node - a revolutionary high-tech start-up, which disrupts a market niche of wireless transmission devices for both private and commercial use. Node’s innovative developments, research activities in the field of storage and transmission of electricity, allow to offer solutions that are characterized by high quality and efficiency of use.
  • Rumen Slavchov
    Rumen Slavchov
    Rumen Slavchov
    Strategic ICO Advisor
    Rumen is a crypto enthusiast who has been involved in the community since 2017. As a young man interested in technological change from infancy, Bitcoin was the epitome of change in which I must be involved. A listed Blockchain Expert on the ICObench (TOP-15).
  • Graham Doggart
    Graham Doggart
    Graham Doggart
    ICO and Fintech Advisor
    Graham advises numerous blockchain related projects regarding optimising their structures, packaging and routes to market.
  • Sadie Hutton
    Sadie Hutton
    Sadie Hutton
    ICO Advisor and Growth Strategist
    Sadie heads up Dynamic Abundance, a blockchain and fintech advisory helping clients with ICO visibility and PR.
  • Ricard Valles
    Ricard Valles
    Ricard Valles
    Investment Fund
    Richard has been working in financial markets with investment funds for 5 years, advising his customers about different investment possibilities. He has collaborated throughout the development and improvement phase of the trading algorithm.
  • Francesc Puig
    Francesc Puig
    Francesc Puig
    Investment Fund
    Francesc has also been working in financial markets, and has advised his clients on different investment funds for 5 years. He has played an active role in decisions made in the project about the most profitable assets to trade.


  • 1
    Fox Binary Signals was a project created by traders for traders. We wanted to contribute our experience on trading in Binary Options Signals services and provide a quality product at an affordable price to help as many traders as possible.
  • 2
    After months of hard work developing a real profitable and stable trading method, we finally decided to start with the trading signals. We created a web platform and an iOS/Android app that allows users to receive notifications wherever they are.
  • 3
    Once we established the initial service of trading signals and our community started to grow, we decided to add this functionality due to the need of the users who do not really have the time to trade all the signals that we send. Also, with this system they copy and make profit 24 hours a day while you're sleeping or enjoying free time.
  • 4
    We had planned to upgrade the service to Forex Trading and were working on the project, but due to the Cryptocurrency boom we also empathize with trading these assets, with which we can generate increased daily % due to the high volatility. Then we started working to adapt the current algorithm/method to the Forex and Cryptocurrency markets.

    We wanted to limit this service to a controlled number of users, so, in turn, we decide to take advantage of the Blockchain revolution to create our own ICO.
  • 5
    As detailed in the Whitepaper, this stage of the ICO will be open for the sale of part of the tokens, offering an amazing bonus to reward early investors. A total of 2.5M FOXT tokens will be available, signifying around $1.5M, ensuring the development of the project at this early phase, as the soft cap is reached at only $500,000.
  • 6
    Here the rest of the ICO tokens will be available, also offering a varied % bonus to reward our investors. Anyone who wants to secure a slot in this service should acquire tokens before completion of this stage.
  • 7
    One of the priorities of the team is to list FOXT on multiple exchanges. Our social media will be updated as and when we have new agreements with any exchanges. We are not expecting any issues regarding listing as we have ERC20 structure common to most exchanges.
  • 8
    As we have already mentioned, we have been testing our algorithm for months (mainly in Forex currencies), but we will continue for much of 2018 in the definitive and improved development of this algorithm so that it adapts perfectly to the needs of our investors to take full advantage of cryptocurrency trading. Once this is completed, the Trading Pool will begin to produce benefits for the ICO investors.

    We will begin to make contact with the APIs of several exchanges to perform algorithm tests directly on their platform.
  • 9
    In this phase, a first version of the platform will be released, with which you can access signals generated by the algorithm. It will be a BETA phase in which users can report problems or provide improvements to the platform.
  • 10
    Once the web platform and applications are working correctly, the next step, following the corrected steps made in our previous service, will be to offer the Autotrading service for our Premium users.

    This service will be developed with the maximum possible compatibilities, depending on availability and compatibilities with our trading method, using the APIs offered by the main cryptocurrency exchanges
  • 11
    Once several tests have been carried out, possible errors have been fixed and the improvements proposed by the contributors implemented, the final platform will be released.

    It will be from this point, where users interested in accessing the service can do so, only and explicitly, by purchasing FOXT tokens. Thus ensuring the increase in demand and FOXT token price with which the initial contributors will have a valuable asset and see their investment grow.

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