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Globitex (GBX) ICO Review – ICO Token News

 Globitex (GBX) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Cryptocurrencies have a key strength—their borderless and decentralized nature. Globitex has maximized this specific feature by developing an exchange for all the commodities that are based on Bitcoins and other cryptocoins. In fact, the chief goal for this crypto exchange is to let traders and investors trade Bitcoins for any real-world commodities—anything including corn, oil, silver, and gold. Just imagine how amazing and convenient it would be if you are allowed to swap your BTC coins for actual gold.

Now, you may think that the market of crypto exchanges is already quite saturated, so what makes Globitex so special? This crypto exchange plays on some elements that no other exchange in the competition has thought of and this is how Globitex is planning to shake up the Bitcoin and exchange world. In addition, this crypto exchange is planning to roll out its ICO campaign.

Here we will analyze the ICO tokens of Globitex and how they will revolutionize the cryptocurrency world, especially Bitcoins. 

Globitex analysis 

What is Globitex?                                                              

 Interestingly, Globitex has managed to legalize cryptocoins as a strong medium for making payments. Thankfully, the EU has been very flexible on this topic. As a result, the Bank of Lithuania has given Globitex an E-Money license. This license, helps the platform manage multiple payment services within the EU.

The use of cryptocoins requires a sturdy banking mechanism in order to achieve the outflows and inflows of fiat money, and Globitex has a very powerful legal mechanism in place. In short, this platform is trying to improve the cryptocoin’s liquidity and outreach. Furthermore, the exchange platform will introduce GBX tokens. With GBX tokens, Globitex is about to witness a stream of participants ranging from retail investors to institutional traders.

The best thing is that this exchange is already running, so you are free to trade on it. By the look of things, the exchange has a clean, professional, neat appearance—and that is what is the opposite of the look and feel of other crypto exchanges. In a way, this platform is a completely institutional-grade Bitcoin exchange. 

This crypto exchange along with its token seems to be a well-rounded project having a lot of promise. With this crypto project and its ICO campaign, it will not be long when cryptocurrencies and tokenization will find real-world applications. 

Globitex innovation 

Like every other project such as DADI, Crypterium, Lendoit, CIF, BunnyToken, CrowdWiz, Mirocana, Qbao, Globitex is about to bring real value to the crypto universe. Here is a list of innovatory elements that this crypto exchange is poised to introduce.


The future is clear 

For starters, Globitex has a clear roadmap for the future. It has divided its ICO sale into several stages; and this strategy will surely shine brightly especially when a huge funding has been received during the token sale. Once the intended ICO target is achieved, this crypto exchange will take a big step toward developing dedicated Bitcoin money markets. 

Growing a strong market money

The core development team behind Globitex is very keen to create a market that will function entirely on cryptocoins. With such a marketplace by their side, the participants will be eligible to show the complete list of their assets. Furthermore, these participants will be able to set a specific maturity limit to their respective assets. By doing so, they will use already-allocated interest rates for their assets. All of this will finally put the money markets on the path of development and growth.

If the Globitex crypto exchange has been successfully established, the market of Bitcoins will evolve at a fast pace. If these developments happen as scheduled, Bitcoin is sure to emerge among the most liquid cryptocoins of all time.

Experience the power of APIs

Being an institutional-grade Bitcoin exchange, Globitex comes with unmatched API capabilities that will seamlessly scale into a derivations and spot trading venue for the whole world. Furthermore, this crypto exchange will allow the producers to buy all the listed products for Bitcoins. The platform will also enable the speculators and trading firms to use derivatives trading to hedge the risks in Bitcoins. 

Globitex token price and sale 

The GBX token will work on the Ethereum blockchain technology similar to NAGA, Worldcore, DreamTeam, ILCOIN, BitAir, Synapse, Indicoin. The main purpose of these tokens and its respective platform will be to pay trading fees and incentivize liquidity providers and market makers. The pre-sale of the ICO campaign has been completed and was sold out. 

Other ICO details 

  • The token’s symbol is GBX.
  • The lifetime of the tokens is 10 years; this period is subject to extension.
  • The token’s execution environment will be Ethereum’s blockchain.
  • Every single GBX token will be compatible with the EIP–20 (previously referred to as ERC–20) standard.
  • The Globitex tokens will be backed by smart contracts.
  • The applicable decimal units in the tokens are 8.
  • The cryptocoins used for buying the GBX token include Bitcoins (BTC), Ether (ETH), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
  • The token’s emission standard price is set at EUR 0.10 for 1 GBX.
  • The public sale for this ICO token begins on February 10, 2018.

Globitex team 

The team behind the exchange-cum-ICO includes market experts. According to the project’s white paper, this exchange was developed by a team of traders who have the vision and experience of dealing with Bitcoins. Before launching this crypto project, the team had already worked in the landscape of asset management for many years.

The key members of this team comprise

  • Jon Matonis, Chairman.
  • Arvis Ermins, Director and Head of Compliance.
  • Liza Aizupiete, Managing Director. 

Summarizing Globitex

Put simply, Globitex is one of the sturdiest Bitcoin exchange platforms which is creating an impactful transformation by enabling institutional-grade Bitcoin trading. As an ICO, Globitex becomes suitable to invest in if you want the crypto project to be backed by a solid team of experts rather than a loosely knit organization. In short, this crypto exchange seems to be a great example of a centralized architecture that is simultaneously adding tremendous value to blockchain technology.

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